Best putlocker alternatives on the web today

Best putlocker alternatives on the web today

 (📷: Putlocker)


Putlocker sites used to be all the rage just over five years ago, but with a huge crackdown on piracy we’ve all been forced to look for putlocker alternatives. For the uninitiated, these are websites that let you stream movies for free, unlike Netflix etc. which will need you to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Before you go on to the putlocker alternatives though, it’s important to know some things about them.

Firstly, they’re illegal in many countries, which means that your internet service provider will be blocking them. If that happens, you could try a VPN service like Hola, Tunnelbear or something else. Of course, since you’ll be streaming movies you will need to get a VPN that allows large data transfers.

You should also go to the popular putlocker sites only, since most of these are riddled with pop-ups and malicious links. Don’t click on any of these links and notifications, no matter how enticing they seem. 

Here are the most popular putlocker sites on the Internet today.


1. 123 Movies:


This website is actually amongst the oldest putlocker sites out there. It has a great collection of both TV series and movies, which means it will cover most of your viewing needs. It also categorizes content based on genre and year, making it slightly easier to skim through things you want to watch.

Pros (+): Big collection of movies and TV shows, fewer pop-up ads than most
Cons (-): Simple user interface, loading times are slightly high


2. Popcornflix:


Popcornflix - Best putlocker alternatives on the web today

 (📷: Popcornflix)


People who are regulars on Popcorn Time would know about this one. Popcornflix, like 123 Movies, has a great content collection as well and its user interface is more modern than most other putlocker sites.

Pros (+): Great collection of content, modern user interface
Cons (-): Content isn’t updated as often as you might want


3. Popcorn Time:


The pirate’s version of Netflix or Amazon Prime, Popcorn Time is perhaps the most popular putlocker alternative out there. You can download the app on a phone or a TV and content shows up just like any streaming service. And the collection is great too.

Pros (+): Excellent collection of content, works on multiple devices
Cons (-): Difficult to install, doesn’t work in many countries now


4. Fmovies:


This website has changed its domain name many times, but every time it goes down it comes back up again. It has an excellent collection of movies and TV shows, and it probably updates the fastest. It’s behind only Popcorn Time in terms of content update.

Pros (+): Wide content collection, usually the easiest to access

Cons (-): Quite a few pop up ads, goes down often


5. GoMovies:


Like Popcorn Time, GoMovies is also an app that can be downloaded on multiple devices. It is a torrent aggregator, so it depends on the number of seeders and leechers available to ensure good streaming speeds.

Pros (+): Works on multiple devices, quick content updation
Cons (-): Low seeders may reduce streaming speeds



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