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Wizard101 is a fun and fantastic free massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that has been around since 2008 and still going strong in 2019. This is a fun game that people of all ages will enjoy. It is set in the fantasy world of Spiral and sees you take the role of a student wizard at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. You get to choose which school of magic you want to study and these include Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, Death, or Balance. Picking one will determine what sort of spells you get and how you play the game. You will fight in duels with up to three of your fellow wizards against another team of four. You win the duel by casting spells, summoning monsters and healing your friends and reducing your opponent to zero health. There are several different worlds to explore as you learn more spells and improve your character. You can earn many different badges that will make you more powerful. You can also take part in several different hobbies such as fishing, training pets and gardening all of which make this a great game that you will have hours of fun exploring.



#1: Pirate 101


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If you are looking for something very similar to Wizard101 then Pirate101 is made by the same company and is a sister game to it. This sees you sail your ship through the sky in this great online game. You fight monsters and gain experience as you improve your character. You can choose one of five different classes and each one is fun to learn. They all come with different companions and the characters are great fun to chat with and learn more about. You will battle against other teams of pirates as you level up and explore the world. One of the great features of both Pirate101 and Wizard101 is the way they protect the privacy of children playing. Players start with only being able to use menu chat to send a limited number of messages to other players. This lets you contact players safely and securely. To unlock full-text chat you need to verify that you are over 18, or have the option enabled by a parent. If the age of other players is a concern then the strong privacy policy will help calm your fears.



#2: Marvel Super Hero Squad Online


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This is another great free MMO game that features characters from the popular tv show Marvel Super Hero Squad. So whether your child is a fan of the show or just fans of all things Marvel then they are going to love this game. This game lets you build a squad of your favorite mini characters and you take them into battle to defeat the villains. This game uses trading cards to help improve your team as well as to customize your house (the helicarrier). This lets you build your home and change how your characters live. This is a game that everyone will love particularly if you are a fan of trading card games. The game is really easy to control and play and is a great addition to the number of free games available. The 'violence' is distinctly cartoon-like and there a few fart and burp jokes thrown in which keeps it funny. This is a great fun game to play.



#3: Spiral Knights


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This is a great online adventure game that sees you fighting against the hoards of clockworks as you explore the ever-changing world. The gameplay is smooth, the world-building is immersive and the people you meet are well developed. This is a great free to play game, that gives you loads of options for customizing your character as you search out for weapons and armor to help you level up and take on tougher opponents. You will work closely with other players as you solve puzzles and defeat monsters in the different dungeons and areas of the world. This game is very highly rated on steam and is one of the top free games around. This will see you lose hours as you check out everything that the game has to offer and you will keep coming back for more as they keep adding new content to it all the time. This is one of my most played games and is fun. The game also has a great community around it, so if you ever get stuck you will find someone to help you out. You can join in with other players and create a virtual family and you explore together. The social features of this game are one of the standout features.



#4: Hero Smash


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This is a fun browser-based game that will see you take the side of either the superheroes or the supervillains as you battle for control of the world. One of the great things about this game is that you can change your mind on which side you play for as you level up your character. You can choose from a huge variety of weapons and equipment and you can change these at any time. You will complete quests and take on challenges as you use your various superpowers to take down the enemy. The website is well designed and lets you jump into the entertainment with ease. You will love being able to earn 'good points' or 'evil points' as you take on the different challenges. There is a chat feature available that allows you to talk with other players, and this can be a fun way to make friends as you enjoy the perfectly detailed action. There are options to buy upgrades, but the free content is more than enough to keep you occupied for hours. Whilst this is fun for players of any age, this will particularly appeal to younger players.



#5: Elsword Online


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If you are looking for something with more of a manga feel than Wizard101 then this is the perfect game for you. The anime-style characters showcase that the developers of the game were not English but Korean. This will see you star in your own comic book as you build your team and hack and slash your way through the different dungeons and challenges whilst you write your own story. You can change your team to create a powerful group that will be able to take on the dungeon bosses with ease. The action is fast-paced and full-on as you take on bigger and bigger monsters. The game also features many seasonal events such as for Halloween and Christmas so there will always be new content for you to come back and check out. This means that you will just keep playing and playing. This game offers something unique when compared to the other MMO games on the market and this is something that you will love. The graphics sounds and animation are all top quality and make you concentrate on crafting the best strategy as you undertake your journey.



#6: Koyotl


games like wizard101 koyotl gameplay

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This is another browser-based game, but this time takes the action into a 3D format. You will explore dark caverns and caves filled with molten rocks and lava as you look to level up your warrior. You get a choice of different animal-based warriors such as a bear, a badger or even a raven. As you explore the games many dungeons you'll face off against a wide range of different monsters and bosses as you look to loot and level your way to the top. As well as exploring the dungeons you can challenge other players and find out who is the best warrior. You are never far from your next battle or challenge as you teach your character new skills to be able to better defeat your foes. The combat is solid and easy to enjoy as it is all turn-based. This means you can choose exactly how you are going to smack your next opponent without having to worry about the clock. The graphics are crisp and well-formed and the characters stand out. You are also able to link to your Facebook account for bonuses and extra items.



#7: Drakensang Online


games like wizard101 Drakensang Online gameplay

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If you have ever been a fan of Runescape then you are going to love this. This game will take you deep into the virtual land of Duria. This game has a similar feel to Diablo as you hack and slash your way around the landscape whilst exploring for loot and killing monsters. There are four different classes you can pick each with their own school of skills and spells that allow you to power your character to victory. There are eleven different regions to explore each with their own different look and feel. You can speed up your progress in the world by using the in-game currency which you can either earn or purchase, though this game can be enjoyed free. The graphics are amazing and the action will keep you hooked for a long time as you constantly search for the next great weapon that allows you to take down the various dungeon bosses you encounter.





If you’re looking for games similar to Wizard101 then there are a variety of different titles that are equally as fun and engaging as that one and these are just some of them. There are some great family titles as well as some that are aimed at adults and older children. A number of these games can be played in the browser or you can play on PC or Mac. So they make it really easy to sign up. Some even have mobile clients that mean you can enjoy the game whilst on the go. All of the games mentioned have a great immersive universe and will run on nearly any system out there. So don’t hesitate and go and check out some great gameplay videos for any of the titles on this list and you will soon be included in the fun.


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