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15-inch Laptop Dimensions (With Examples)

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It’s not just about getting the best laptop; noting the dimensions of the laptop you are going for is just as important too.

Maintenance is key, and if you want to get started on the right track, buying the perfect bag or sleeve for your laptop is one thing that should be high on your list. Many people have gotten the concept of laptop dimensions so wrong over the years and have been left with a laptop bag either too big or too small for their laptops. But with the right information, you might just stop making the same mistake.

In this guide, we’ll look through what laptop dimensions are, particularly examine the section on 15-inch laptop dimensions, and take you through all other facts you need to know about them.

What Is The Dimension Of A Laptop?

The dimension of any laptop is the width, depth and height. And it’s just as simple as that. The dimension is not the screen size/ laptop size; you shouldn’t get it wrong. As a person who isn’t so much into the tech world, it’s quite easy to confuse them. When you hear the manufacturers or sellers call a laptop a 15-inch PC, you should know that’s just the screen size. And you so don’t want to base the type of laptop bag you get based on that.

The screen size of your laptop is the diagonal measurement of the visual screen while excluding the encasing border that holds it down. And this is quite different from how the laptop depth, width or height measurements are taken. The laptop dimensions dictate the laptop sleeve size because they give more insight into the exact shape of the laptop. A perfect container should match the shape of whatever is placed.

Generally, the laptop width gives the horizontal length. The depth represents the vertical length, while the height talks more about how flat or bulky the laptop is. As one would expect, the dimensions vary from one laptop to another and even further differ within the different models of a laptop brand. You should also note that although different laptop brands may have the same screen size, their dimensions are likely to differ.

What Are The Dimensions Of A 15-Inch Laptop?

A 15-inch laptop is preferable for many because of its performance and portability, but just how big is a 15.6 display? It’s a fact that laptop dimensions defer from one brand to another, even when they have the same inches. Let’s discuss the dimensions one can get for a 15-inch laptop.

Laptop dimensions are chiefly measured in inches, but if required, you can get the dimensions of your laptop length and width in cm or mm. It’s worthy of note that even when 15-inch laptops are referred to like that, their screens usually come in 15.6-inches. Below are the dimensions of a few 15-inch laptops:

  • Lenovo Laptop PC– 15.6 inch dimensions: Width (14.9 inch); Depth (10.2 inch) and Height (0.9 inch).
  • Dell Inspiron – 15.6 inch dimensions: Width (38.1 cm / 15 inch); Depth (25.908 cm) and Height (2.032 cm).
  • HP 15-cs3019nr Pavilion – 15 inch laptop dimensions: Width (14.24 inch); Depth (9.67 inch) and Height (0.7 inch).
  • And so on. The values might not range over a large difference, but it’s best to get your figures right.
What Are The Dimensions Of A 15-Inch Laptop

How Do You Measure A Laptop Screen?

As earlier stated, the laptop screen, known as the screen size, is measured diagonally. You should start your measurement from the lower-left corner of the screen (without the bezel) to the higher right corner. The screen size is often already stated by the manufacturer, so unless you didn’t get that, you would hardly need to measure it.

How To Measure The Dimensions Of A 15-Inch Laptop?

We know what laptop dimensions are, but how does one measure them? It’s quite easy to learn the dimensions of your new laptop from its manufacturer’s site, and if it’s been a while since you got it, then you should know it’s nothing to sweat about. You are good to go, as much as you are armed with either a measuring tape or a meter rule.

There is no special way to measure the dimensions of one laptop from the other. Whether it’s a 15-inch laptop or a 17-inch gaming laptop, all you have to do is measure the width, depth and height. 

To measure the width, you measure, with the aid of your tape or rule, from the left corner to the right corner, horizontally. You can have your laptop opened and measure from the left side of the widest base to the right side. And if you have it closed, measure from the left corner of the lid to the right corner.

For the depth, it helps to keep your laptop closed for an accurate measurement. To measure, you take your reading from the upper edge of the laptop’s lid to the lower end, i.e., you measure vertically.

It would help if you kept your laptop closed for the height measurement. It’s best not to get this confused with the depth. To measure the height, you measure from top to bottom, but this time to tell the laptop’s bulkiness or flatness. You are to take your reading from the base of the laptop to the tip of the laptop.

15-inch Laptop Dimensions In Pixels?

Your laptop’s screen pixel mainly talks about the resolution of the visual display on your laptop. Resolutions generally get better with the screen size, and for laptop screens bordering 13.3inch to 15.6 inches, their resolution is about 1366×768 pixels. Some may sport better resolutions like 1920×1080 pixels, but it’s typical for most regular laptops around 13-15 inches to go with the former resolution.

The Best 15-Inch Laptop Bag Dimensions?

The sleeve you get for your 15-inch laptop should depend on your laptop dimensions. It is never advisable to get a 15-inch case just because your laptop’s screen is 15 inches. Rather, you are likely to set yourself on the right track when you rely more on the width and depth of the laptop you are dealing with.

Frankly, banking on a case with the same inch as your laptop screen can result in you getting either a too small or large sleeve, which in both cases are not good options. Hence, if you are getting your laptop bag online, it’s best to browse the online store for a case with the exact dimensions of your laptop. And if you are planning on a physical market, you should go to the store with your laptop’s dimension safely seated in your pocket.

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Concluding Remarks

Getting the right information can’t be over-emphasized, so it helps always have your facts right. In this guide, we’ve looked through the most basic facts about 15-inch laptop dimensions and discussed much of what the right dimensions should look like. We trust you’ve got most if not all of your answers ticked.

Are you still in doubt about something? Then feel free to review the article again until the doubt clears. 

We wish you a happy reading time!

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