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Are MSI Laptops Reliable and Durable? (The Truth)

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When on the lookout for a good laptop, everyone considers certain factors, and reliability is among them. However, finding a reliable laptop to last you for years without maintenance problems isn’t a walk in the park.

MSI, or rather Micro-Star International company, is a Taiwanese IT corporation that designs and develops computer hardware and related products such as desktops, laptops, graphic cards, motherboards, servers, etc.

MSI ranks among the best laptop brands. Their laptops lead the rest of the pack in the best high-end gaming laptops market. In recent years, the company has reconfigured and expanded its core flagship laptops’ design. 

One uncertainty among new buyers is whether MSI laptops are reliable despite this milestone. And also, how good is the brand?

Let’s find out.

Are MSI Laptops of Good Quality? Do They Last For More Years?

The MSI brand is popular because it doesn’t compromise the quality of all its products. Unlike other manufacturers, MSI laptops are mostly made of brushed aluminum and high-quality feature components from leading manufacturers such as Samsung, AMD, Intel, and Micron.

MSI laptop motherboards are made of premium parts to last long. Prior to being released from the factory, the motherboards are subjected to quality control and rigorous testing. They are liable and resistant to drawbacks that affect motherboards from other manufacturers.

MSI boards feature superior capacitors and shielding, granting them a longer life span and reliability than the competition. When subjected to overclocking, MSI products remain stable. This ensures the laptops will serve you without any performance issues.

Their printed circuit boards (PCBs) are also made of quality components and silver processing for better performance and durability. 

How Good Is MSI Gaming Laptop?

A global-leading gaming devices company popular in graphic cards and motherboards, gaming laptops are MSI’s bread and butter. MSI also builds its gaming laptops with impressively powerful components, from their high-end powerhouses with ray-tracing capability to budget-friendly notebooks with exceptional performance.

A market survey carried out by Digitimes (Taiwan’s leading tech media) reported that in 2018, MSI shipped out a whopping 1.2 million gaming notebooks. This record surpassed Asustek computer, making MSI the largest supplier in the gaming notebook market. This is something that can’t be achieved with poor-quality products.

MSI Laptops’ gaming performance is blended with gaming enhancing features such as optimized cooling systems which also help the components to last longer. The company also lets you upgrade your storage and memory (RAM) without violating your warranty. 

Are MSI Laptops Good For Programming?

MSI laptops are suitable for programming due to their performance, which additionally allows you to run the latest games. They pack cool programming features such as good keyboard quality, decent memory and storage, and top-notch graphic cards to saturate their cutting-edge panels with the overall package of above-average build quality.

Are MSI Laptops Good For Video And Photo Editing

Over the years, MSI has also developed some formidable creation-class laptops. These laptops seem to handle anything you throw at them. The MSI Creator Z16 is among the best photo and video editing laptops.

It features Intel’s powerful Core i9 processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card. As for the display, you get a 16-inch QHD touch screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio. The Z16 laptop can easily handle any video editing task.

MSI Creator Z16 Professional Laptop: 16" QHD+ 16:10 120Hz Touch Display, Intel Core i7 11800H, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, 32GB RAM, 1TB NVME SSD, Thunderbolt 4, Win10 PRO, Lunar Gray (A11UET-013)

Are MSI Laptops Good For Students

MSI has a wide variety of gaming and productivity laptops, all tailored to help you tackle any task, whether you are a student or not. As a student, you want a performance-oriented laptop at an affordable price – an area where MSI laptops outshine other brands.

What’s more, MSI provides an extensive portfolio of laptops to choose from. 

Unlike normal laptops, MSI laptops offer better performance and are more durable since they are designed with gaming in mind.

Whatever your demands in a laptop are, an MSI laptop will get the job done. 

Is MSI a Reliable Laptop Brand?

Is MSI a Reliable Laptop Brand

Established in 1986, MSI is one of the largest tech companies in Taiwan. It has expanded its offices to Europe, the Americas, Australia, Asia, and South Africa. As of 2015, MSI had a global presence in over 120 countries. Currently, 

According to surveys and media reports across Europe, MSI stands out as one of the best laptop brands. As of 2019, MSI was the most reliable laptop brand in Europe, according to UFC-Que Choisir, a not-for-profit French consumer organization that managed to interview nearly 43,000 people across the continent. Brands like Microsoft and Apple were ranked behind.

So, is MSI a good brand?

To answer this, we have to look at several factors such as reputation, customer service, product quality, and value.

●     MSI Customer Service – The company’s reputation for top-notch quality customer service is unmatched. Its support staff is always available to aid its customers regarding any product-related issues.

●     Reputation – MSI boasts of an outstanding reputation among its customers and businesses. They are popular for affordable, reliable, and high-quality products.

●     Products Value – Want good value for money? MSI offers competitively priced products with excellent performance and features.

The bottom line?

MSI is a solid and reliable brand. It ranks among the best brands that offer top-rated computer hardware and products, including laptops. What’s more, the high-end laptops are long-lasting.

MSI Laptops Problems

As much as MSI makes quality and budget-friendly laptops, one headache facing many customers who own their laptops is the hinge problem. It tends to break within a short period. This can be attributed to the weak quality used in designing the hinges.

Despite many customer complaints, MSI doesn’t cover the hinge damage as the company doesn’t recognize it as a design flaw. MSI warranties only cover other replacements and repairs that fall within the one or two-year period.

Poor technical support is another problem tarnishing the MSI brand’s name. MSI Laptop users complain that it takes ages for the company to reply to queries sent via email, social media, or MSI’s website.

Wrap Up: Are MSI Laptops Reliable?

MSI laptops are reliable thanks to their build-quality and top-quality components. If you are on the lookout for a gaming laptop, you’ll enjoy all bits and pieces provided by the brand.

MSI offers a good balance between performance, build, and price. Well, technical support isn’t outstanding, but you get value for money with MSI laptops.

Pigtou.com is supported by its audience. When you buy through the links on our website, we may earn a small commission.
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