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Best Alienware Laptop Stand (6 Tested Products!)

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The COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in hybrid or remote work adoption around the world. More people work from home post-pandemic and this trend is here to stay. This work model has helped many employees to adopt a better work-life balance. 

As a result, many workers have switched their office desktops for laptops. However, there’s a need to set up an effective home office to ensure that you enjoy good health and productivity even as you work remotely. 

Just like the office, your home office needs a desk, a chair, and computer peripherals, such as a monitor, mouse, webcam, and keyboard, for added functionality. In this article, we review 6 ergonomic stands compatible with your Alienware laptop:

  • Bestand – Prevents overheating and sturdy, but isn’t ideal for 17-inch laptops.
  • Nexstand K2 (Editor’s Recommendation) – Versatile, supports ultra-thin laptops and ultra light, but less durable. 
  • Twelve South Curve – Open design for better ventilation and saves space, but isn’t available in bold colors. 
  • Urmust – Fits small spaces, sturdy and durable, but doesn’t fit 17-inch laptops.
  • Lention – Adjusts easily and protects laptop from damage, not suitable for 10-inch laptops. 
  • Satechi Aluminum – Minimalist design and available in 5 color options, but isn’t suitable for laptops smaller than 12 inches.

In a rush? Choose our top pick – Nexstand K2.

Why the Best Alienware Laptop Stand

You also need the best Alienware laptop stand to alleviate neck pain and eye strain. A laptop stand is built to raise your machine off the desk to an ergonomic height, enabling long-term use. The best stand aligns the top of your screen to your eyes to improve your posture and prevent spinal stenosis or a stiff neck.

Moreover, laptop stands improve airflow to prevent overheating and provide convenient storage space for accessories that may get in the way of your work. They provide a more natural angle ideal for video calls when using the built-in webcam.

Vertical stands hold larger external displays, minimizing distractions. In this article, we’ve reviewed various laptop stands you can use with your Alienware laptop. Read on to make a pick for your machine.

The Best Laptop Stands for Alienware PCs

1. Bestand – Best Gaming Laptop Stand

Bestand Laptop Stand Aluminum Cooling Computer Stand Holder for Apple MacBook Air Pro 11-16" Laptops (Gray)

Designed to allow airflow and enable advanced cooling, the Bestand laptop stand is ideal for gaming machines to prevent overheating. Demanding tasks, such as gaming, usually generate lots of heat, hence the need for cooling. The stand raises your laptop to encourage healthy posture.

The stylish stand is made from aluminum alloy to enhance its sturdiness. It’s made tough to support your machine off the table while keeping accessories, such as a keyboard and mouse in the space underneath.

The Bestand laptop stand features three vents for increased airflow and cooling. The entrance at the back of the stand enables effective management of your cables. With the silicon pads, you can secure your machine in place and protect its surface from scratches.

Although this stand is compatible with 11- to 16-inch Alienware laptops, it’s also compatible with Dell, Apple, Lenovo, and HP laptops of the same size range. It’s also the best laptop stand for bed. 


  • Prevents overheating
  • Encourages healthy posture
  • Stylish, sturdy and durable


  • Doesn’t support 17-inch laptops

2. Nexstand K2 – Most Versatile Stand for Alienware Laptops

Nexstand Laptop Stand – Portable Laptop Stand – PC and MacBook Laptop Stand

Unlike most stands that come with two fixed mounting positions, Nexstand K2 adjusts to eight different heights for added versatility. If you use a set of Alienware laptops with varying screen sizes, from 10 to 17inches, you’ll find this stand handy.

The stand also comes with two optional spacers for mounting ultra-thin laptops. Secure your machine through the arc grips once the stand is locked into position. Weighing only 234g and folding to a smaller size, the stand is the best for traveling.

However, the nylon plastic used to make the stand renders it less durable than its counterparts in this list. Even so, it can support laptops up to 9kg in weight. This plastic laptop stand is popular among many laptop owners for its cooling effects and lower cost.


  • Versatile
  • Supports ultra-thin laptops
  • Ultra light and foldable 


  • Less durable 

3. Twelve South Curve – Best Laptop Stand for Ventilation

Twelve South Curve for MacBooks and Laptops | Ergonomic desktop cooling stand for home or office (matte black)

Built in an open design, Twelve South Curve enables increased ventilation of your Alienware laptop while it’s in use. The Twelve South stand leaves almost 70% of your working surface exposed and raises your machine up to 6.5 inches off the desk or ground, depending on where you place it.

The stand supports raised edges and comes with anti-slip silicone pads to secure your device and offer a secure fit. The laptop stand is made from aluminum for enhanced durability and minimalist aesthetic to complement your modern interiors. Choose between a black and white finish for a desired look.

Compatible with 11-inch to 17-inch laptops, the stand is suitable for Alienware machines, MacBooks, and other laptop brands.


  • Open design for better ventilation
  • Space saver
  • Durable 


  • Not available in bold colors

4. Urmust – Best Laptop Stand for Small Desks

Urmust Laptop Notebook Stand Holder Adjustable Laptop Stand Portable Laptop Riser Compatible with MacBook Air Pro HP Dell XPS Lenovo All Laptops 10-15.6"(Black)

The Urmust laptop stand is designed to help you make the most of your small office space and desk. The compact stand measures only 28.5cm in length and adjusts to 90 degrees to complement your workflow. It weighs 4kg and comes in a slim yet sturdy aluminum design to support your machine.

The sturdy anti-slip rubber secures your laptop in place. The stand raises your laptop to increase airflow and prevent overheating. It supports 10-inch to 15.6-inch Alienware laptops, including ASUS, Apple, Lenovo, and Dell.


  • Fits small spaces
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Improves airflow 


  • Isn’t suitable for 17-inch laptops

5. Lention – Best Alienware Vertical Laptop Stand

LENTION Aluminum Vertical Laptop Stand Holder Compatible with MacBook Air/Pro 13 15, iPad Pro 12.9, Surface, Chromebook and 11 to 15-inch Laptops / Notebooks (Silver)

Built to freely move from 0.36 inches to 1.2 inches, the stand adjusts easily without the help of tools. The Alienware m15 laptop stand’s groove has a soft, non-slip material to secure your laptop in place and protect it from falls and related damage.

The Lention laptop stand comes in a triangular aluminum design to further secure your machine. It fits all 11-inch to 15-inch Alienware laptops, including MacBooks.


  • Adjusts easily
  • Protects laptop from damage


  • Doesn’t fit 10-inch and 17-inch laptops

6. Satechi Aluminum – Best Alienware X17 Laptop Stand

Satechi Lightweight Aluminum Portable Laptop Stand - Compatible with MacBook, MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro and More (Space Gray)

Satechi Universal is the most portable aluminum stand for 12-inch to 17-inch Alienware laptops. It comes in a minimalist design suitable for Apple laptops. Choose from the five color options available to complement your interior space.

The stand folds into a compact design and weighs less than 0.5kg, making it the most portable in this list. With the rubberized grips, your laptop secures in place to prevent unnecessary movement. Moreover, it comes with a 30-day return policy if you aren’t happy with your stand.


  • Minimalist design
  • 5 color options
  • Highly portable 


  • Isn’t ideal for 10-inch to 11-inch laptops.


The best Alienware laptop stand is designed to improve ventilation and prevent eye strain and neck pain. With increased adoption of hybrid work (remote), there’s a need to make your home office productive and healthy.

Whether your Alienware laptop runs Mac OS, Windows, or Chrome OS, you won’t go wrong with any of the laptop stands discussed in this article. 

Choose what works for your specific machine, budget, and space available in your home office. Nexstand K2 is our editor’s top pick because it’s versatile, ultra light, and supports ultra-thin laptops.

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