Top 5 free spy apps for Android without target phones

Top 5 free spy apps for Android without target phones

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If you have a smartphone in your hand, you can pretty much unlock all of its secrets. But what do you do if you don’t have the target phone? Parents often want to use free spy apps for Android without target phones to keep a check on their children, while small businesses could use these to monitor employees. It’s always good to have a line you won’t cross, but for the legitimate use cases, there are quite a few free spy apps for Android that you can use.



How do free spy apps for Android without target phones work?

The easiest way to take advantage of these apps is if you could actually access the phone you want to target. So, you could download the app onto your children’s or employees’ phones. That said, there are ways to install them remotely too.

You could do this by creating websites that give you access to the target phone. There’s usually a way to call the target phone or send a text message with a link, which has the person download the app onto their device. There are service providers who will do this for you and it requires some technical knowhow, so that the app can be put on the target phone automatically.

Once installed, free spy apps for Android without target phones let you see what the person is doing on their device. That includes social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype or pretty much anything else. 



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What apps can you use?

Here are the apps that you can use.



1. TruthSpy


TheTruthSpy - free spy apps for Android without target phones

(📷: Thetruthspy)


This app lets you spy on a target phone without informing its user that you can see what they’re doing. TruthSpy’s users have the option o listen to phone calls, read text messages, record calls from the target phone, track their GPS location and access their photo gallery.



2. CocoSpy:


CocoSpy - free spy apps for Android without target phones

(📷: Cocospy)

Many say CocoSpy is the best spy app for Android phones out there. It’s dependable and extremely feature rich. While it has features like listening to phone calls, looking at text messages and more. However, if you can root the target phone then this app will let you set up a geo-fence, which is especially useful when you want to make sure your children don’t venture out too far, or to keep employees in the office during work hours.


3. GuestSpy:


GuestSpy - free spy apps for Android without target phones

(📷: Guestspy)


This app isn’t as intrusive as many others, which might be what you are looking for. It lets you listen to phone calls but you can’t record them. You can also read text messages and track a device’s GPS location.


4. mSpy:


This one is a web-based tool that lets you spy on a target without having their phone. With this one, you can access call records, GPS locations, text messages, and also look at their social media — as long as they have those apps on their phone, of course. It also has a keylogger, which lets you record what a person is typing on their device.


5. FoneMonitor:


This is another web-based tool and it doesn’t require you too root the target smartphone. You can use it to spy on WhatsApp texts, read regular SMSs, look at media files on a person’s phone and more. It’s undetectable and fully untraceable too. 





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