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Can You Use an iPhone in a Sauna? (Real Life Experience)

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Regular sauna use has numerous health benefits. Saunas are becoming more popular worldwide for various reasons, including detoxification and relaxation. However, can you use an iPhone in a sauna?  

Each phone is unique. Some are IP68 rated, while others are not. Some phones can withstand being submerged for longer than others. However, all phones will stop working in extreme temperatures or break down. Saunas have extremely high humidity, which can cause water or heat damage on most phones, even if they are water-resistant.

This article will further break down the effects of using an iPhone in a sauna. We’ll also discuss things to consider before using an iPhone in a sauna and highlight ways to prevent the iPhone from overheating in a sauna.  

Can You Take An iPhone in a Sauna?

Newer iPhone models have a high IP rating. The IP68 rating of Apple’s iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 indicates that they can survive being submerged in water. 

Moisture sensors are built into Apple’s iPhones. And if these sensors are tripped, your iPhone’s warranty will be null and void. This means that even if your iPhone survives the sauna, but something else happens weeks later, your iPhone won’t be covered because of the tripped moisture sensors.

Taking an iPhone into a sauna will almost certainly activate iOS’ temperature warning system. This system temporarily turns off the phone to avoid any long-term damage. If this system fails, you must move your iPhone to a cooler location as soon as possible.

I’ve experienced my iPhone shutting down due to extreme temperatures while doing some outdoor work in the heat. Now, consider the effects a sauna – where the temperatures are significantly higher – will have on your device.

Moreover, using an iOS device in extremely hot weather can permanently reduce battery life. Keep the device in a temperature range of -20 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees to 113 degrees Fahrenheit). Furthermore, don’t leave the phone in your car because parked cars can have temperatures that exceed this temperature range. 

Ultimately, it would be best if you didn’t use your iPhone in a sauna. Instead, leave it in your locker. This will protect it from moisture and heat damage.

How to Prevent your iPhone from Overheating in a Sauna

If you must take your iPhone into the sauna, do so with caution. Here are some precautions you can take to reduce the risk of your iPhone overheating:

  • Stay close to the entrance, which is slightly cooler and better ventilated. This won’t only keep the phone cooler but also reduce the level of moisture exposure.
  • Keep it short. The less time you spend in the sauna, the less heat your phone will absorb.
  • Allow the phone to cool after leaving the sauna before reentering.
  • Use a protective case that has additional waterproofing.
  • Wrap the phone in a towel to insulate it from humidity and heat, and wipe away any moisture accumulated on the phone.

Moreover, consideration for others is essential in the sauna. As a result, if others join you, put the phone down, and if that isn’t possible, set it on silent to avoid distracting or making others uncomfortable.

Things to Consider When Using Your iPhone In a Sauna


The point of going to a sauna is to sweat, and sweating excessively onto your phone cannot be ideal. Even though some phones are water-resistant, we’re not sure they are sweat-resistant. This is something you may not have considered. However, you may have a towel that will assist you.

Sauna Etiquette

This can be a serious issue, particularly if you’re in a public sauna. However, if you have an infrared sauna at home, you’re good. If you’re alone in the sauna, you can do whatever you want. 

However, while in a public sauna, you must be respectful of others. Furthermore, most saunas do not even allow phones in. Remember, a sauna is a place to relax and detach from everything, and if you take your phone in, it’s not fair to others in there. So, even if checking texts or browsing social media, it’s important to respect other people if you decide to go that route.

Furthermore, other people in the sauna will most likely be offended by the presence of a phone. As previously stated, consider this: nowadays, every phone has a camera. Even if you don’t intend to capture anything, it is highly suspicious.

Because people in saunas typically wear little to no clothing, it is best not to use any device with a camera in one. It makes no difference how good your intentions are; using your phone can unsettle people in the sauna.


This is true only if you bring your iPhone to a public sauna. This does not apply if you have a sauna at home. Sweating in a public sauna exposes you to germs from other people. You may be exposing yourself to more germs than you realize by putting your phone down and picking it up. 

Phones harbor more germs than a public restroom. So, in any case, it’s something to consider. Furthermore, remember to clean your iPhone even when you leave it in a locker in the sauna. 

Remember to wipe your iPhone. Nobody wants to handle a device crawling with germs. We’ve all forgotten to clean our phones at one point. However, we shouldn’t make this a habit even when not in a sauna.


Finally, a sauna uses dry and hot air and can get very humid. Whether you’re in a sauna or a steam room, bear in mind that these places produce a lot of heat, which can damage your iPhone. So, to ensure your iPhone last long and you don’t void the warranty, we recommend stashing your iPhone somewhere safe before entering a sauna.

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