Here’s what we can and cannot confirm about the iPhone 12 5.4 inch

Apple iPhone 12 5.4 inch leaks - front and back

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This year’s primary iPhone, the iPhone 12, is shaping up to be quite a phone. We tied up with xleaks7 to get some updates to CAD drawings of the phone and based on our sources, we can confirm quite a few things about the 5.4 inch phone. While it’s still too early to fully predict what the iPhone 12 will look like, the idea here is to tell you how the new iPhone’s shell will look like and what kind of sizes we can expect.



What we can confirm about iPhone 12 5.4”



1) Rectangular edges (not rounded as someone predicted for 5.4" model)

2) Dimensions 131.5 x 64.21 x 7.39 mm

3) Back camera base is rectangle (not square as leaked for 6.7" model by EverythingApplePro). Rectangle is roughly 26.62 mm in length and 23.43 mm in width

4) Asymmetrical grille for speakers and microphone, 4 holes on the left and 2 holes on the right side

5) Lightning port



    The iPhone 12 will have a 5.4 inch display with rectangular edges. The design looks almost exactly like the iPhone 5/5S from yesteryears but with a “full screen” design like the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. Also, unlike the 6.7 inch iPhone 12 Pro Max, the iPhone 12 5.4 inch will have a rectangular base for its back cameras. The base’s dimensions are approximately 26.62 in length and 23.43 mm wide. Base’s design can be seen in the image below.


    Apple iPhone 12 5.4 inch leaks - camera base


    There’s an asymmetrical grille for the speaker, placed on either side of the lightning port on the bottom of the phone. There are four holes on the left of the port and two holes on the right.


    Apple iPhone 12 5.4 inch leaks - perspective



    What we can NOT confirm yet



    1) Back camera layout: design and spacing of lenses and flash light (camera layout is likely wrong in our renders and video)

    2) Bezels and front notch

    3) Colors



      What we can’t confirm right now though is how many lenses and sensors the iPhone 12 will have. The camera layout on our renders is just an approximation right now and we’re yet to confirm what kind of spacing, sensors and lenses Apple will put on its flagship iPhone this year. As the base for back cameras looks very similar to the previous model, we predict that cameras can remain unchanged as well. Apple will likely offer quite a few colours, but that’s another thing we’ll have to wait and find out. The bezels and front notch sizes of the phone are also yet to be confirmed.


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      Apple iPhone 12 5.4 inch leaks - sides





      In sum, the 5.4 inch iPhone seems to be aimed at people who want a mid-sized device but with the newest features. Based on CAD drawings we received from our reliable source, we can show the overall design of iPhone 12 5.4” shell and its dimensions, however it’s likely that Apple is still working on some parts we can not confirm yet. Once we get updated information from our source, we will keep you informed.


      Apple is obviously recycling an older design, which makes sense, since the iPhone 8’s design is now pushed to the iPhone SE. However, one has to wonder how long Apple can go on without coming up with something completely new before consumers start to lose interest.


      Apple iPhone 12 5.4 inch leaks - front


      Apple iPhone 12 5.4 inch leaks - back




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