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Are ASUS Laptops Reliable and Durable? (Explained for Potential Buyers)

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Buying a new laptop is like walking into the cereal aisle at a supermarket; there are too many options with too many differences, a lot of which might not even matter. However, a choice has to be made, and one possible choice is ASUS. 

ASUS is just one of many laptop brands. When getting a laptop, reliability and durability are two of the most important considerations. In that regard, you need to know about its build quality, its reliability under normal use and while gaming, the battery life on a single charge, its overall lifespan, and where it fails compared to other brands.

Are ASUS Laptops Reliable?

Yes, for the most part. ASUS is one of the biggest laptop makers out there, and it offers something for every price point. ASUS is a reliable brand, but you get what you pay for; a $500 laptop and one that costs $2500 will never be in the same league.

So if you compare a $500 ASUS to a $500 HP, the ASUS will trump the HP in terms of how reliable the performance of each laptop is. As a rule, if you compare how reliably two laptops that cost the same perform, and one of them is an ASUS, the ASUS will win. That’s because ASUS is known to be cheaper than its competitors.

Why, you might ask? ASUS is one of the biggest motherboard manufacturers globally, having almost 40% market share, and motherboards are often the most expensive part of a laptop. So ASUS laptops are cheaper because of that, not because they are less reliable.

Are ASUS Laptops Reliable for Gaming?

Some of the ASUS laptop series are specifically designed for gaming, and the ASUS brand has won many awards for its gaming laptops. Of particular note are its ROG series and its TUF series; the ROG series is much better because they are made of metal, possess overclock facilities, and use Intel CPUs, while TUF computers use AMD ones.

You can get a ROG laptop for as low as $1700, but TUF laptops can cost as little as $950. The TUF series is comparable to the ROG in terms of SSDs, RAM, battery, etc.

Are ASUS Laptops Durable?

If it’s too cheap ($500 or less), the build quality will be trash. ASUS Vivobook, which costs $450, would never take the kind of damage you could inflict on a Macbook Pro (which costs $2500). The former is made of cheap plastic, and the other is made of the same metal as planes.

The more expensive varieties, such as the ASUS ROG Zephyrus S, which goes for $2900, are more durable. The ASUS ROG Zephyrus S is a certified military-grade, and that means it survived a series of durability tests, such as dropping the laptop repeatedly from a 4-foot height.

Is ASUS a Good Laptop Brand?

Yes, absolutely. One marker of a good brand is the longevity of its products when compared to its competitors. Barring any physical damage, you can expect an ASUS laptop to last between 3 and 4 years with regular use. 

That’s comparable to brands such as Acer, Dell, and HP. However, it doesn’t quite meet up with brands such as Apple, which has been known to last up to 7 years.

Is ASUS a Good Laptop Brand?

Are ASUS Laptops Good for Students?

For most students, yes. So long as you aren’t something like an engineering or graphics design major, then your biggest consideration should be the battery life in between recharges. The Vivobook 14, which costs just $450, can last up to 24 hours without charging.

Naturally, this degrades with time, but with responsible use, the battery will last 3-4 years before it needs to be replaced. After all, the most crucial factor in how long a battery lasts is how you use it. 

Are ASUS Laptops Better Than HP?

That depends on what you’re looking for exactly. These two brands have their shortcomings, and each excels in an aspect the other does not.

For example, in terms of durability, even though ASUS does make durable laptops with the exceptional build quality, HP beats ASUS hands down. The thing is, HP generally doesn’t make laptops that discard build quality in favor of aggressive pricing, but ASUS does do that at times.

Final Thoughts 

An ASUS laptop can be the most reliable and durable (in terms of build quality) laptop you have ever bought. Alternatively, it can also crap out in a year and never do what you want it to from then on. Ultimately, it depends on how much you paid for it but generally, ASUS laptops perform better than their similarly priced competitors.

ASUS laptops are as durable as most other laptop brands in other categories, such as overall lifespan. It’s a mixed bag, but ASUS is a good brand with laptops at every price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Asus Laptops Come With a Warranty?

Yes, they do. All new ASUS laptops come with at least one year of onsite warranty. The warranty can be upgraded to 2 years, and it covers all manufacturer defects (for example, an unexpected screen or hard drive failure) in over 80 countries.

That being said, ASUS does not have as many service centers within the US as the more established brands like HP or Dell. As such, you might have to ship your laptop to get it fixed, which will take days to weeks.

Which ASUS Laptop is best for programming?

Programming laptops require more hardware capabilities than the average laptop, which translates to more powerful processors. 

The ASUS Zenbook 13 Ultra is one of many ASUS laptops that meet this requirement. It has an eleventh-generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor along with 16GB of Ram and an Intel Iris Xe graphics card. This means it can run multiple virtual machines without slowing down.

Another option is the ASUS Vivobook 15. This is more pocket friendly than the Zenbook as it comes with an AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor along with 8GB of Ram and the Nvidia GeForce mx150 graphics card. In simple terms, it can run one or two virtual machines, but you’ll notice the effect after thirty minutes to an hour.

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