Why is Apple the only major smartphone manufacturer that has not launched 5G phones yet?


It may look strange that Apple is not following tech trends and has not yet launched any 5G phones, while its competitors have already been selling 5G supporting phones. Samsung, OnePlus, LG, Huawei, and other smartphone manufacturers are way ahead of Apple in 5G technology usage. According to Apple’s CEO, 5G technology was not mature in 2019, so the company decided to delay its implementation.

As per a report released by the financial investment company Susquehanna, Apple will launch its first 5G iPhone in September 2020, but it will be a slower 5G version that supports millimeter wave. The faster 5G version will be released at least 3 months later than the regular version.

The reason for the delay is that Apple refused to buy antenna modules from third-party suppliers, causing delays required to design and manufacture its own modules.

This has slightly affected Apple’s stocks, which are down 0.9%.

According to the latest tech rumours, Apple will launch at least 6 iPhones with 5G technology in 2020.



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