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Can I Take My iPhone 12 or 13 In the Shower? (Important Facts You Need to Know)

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The iPhone is built to be sturdy enough to handle exposure to the elements. While accidental dunking your iPhone in water won’t cause permanent damage, you should avoid overexposing it to water regularly. 

Until the iPhone 6, Apple’s early iPhone models were not known to have any official water-resistance rating. However, since the iPhone 7, every iPhone flagship, including the new iPhone 13, has come with an IP rating.

However, does this mean you can carry your iPhone 12 or 13 with you to the shower? We generally don’t recommend doing that as it may lead to serious internal damage to your device. We’ll also break down any questions you have below.    

Is the iPhone 12/13 Waterproof?

No, the iPhone 12 and 13 aren’t completely waterproof. However, this device has an IP68 water-resistance rating, as specified by Apple.  According to this rating, this smartphone can be submerged in water up to a depth of 6 meters for up to 30 minutes without causing any problems.

However, you should be aware that this device’s resistance to dust, splash, and water is not permanent. This means the resistance may decrease over time due to the wear that the phone has endured. As a result, you should exercise caution when exposing your iPhone 12/13 to water.

Can I Take My iPhone 12/13 in the Shower?

We don’t recommend taking your iPhone 12 or 13 with you in the shower. Even though the iPhone may be resistant to some levels of water damage, taking a shower with it directly exposes it to a stream of water, which can cause issues.

Furthermore, excess water vapor can seep into your iPhone. Water vapor also causes damage to your phone. Moreover, soap and other bathing products can cause different issues that will impair your phone’s performance. As a result, despite the iPhone’s waterproof feature, we do not recommend using it in the shower.

How to Know If My iPhone Is Water Damaged?

All iPhone 12 and 13 devices include a Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI), which turns from white to red when exposed to excess moisture. You can find the LCI by opening the SIM card tray on the left side of your iPhone

To view the LCI, use a thin, pointy object — like a pin or paperclip — to open your SIM tray. Then, remove the SIM tray and hold your iPhone up to a light source. If you see red inside the SIM port, it indicates that moisture has entered your iPhone, and it is most likely water damaged.

What Do I Do If My iPhone 12/13 Gets Wet?

If your iPhone 12/13 gets wet, follow these steps to reduce the likelihood of a serious problem developing. The first step is to use a dry cloth or towel to wipe away any moisture on the device’s exterior.

Furthermore, place the iPhone in a dry place and allow it to dry. Alternatively, you can place the phone inside a box of rice grains. Surprisingly, rice grains help to absorb moisture from devices quickly.

Moreover, avoid inserting paper towels into the iPhone’s Lightning port, drying your iPhone with a blow dryer or compressed air. Also, don’t be in a hurry to power on the iPhone. Allow it to dry before turning it on and charging it.

Furthermore, charging or switching on the device while it is still wet will cause the phone’s circuits to overload and burn, which will cause more damage to your phone. We recommend allowing your iPhone to dry for about 24 hours.  If you follow the steps, your iPhone will be completely dry, and you will be able to use it again without any serious damage.


Summarily, we don’t advise showering with your iPhone 12 or 13.  Even though the device is IP68 certified, excessive exposure to water and steam can damage your iPhone. Furthermore, any water damage to your iPhone isn’t covered by Apple’s warranty. So, you should avoid exposing your iPhone to moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the iPhone 6S water-resistant?

The iPhone 6S is not water-resistant. However, there are some waterproofing elements in the iPhone design. But, to be safe, avoid exposing the iPhone 6S to moisture. The device should survive a light splash of water but don’t risk it.   

Can I Take My iPhone 13 to the Pool?

You might want to take your phone to the pool to take pictures and record videos. However, keep in mind that water can cause damage to your device. If you’re going to the pool with your iPhone, protect it with a waterproof case, and don’t swim with it. You can simply take it to the pool to take pictures and capture amazing videos.

However, if your iPhone gets exposed to water or any other liquid, consult a professional on how to clean it. Lastly, bear in mind that while the iPhone 13 is water-resistant, they are not completely waterproof. 

Difference Between Waterproof and Water-Resistant

The term waterproof refers to a device that is completely impervious to water. In contrast, water-resistant refers to a device that can survive a limited amount of water exposure. The iPhone 13 has an IP68 rating and can withstand immersion in water up to 6m deep for 30 minutes.

So, what happens if it stays in the water for more than 30 minutes?  Your guess is just as good as ours. Just avoid exposing the device to too much moisture to prolong its lifespan.

Can iPhone 13 Take Pictures Under Water?

While iPhone 13 can withstand a 30-minute submersion in 6-meter depths, you should probably think twice before taking your phone to the beach. If you’re regularly around bodies of water, it’s best to protect your iPhone 13 by purchasing a waterproof case. However, in shallow waters, a simple plastic case will suffice. 

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