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Are NEC Laptops Reliable And Durable? (Facts Most People Don’t Know!)

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The NEC Corporation is a brand that has been around for a while, but it will be safe to say many people don’t really know about it. However, this doesn’t rule out the fact that the NEC group makes quite good laptops. But just how good do they get? Are NEC Laptops reliable and durable?

Anyone will agree that one major thing to check out before getting a laptop is its reliability. Even when its brand seems to be the most common one out there, we still want to know if they are effective enough to get us through what we need them for. And what about their durability? Can they withstand a minor hit here and there? Yes, we want all of that figured out.

With this guide, we’ll look through the major forms of integrity most NEC Laptops have to offer while highlighting their major pros and cons. This will be one ride, hence, be sure to stick close enough.

Are NEC Laptops Good?

Yes, they are pretty good for their money’s worth. NEC laptops are most popular in Japan and are reportedly one of the top laptop brands in the country. While they are not so common in most other countries, most folks that are able to get a hold of them always have something to say about their reliability. Even when the NEC laptops don’t look all slim and sleek like many other common brands, their durability and reliability are qualities they’ve done so well with.

Their performance is fairly smooth, and they can be pretty good business laptops for most workfolks and students. The laptops tend to last for quite a while, with their reliability being relatively higher than many other brands around the same price range. It is also worth knowing that even when most NEC Laptops seem to go on for a good while, they give no real bother enough to want to visit a repair shop through the years of their use.

Is NEC Laptop Worth Buying?

Is it reasonable to get an NEC Laptop? Well, the answer to that depends on if you think the efficiency of an NEC laptop covers just enough of what you need. Some of them are not too high-priced, and if you don’t mind how bulky they are, you might just find a terrific option among the many NEC Versa laptops.

For instance, the NEC P9210-2500DR is one of the best-performing NEC laptops, and it goes for about $1800. This might come off as expensive to many, but it gives a fairly good value for its money’s worth. It can also be a good gaming laptop; even though not highly spectacular, its gaming experience is rather smooth.

While it is helpful to also look for other brands that can give better functions at the same price range, NEC laptops also have unique qualities that make them stand out as a brand. So, should we conclude that they are worth buying? Well, frankly, the answer to that still lies in whether the NEC laptop you are going for can give you the effectiveness you want while also being cost-effective. 

Sure, they are a great brand to look into when looking for a laptop, but it helps to consider your options carefully. Do not hesitate to do your research and check through the properties of the specific NEC laptop you have your eyes on.

Is NEC Laptop Good for Gaming?

Yes, NEC makes good gaming laptops. A more recent one is the small 8-Inch NEC LAVIE MINI Gaming Laptop. The Trump card with this surprisingly small laptop is its switch-style detachable controller feature. Sweet! With the several other notable features fitted into the small body of this laptop, one can be sure that it’s going to be quite a super gaming laptop. Lenovo and NEC worked quite closely on the development of this one.

NEC has also made several other good gaming laptops like the NEC Gaming Laptop 128SSD, the NEC gaming laptop VersaPro i5-4th Gen 128SSD/240SSD, and many others. You can find fairly good gaming NEC laptops around you, but remember, you get your money’s worth.

Which Is the Best Japanese Laptop Brand, NEC Or Fujitsu?

Based on their design, technology, and performance, many will go for Fujitsu Laptops. Although NEC is a relatively good laptop brand, there is no argument that there are better brands (Japanese) that have long been in the business. The NEC laptop brand under the guide of Lenovo is undoubtedly coming up, but Fujitsu still takes the crown for now. You should note that even when Fujitsu laptops are great Japanese laptops, they still have more to compete with when thrown into the broader international market.

Other Japanese brands you can compare where NEC laptops include Vaio laptops and many other Levono laptop products. It will also help to check out international brands like Dell, HP, Gateway, Sony, and Asus when making your comparison. You shouldn’t limit yourself when you can get enough information to know what’s better.

How Much Do NEC Laptops Cost?

Most of the NEC laptops come relatively cheap. While there are many high-priced NEC laptops, most of the common ones come much cheaper. On average, you can get most NEC laptops at a price between $500 and $2000 Aye, if you are looking for a reliable cheap laptop, you got it! A good place to look them up is eBay.

Like many other laptop brands, there are different models of NEC laptops as well, ranging from the NEC VersaPro to the NEC LAVIE, down to the NEC Notebooks; there are quite a number of them. Each has its distinct characteristics, and you should know that the smoother the model gets, the costlier most laptops commonly become. Hence, do take your time browsing through them.

Let’s Talk About NEC Laptops Pros And Cons

While NEC Laptops come from a good brand and provide a lot of good characteristics, there are some disadvantages you might want to take note of too.


  • It can be a good laptop for students. Although its portability can make one want to take a step back, there are fairly nice, more compact NEC laptops that one can find in most stores. If bargained rightly, the NEC laptop can be a relatively smooth laptop for a student.
  • They are very durable and reliable. Yes, these two functions are their core attributes and have undoubtedly given the brand’s laptops a worthwhile edge.


  • They can be pretty bulky. Compared to many sleeker counterparts, the heavy nature of most NEC laptops has been a turn-off for many. Though some NEC laptops borders on being relatively slimmer, it is a fact that NEC generally makes heavy laptops.
  • NEC laptops are not as high-preforming as many other common brands dealing in the same market. While most NEC laptops give pretty good worth for their monetary value, it is quite glaring that even the best of most NEC laptops is nowhere near being as high performing as some brands.

Final Thoughts

The NEC Brand is a good one generally, and even when they are not well-known in the laptop market, they’ve made a good stand notwithstanding. So, if you are wondering if NEC laptops will be a good one for you, don’t be afraid to check them out. And if a laptop’s reliability and durability are what you are more concerned about, be assured that you will find a great choice in the NEC laptops.

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