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Easiest Way to Charge Your Phone With a Laptop Charger (Quick Read!)

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Lately, the technology industry has been advancing how we charge our devices. Now, we have various types of chargers compatible with multiple types of devices. Logically, we should use the same charger to charge all our devices. This will save costs and ensure you never worry about forgetting your charger at home again. However, most phone chargers do not carry enough capacity to charge laptops and other power-intensive devices.

Seeing this flaw, manufacturers have been looking to make one single charger that can conveniently charge your smartphone, laptop, and other compatible devices. Luckily, progress has been made in this regard. 

In this article, you will find out if charging your phone with your laptop charger is possible. Also, you will discover the type of charger that can charge your phone and laptop simultaneously.

Is It Possible to Charge Your Phone With A Laptop Charger?

It is not odd to come across this type of question. Many people have wanted to know if charging their mobile devices with their laptop chargers is possible. The answer is yes; charging your phone with a laptop charger is possible. However, some things need to be considered to do this. 

There exist various types of chargers, and for one to be able to charge both your laptop and your phone, it has to be compatible with both. Hence, a laptop charger will only function for a phone if it is the type. Also, the charger must fit; if not, the aim is already defeated. To clarify this, let us look at some of the types of chargers.

Is It Possible to Charge Your Phone With A Laptop Charger?

Types of Charger

Chargers have come in various shapes and sizes for multiple devices. However, most chargers can be grouped under these four categories:

Mini-USB Charger

Here is the earliest version of the USB charger, which has been around since the existence of flip-flop phones. It was introduced into the market in 2005, featuring a 5-pin connector and a mouth shaped like an anvil.

Back in the day, this charger type was compatible with various devices, including mp3 players, mobile phones (Blackberry, Motorola, etc.), and digital cameras. This charger type received accolades for its portable size. Also, it was famous for its 5000 connect-disconnect cycles, meaning you can plug and unplug it up to 5000 times before it wears out.

Micro-USB Charger

Although the mini-USB charger functioned on various devices, it was succeeded by a much superior technology in 2007. The micro-USB emerged as a much better option for devices when compared to the mini-USB charger. So, lots of tech companies started switching to a micro-USB charging port. 

Nowadays, the majority of intelligent devices use this type of charger. Devices that use the micro USB charger include but are not limited to android phones, tablets, digital cameras, game controllers, and GPS Devices.

The 5-pinned USB charger used its fifth pin as an A and B type connector, a function that did not exist in the mini-USB charger. It also came in a lot smaller size and much more durable with 10,000 connect–disconnect cycles. This USB also offered a much faster transfer speed rate of 480 MB per second.

USB-Type C Charger

Talk about disruptive technology; the USB-Type C charger is undoubtedly one. It was introduced by the USB Implementer’s Forum in 2014. Although not yet as popular as the above two USB types, it is rumored to replace the mini and micro USB types within the next 5 – 10 years. 

The Type A USB is also not left out as the USB-Type C offers a much more suitable design and compatibility than the latter. Hence, all Type-A USB ports on your device might be replaced with much better Type-C ports in the nearest future.

Many companies have adopted USB-type C chargers for their devices, including Apple Inc. Now you will find this charging port on some Mac books and even iPhones. It features a cable head that looks somewhat like a micro-USB but a lot more oval. They can be found on slim laptops, video game controllers, android phones, and other devices.

Apple Charger

Being a formidable company, Apple has its charger type for its devices. It licensed this technology to other cable manufacturers so they could produce cables of the same kind. Most iPhones now use the lightning connector cable, which charges much faster than earlier devices’ original 30-pin connector charger.

However, lately, Apple has been morphing its charger into type C-looking shapes while some of their newer devices typically now use the USB type C charger.

Which Laptop Chargers are Compatible With Mobile Phones?

Having clearly defined the types of chargers, we can now answer the question of which one is compatible with charging laptops. Most laptop chargers vary and are not anywhere similar to phone chargers. 

Recently, we have seen companies using USB-type C chargers for their laptops. Essentially, these charger mouths will fit into other devices that use the same USB type C charger.

The new question is, can the USB type C laptop charger effectively charge a smartphone as well. The answer is yes. Most mobile phones are equipped with technology that allows them to get just the right amount of energy they need from a power source. This technology ensures your phone does not overcharge. 

So, if you are worried about your laptop charger’s capacity being too much for the phone, you can rest assured that your phone will automatically adjust when connected.

However, there is a catch; you must ensure you are using an original laptop charger. This is because most fakes do not feature this incredible technology, and using them to charge your phone can potentially damage it.

How to Know If Your Laptop Charger Will Charge Your Phone? 

The first thing you have to know is that for your laptop charger to be able to charge your phone, it has to fit in your phone’s port. If it doesn’t, do not try to force it in; it probably would not work anyways.

Older laptop models have a specially designed laptop charger that is only compatible with the laptop and not any other device. So, if you are using an older laptop model, the charger would most likely not charge your phone.

Most newer laptop models come with a type C charging port and charger. If your mobile phone uses a type C charger, you can quickly charge your phone with your laptop charger. You can easily find details about your device’s charger by checking the packaging manual or calling their customer care line.


It can be nerve-wracking having to carry different chargers for each of your many devices. What do you do when you forget your phone charger and all you have is that of your laptop. New cable technology has made it possible to use the same charger for your phone and computer. All you have to do is confirm that your phone charging port is compatible with your laptop charger, and voila, you can now charge your phone. We hope you find this article helpful and now know which laptop charger can charge which phone.

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