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Best Spy Apps for Laptop (Monitor all Activities!)

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Do you want to spy on a friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, a member of your family, or even your employee at work? Do you want to know their location, read their messages or listen to their telephone conversations? Spy software allows you to spy secretly using a laptop’s webcam or by monitoring and taking snapshots of the screen. 

So, we have selected the best spy apps software to use on your laptop either to record the screen or take webcam shots. We will review these apps, describing their key features, pros and cons, and price and plans. 

1. Hoverwatch  


Key features

  • Keylogger for Windows
  • Takes screenshots
  • Webcam shots
  • Logs websites 

Despite its affordable price, this software is reliable, and its features for spying are complete. This spy solution is compatible with Android, Windows PCs, and Mac.

On the functional side, Hoverwatch allows you to monitor social media, SMS, calls, etc. For monitoring on a PC, it even allows you to take a screenshot in a very stealthy way. So you don’t risk getting caught.

It offers attractive and practical functions: monitoring text messages and calls, listening to dialogues, reading personal emails, geolocation, etc. However, unlike mSpy, the HoverWatch software requires access to the target device to install the software before you can spy. 


  • Works stealthily and undetectably
  • Can be used on Windows and Mac laptops 
  • Records all keypresses and takes shots


  • Needs access to a laptop


  • Personal plan: $ 24.95  
  • Professional plan: $ 49.95
  • Business Plan for $ 149.95

2. The Truth Spy


Key features

  • Ambient voice recorder
  • Free keylogger
  • GPS tracking
  • Browsing history monitoring

TheTruthSpy is a software for monitoring Android, iOS phones, and tablets, including computers. We can distinguish among its features the monitoring of activities on the web and the recording of live calls. You can thus use the software to protect your children from the dangers of the Internet. It allows you to block sites that you deem inappropriate for your children.

This spy program is also effective for finding lost devices. With its call and text tracking features, The Truth Spy can help you track down the thief of your device. Otherwise, it also offers ambient listening, a function that allows you to listen to noises around the device. 


  • Ideal for employee monitoring
  • Designed for spying on phones and computers
  • Quite an affordable pricing 
  • Can also be used for tracking devices 


  • Webcam camera spying feature not available


  • Standard plan: $21.99
  • Premium plan: $25.99
  • Gold plan: $30.99

3. FlexiSpy


Key features 

  • Compatible with Windows and Mac computers
  • Keylog tracker
  • IM monitoring feature
  • Verify Network Activity 

Flexispy is an excellent spy program compatible with a laptop, but the very high price is a disadvantage, and there is no trial version. Nonetheless, it offers impressive features, most of which are pretty simple to use as other software of this type. 

It includes features for monitoring call logs, SMS, emails that have been sent or received, and instant messaging applications. The advantage is that it offers access to the GPS location of the target device. 


  • Remains fully hidden
  • Blocking unwanted contacts possible remotely
  • Has an eavesdropping mode for listening to the target’s surrounding


  • A bit expensive with no free trial


  • Lite plan: $29.95
  • Premium plan: $68.95

4. SpyBubble

Key features

  • Compatible with Android, Mac, and Windows laptops
  • Cloud-based monitoring
  • Keystroke capturing
  • Stealth mode operation 

SpyBubble is spy software with innovative and advanced features. It is one of the most used by companies, thanks to its simplicity and reliability. This app is highly rated and works perfectly for Windows, Mac, and Android devices. 

It provides access to SMS, call logs, emails, and even messaging services like WhatsApp. It is also possible to monitor almost the entire target device and disable certain functions with specific commands.


  • It has a free trial
  • Undetectable to the end-user
  • Simple yet powerful
  • Remotely activates cameras to take pictures 


  • The app is detectable except if you turn on the Stealth mode


  • Personal Plan: $24.95
  • Professional Plan: $49.95

5. KidLogger 

Key features

  • Compatible with Android, Windows, and macOS
  • Web history monitoring
  • Keystroke recorder 

The best helpful tool for secretly monitoring kids on a PC is KidLogger. It is software that, as can be understood from the name itself, is mainly designed to keep track of children’s activities on the computer. It allows you to monitor everything typed on the computer keyboard, open applications, visited Internet sites, and much more, creating a report that can then be consulted later. It’s free and available for both Windows and macOS.

To download it on your PC, connect to the program’s website and click on the Download button next to the operating system’s logo you are using. Then, click on the Download button, type the control code in the field displayed on the screen and click on the OK button.

At the end of the download, if you are using Windows, extract the resulting ZIP archive into a folder and, open the .exe file contained within it, install. If you are asked to allow the application to access the microphone and camera, please agree to this by clicking on the Ok button.


  • Takes screenshots when the target enters a specified keyword
  • The Basic plan is available for free and compatible with computer 
  • Can also track phone location 


  • The features aren’t advanced


  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Standard plan: $9 quarterly
  • Professional Plan: $29 quarterly 


Several reasons can necessitate the use of spyware. For example, parents can use it if they are worried about what their children are doing and want to know more about what they are looking for on the net, where they go with their friends, etc. Business owners can use it to monitor the productivity of their employees. Lovers can resort to spyware if they want to ensure the sincerity of their lovers.

The overall best spyware for computer monitoring is HoverWatch, as this software can spy on someone and his surroundings using the webcam. You can also use it to remotely take screenshots of a page on the computer. 

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