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Are Huawei Laptops Reliable And Durable? (Tips on Making a Decision)

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If there is an edge most laptops have over PCs, it’s how compact they could get. Even when desktops are rigged with many high-performing functions, laptops are relatively expensive. Still, one can be sure that these portable laptops are not losing their streaks anytime soon. Really, more than an average workfolk in this century will prefer a handy system they can strap in for easy travel.

However, you can’t just go strolling into the market with the hope of pulling out the best of these handy laptops without proper deliberation. There are several brands out there aiming to climb up the ultimate ladder, but which one can we trust? This guide will focus on the Huawei brand and answer most questions revolving around their safety, reliability, and durability.

Are Huawei Laptops Good? 

Many first-time users of the brand ask the most common questions: “are Huawei laptops any good? Are they safe? How reliable are they? What about their durability?”. Frankly, anyone would want to have these questions ticked off and answered. So, are they good? Yes, Huawei is a good brand, and they make equally outstanding laptops.

Over the years, their durability has become a major highlight, and the products just keep getting better. Like many other great brands out there, Huawei has successfully made a stand with its MateBooks. 

Even when there have been reports of Google bans on most of their products because of the security issue between the US and Chinese governments. Presently, a Huawei laptop does not experience any unusual software block. Google apps and Windows 10 run smoothly on it, with many already getting an upgrade to even Windows 11 OS. 

If you are contemplating getting a Huawei laptop, then you might just find the one that suits you best in the latest MateBooks. Though they might be a bit on the expensive side, their sleek design and smooth functions make them worth it. Some might prefer going for a MacBook, which is also a wonderful option, but an advantage most MateBooks have is their durability. A MacBook could only withhold little of the punishment a Huawei laptop can tolerate.

Is Huawei Laptop Worth Buying?

Are these MateBooks worth their price? To many, yes, they are very much worth it, but finding an answer to that personally depends on what exactly you are looking for. Do you need a laptop that can get you going for most basic stuff? Or will you prefer a high-end one that can run you through most of your gaming experience? Finding the one that best suits your purpose is very important to make your money worth it.

Is Huawei Laptop Worth Buying

The Huawei laptops generally come in three versions:

The MateBook Pro X: 

Has the latest core i7. About 14 inches. Very light and thin. It’s also the most expensive, bordering around $1699.99 to $1799.99. on Argos and on Amazon, you can find it for about $1169. However, it can be a teeny bit more high-priced on many other sites. The MateBook X Pro, as one would expect, has a lot of great features, judging from its sleek touchscreen to its high-end performance.

If you want a top-quality MateBook that can keep you going for most tasking operations, you sure can’t go wrong with this one.

Huawei MateBook:

This is also a good product of Huawei, measuring about 13– 14 inches. It is with a light build as well. They are typically ultra-slim compared to most rival laptops hovering around the same price. 

A MateBook 14s will cost you around $1399 and has quite amazing features as well. If you want another quality Huawei MacBook that is a bitty cheaper than the X Pro, then this is your laptop.

Huawei MateBook D:

This comes quite cheaper than most Huawei laptops and gives a rather good value for money. The laptop is good quality, and you can get a MateBook D15 for about $991.00 on eBay. Although you might find it lacking a bit on the battery side, this MateBook type comes with quite exciting features compared to its rivals around the same price range.

Is Huawei Laptop Good For Students?

You can trust it will be a good one for any student. With its easy portability and smooth performance rate, this can easily be one of the best laptop options for a student. As Huawei laptops generally cut through a budget range, one can handily find one that fits one’s pocket and needs best.

Are Huawei Laptops Good For Gaming?

A good Huawei laptop to check out for your gaming experience is the Huawei MateBook X Pro Gaming Laptop. And when you find one, don’t let it trick you into thinking Apple has started creating new laptops without their logo. Nah, they are still much in the business of using it. 

But truly, the MateBook X Pro gaming laptop really does share a remarkable resemblance with the MacBook Pro. And graciously, too, the MateBook X Pro is an impressive gaming laptop.

Many Huawei laptops like the MateBook 14 run alright for most gaming adventures, but MateBooks like MateBook 13 and Matebook D15 might not run great for all games. Hence, it would help to get your facts right before getting a Huawei gaming laptop.

What is a Better Laptop? HP or Huawei?

Both Brands are excellent choices which their unique advantages. However, if you are wondering about the one to go for between the two, it would help to do some evaluations. As most laptop varieties come in different styles and build, it will be best to know the exact type of HP laptop and MateBook you are comparing.

For example, suppose you are comparing the MateBook D15 2021 and the HP Pavilion 14. In that case, one might want to go for the Huawei MateBook because of its wider build, bigger RAM, and easy-to-use fingerprint feature. However, the HP comes at a relatively lower price of $900 than the Huawei laptop, $950.

The bottom line is that both laptops will serve well, but when comparing two specific laptops from the two brands, all you have to do is compare their properties.

Pros And Cons of Huawei Laptops


Huawei Laptops generally have great features. From their compactness to excellent input devices. They are relatively decent for their prices, too, and their likeness to most MacBooks makes them great options. 

Their battery life isn’t so bad, either, as you move from the MateBook D to the Matebook X Pro. For instance, a MateBook 14s has a 60Wh battery unit, which is fairly good for a laptop of its performance.


Compared to other Windows laptops, one thing that can count as a disadvantage to most MateBooks is their lower tendency to upgrade. While Huawei laptops are still better than Macbooks in this regard, many Windows laptops have more upgradability opportunities than them.

Another con for most people is the security of the MateBooks. As almost all Huawei smartphone products are under the Google ban, many wonder if their laptops are safe too. Notwithstanding, the report still stands that currently, Huawei laptops are as safe as any other decent laptop out there.

Last Thoughts

The Huawei laptop is a good catch for anyone willing to try it out. Sure, they can be on the expensive side, but it’s almost easy to overlook the cost with the features most of them possess.

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