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Best Black And White Laser Printer All-in-One

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Are you in search of the best black and white printer all-in-one? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

Printers have evolved over the years with different upgrades. Even with color printers being affordable and budget-friendly, most people still prefer black and white printers, especially in commercial environments. 

Laser printers, however, are considered unique and even preferable for commercial purposes due to their fast printing ability. For homes and offices that print invoices and receipts solely, laser black and white printers would be perfect, except if they have plans to go into color printing in the future. However, finding a good and quality black and white laser printer all-in-one can be tasking as there are several similar devices in the market presently. 

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. After much research, I’ve got the best overall black and white laser printer all-in-one, the Brother MFC L2750DW. Within this review, you will learn more about these printers’ features and other top buying options. In addition, you will also find essential buying tips and helpful answers to essential questions that have been on your mind before you began reading this review. 

Review of The Best Black And White Laser Printer All-in-One

1. Best Overall Black And White Laser Printer: Brother MFC-L2750DW 

1. Best Overall Black And White Laser Printer: Brother MFC-L2750DW 
(Image credit: Brother)

Key Features 

  • Print speed of 36ppm
  • Crisp level print quality
  • Apple AirPrint
  • Wi-Fi Direct/ Ethernet

Most people are often of the opinion that printers of this brand are not as efficient as they should be. This printer, however, debunks such a myth and proves the brand’s quality. In the printing world, the device stands out as the best of its kind. With this printer, you will have the best printing experience ever, and there are some reasons to prove this.  

First, you save a lot of time using this printer as it boasts incredible printing speeds for text pages. In its vein, the printer is highly beneficial both for home or office use. For text pages, it performs an impressive output of 36ppm while the speed falls to 14ppm when graphics from Excel or PowerPoint are included. 

Another stand-out feature is the large black toner cartridge that comes with the machine upon purchase. If the device is not used regularly or daily, the toner can last for two years before being replaced. So you can print and scan for as long you want to. The beautiful thing about this device is that it is a complete package. This indicates that the printer has scan and copy functions, built-in faxing, an automatic document feeder, and wireless printing. Two-sided printing is also something that the printer offers, even with the occasional banding issues that may arise from the use. 

One thing that people look out for in printers is the connection features. It fails to disappoint with these additional features, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi, NFC, and USB connection. Mobile connectivity is also highly supported with Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and the Brother iPrint and Scan; all enabled on the printer. Buying this printer for home or commercial use would be the best decision any person can take as long as white and black printing is concerned. 

Even though this printer is an impressive and powerful device, it cannot be enjoyable to print pictures on them. Since it is a monochrome laser printer, the quality of any printed picture is below average.


  • Amazing cost per print
  • Outstanding printing speed
  • Exceptional scanning features


  • Produces poor quality for printed pictures. 
  • Takes time for the first print

2. Best Reliable Laser Monochrome Printer: HP LaserJet Pro M15w

2. Best Reliable Laser Monochrome Printer: HP LaserJet Pro M15w
(Image credit: HP)

Key Features

  • 19 paper per minute print speed
  • HP SmartApp
  • Auto Power on/off
  • Google Cloud Print/Apple AirPrint
  • Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct & USB

Most folks often complain about the size and weight of printers, so it’s a good thing that HP printers are around as they quickly solve the problem of size. This model goes a step further as it is 35% smaller than other models. The beautiful thing about this printer is that even with its small size, it doesn’t fail to deliver quality and professional printing. 

You can expect fast printing on this machine as it prints about 19 papers per minute. Your first page would be out of the device and in your hands within eight seconds. If you want fast printing, then this is just what you need.

Amazingly, one feature that sets this device apart is the ease of use and access. It is designed with a reliable connection, allowing you to print and share resources freely. The HP LaserJet Pro M15w uses the HP Smart App to scan your phone or tablet and print from the cloud. It also supports a USB wire connection for those who prefer a wired connection.  

As an added advantage, you don’t have to worry about your electricity bills doubling or tripling while using the printer. This machine comes with auto on/off technology which helps turn it on and off. 

However, not everything is excellent with the printer. Its print quality is 600 × 600 dpi, which is pretty low when printing is concerned.


  • Superfast printing
  • Ease of use from app or device
  • Reliable wireless connection
  • Auto on/off feature saves energy


  • Low print quality for text and pictures
  • No LCD
  • Some customers using Apple experience difficulties installing the printer software. 

3. Best Compatible Laser Black And White Printer: Canon ImageCLASS LBP6030w

3. Best Compatible Laser Black And White Printer: Canon ImageCLASS LBP6030w
(Image credit: Canon)

Key Features

  • 19 paper per minute print speed
  • Energy Saver mode
  • Single Cartridge System
  • Auto Shutdown feature/ Sleep mode

If you’re searching for a consistent and compact quality black and white laser printer, this Canon ImageCLASS LBP6030w is perfect. Even though it is more expensive than other similar devices, it offers excellent value for money. The device is quite different from usual printers in some ways. 

The chief of it is the energy-saver feature which makes the device run on less than 2W of energy. This printer will come in handy for those seeking to cut costs on their electricity bills. The machine is compact and perfect for both cramped and spacious areas. 

Another beautiful thing about the printer is that its compact size doesn’t limit its functionality. Even with its size, it has a massive capacity of 150 sheets with a toner that can print 1600 sheets. You don’t also have to worry about how long printing takes as it has a print speed of 19 paper per minute. So essentially, the printer is equipped to handle about 5000 sheets per month, making it the perfect choice for homes and businesses. 

The device also allows its users to print quickly and from anywhere in their workspace as it has reliable connectivity. So you can conveniently print resources from your laptop, tablet, or phone with ease. The printer also supports a wired connection, so you don’t have to worry too much.

Although the device was designed to provide space, it can sometimes take too much of these spaces defeating the primary intent. 


  • Reduced energy use
  • Superb wireless connection
  • Impressive page capacity
  • Superfast printing.


  • Not ideal for printing pictures
  • With the printer door staying open, it consumes much more space than it initially should. 

4. Best Value for Money: HP LaserJet Pro M148FDW

HP LaserJet Pro M148FDW
(Image credit: HP)

Key Features

  • 30 paper per minute print speed
  • Data cycle of 20,000 printed pages 
  • LCD screen 
  • Apple AirPrint/ Google Cloud Print

Of all similar printers, this particular device stands alone as unique. It is well suited for small offices and workspaces. The HP LaserJet Pro M148FDW is fitted with a duplexer and automatic document feeder, which are fast. 

One of its selling points is the ease of use. It is built with a monochrome LCD screen, a ten-key keypad, menu navigation, and dedicated buttons for copying and faxing. The HP LaserJet M148fdw holds as much as 260 sheets, and its multi-purpose tray can be accessed from the back. 

In addition, printing with this device is a breeze as the printer prints two-sided pages automatically. Its ADF supports solely manual two-sided multipage scanning. Like other printers, the standard connectivity for this device includes Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi Direct. Aside from these, the printer also supports Apple Air Print, Google Cloud Print, Hp Smart App, and HP Print. 


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Increased ease of access
  • Good text quality
  • Fast printing speed


  • High running costs
  • Poor image and picture quality

Things To Consider Before Buying a Black And White Laser Printer All-in-One

Are you thinking of getting a multifunction black and white laser printer of good size and quality? Then it would help if you read on to discover some essential factors to consider to help you make an excellent buying decision.

Paper handling

This is vital when choosing monochrome laser printers. Most printers are often designed to handle paper up to the size of A4. There are, however, some specific models that you can try out if you want to print documents on A3-sized paper. Printers with multi-purpose trays usually support printing envelopes and heavy paper. However, you should check the printer’s weight to see how many envelopes or heavy paper to load in such cases. 

It would help if you also looked out for other paper handling characteristics like the ability of the printer to print on both sides of the paper automatically or its ability to scan multipage documents. 


For most laser printers, the standard connection mode is USB. However, for an office setting, the connection mode to look out for is Ethernet, as it would help you connect your printer to the network router and share it with your workmates. It is necessary to also look out for printers with wireless networks, especially Wi-Fi Direct, which would make a connection to your mobile devices possible. Ensure that your printer supports all mobile devices you want to use, whether Apple, Android, or Windows Phone. 

Ease of use

When making your pick consider those that can be used and accessed easily. This contributes immensely to reducing workload in a workspace. Ease of use also involves the level to which the paper tray can be accessed and loaded. It also encompasses how toner cartridges can be changed. 

Noise emissions and power consumption

Evaluating noise emission can be somewhat tricky, but it is something to pay attention to when buying monochrome laser printers. Different printer models have varying noise levels, and it’s best to choose one that can fit your home or work environment. You should also put power usage in mind and for this, go for printers with deep sleep mode. Try finding out how much power a printer consumes when actively printing. 

Duty cycle

This refers to the number of prints a printer is rated to print every month. If you are considering a large volume of print, then you should pay attention to this rating. The rating can range from 1000-5000 pages to tens of thousands. 


In the world of printing, black and white laser multifunction printers are regarded as powerful and highly beneficial. Essentially, they reduce workload and make tasks relating to printing relatively easy. They are often employed to perform functions within office spaces and other work environments. 

Here’s our final verdict on the best black and white laser printer all-in-one: 

  1. Best Overall Black and White Laser Printer: Brother MFC-L2750DW
  2. Best Reliable Laser Monochrome Printer: HP LaserJet Pro M15w
  3. Best Compatible Laser Black And White Printer: Canon ImageCLASS LBP6030w 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a black and white laser printer sit unused? 

It all depends on the ink and toner being used by the printer. Manufacturers, however, recommend that they are used at least once in ninety days as the toner cartridge starts to dry up within this period which might result in problems in the future. 

Which is better between an inkjet and laser monochrome printer?

Mini chrome laser printers are much faster than inkjets, so they are perfect for you if speed is a priority. 

Can you print pictures in black and white and white laser printers?

The printer supports the printing of pictures. However, you must note that the picture quality would be reduced compared to regular color printers. Text quality is also maintained, but this doesn’t apply to pictures. 

Pigtou.com is supported by its audience. When you buy through the links on our website, we may earn a small commission.
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