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5 Tips To Create Memorable Family Moments With Live Photos

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Family photos are used to capture a single point in time. Whether that moment is incredibly important, or joyfully insignificant, photos allow us to quickly view the past and reminisce. But what if you could record a few seconds before and after a photo? It would transform photos from a second in time to something much larger and meaningful.

With Apple’s Live Photos feature on the iPhone, you can do just that. Why would you ever take a normal picture of the family ever again?

For those who don’t know, using Apple’s Live Photos feature on your iPhone will record 1.5 seconds of video and sound before and after the photo is taken. Once taken, you can simply tap on the Live Photo to see it play out.

To use the feature, simply start using the camera app and press the button in the middle of the top bar. Be careful though, as Live Photos do take up more space than a normal photo, so if you have an iPhone with a small hard drive be a bit more selective about using Live Photos.

The Live Photo feature is an excellent way to capture your family through every stage of their lives. Hearing their voices and seeing their smiles when viewing the photo can be a real delight. As taking a Live Photo is different from taking a normal photo, here are some tips to get the best out of the feature:

1. Set The Scene

As Live Photos record the first and last few seconds of a photo, it’s best to make sure you’ve properly framed the scene before snapping a picture. If you quickly whip your phone out of your pocket and snap a Live Photo, then the first part of the photo will be of the inside of your pocket. When you’ve framed the shot wait a few moments before taking a photo to get the best results.

2. Say Cheese!

Don’t forget that Live Photos records audio! When framing a family photo, get your family to say “Cheese” before taking the Live Photo to create an awesome photo that comes to life. You’d be surprised how something as simple as “say Cheese!” can brighten up a photo and flood you with memories.

3. Spontaneous Live Photos Can Produce Fun Results

Snapping a Live Photo when a loved one least suspects it, can produce a wonderful memory. Of course, sometimes things don’t go as planned and something happens to ruin the moment or a funny face is made. Keeping these lighter Live Photos is suggested as they can be a joy to flick through later on. Live Photos can produce especially funny results when used on a family pet. There’s nothing like capturing a sudden cat sneeze or a moment of excitement when taking a picture of your dog.

4. You Can Merge Multiple Live Photos To Create A Video

If you tap the camera photo button whilst taking Live Photos you can take multiple Live Photos of them. You can then merge these Live Photos by tapping Select in the upper right of the Photo app, tapping all the Live Photos you want and then tapping the Share button and choosing Save As Video. This means that if a scene ends up being more important than initially anticipated, you don’t have to lose a moment.

5. Capturing Live Photos Of Older Family Members Can Create Wonderful Memories

As time moves on, family members often come and go. Capturing as many Live Photos as possible of older members of the family means that you get to create some great moments. Flicking through these Live Photos later in life will give you a heart-felt blast to the past and can let you hear their voice or see them laugh one more time.

Live Photos can occupy a unique position in family media. Getting your loved ones together to record a video very rarely happens, and often feels more formal and silted. Using Live Photos can be a quick and wonderful way to create family memories that feel informal and personal.

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