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Coin Master Emotes [In-game feature explained]

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If you have played Coin master, I’m sure you would have seen the in-game emotes. In this guide, we will cover the key details of what they are, how to find them, and how to unlock and use your emotes.

What are emotes in Coin Master?

Emotes are fun animated stickers that you can send via chat to your team members to enhance your in-game experience. You would have seen stickers on Facebook and Facebook messenger. The big difference with Coin Master emotes is that each emote has to be unlocked by completing certain tournaments and events.

Every new Coin Master account starts with 4 free emotes, while the emotes that are locked are shown in grey.

Where can you find emotes in your Coin Master account?

  1. Open your Coin Master team chat 
  2. Click on the blue emote button with the pig icon

Emotes that are ready to use are in color, and emotes that you can unlock are in grey. It is easy to find your new emote because it will have a big ‘NEW’ icon in red next to it.

Coin Master Emotes – Key Facts / Image: Pigtou.com

What are emotes used for?

Coin master emotes have no effect on your in-game performance, but they make chatting with your team members quick and easy. 

Sometimes, they play a vital part in completing collectible albums, which consist of collectible cards and emotes. For example, you won’t be able to complete the ‘Fantasy Album’ without collecting all three emotes and cards. Many players have found this to be challenging, so it’s essential to know how you can get them for the lowest cost.

Where can you get Coin Master emotes from?

There are 4 ways to unlock new emotes:

  1. Emote tournaments – If a tournament has an emote as a prize, you will see the emote icon (pig face on a beige background) on the events progress bar. To qualify for an emote tournament, you must have a village level of 120 or above. Keep an eye on Facebook; tournaments are often announced on the official Coin Master Facebook page.
  2. Facebook giveaways – Keep your eyes on the Coin Master Facebook page during the holidays and other traditional sales days. They have been known to give away free emotes and other prizes. Think Cyber Monday, Valentine’s day, and Halloween. 
  3. Buy a package or booster  – Coin Master occasionally runs limited-time promotions where you can buy a package or booster containing an emote for real money. These are usually only available after specific missions and events and are very infrequent. Make the most of this opportunity if you’re lucky enough to get the chance.
  4. Buy emotes with gems – There have been reports that players have seen offers to buy an emote for 7000 gems. This has not been verified but keep your eyes open for this.
Example of package with emote on Coin Master
Example of package with emote on Coin Master / Image: Pigtou.com

When is the next tournament / event to earn new emotes?

In Coin Master, not every single tournament has emotes on offer as a prize. There also isn’t a schedule for when the emote tournaments will take place. Keeping an eye on their Facebook page is the best way to keep up to date. 

If you are trying to collect more emotes, we suggest entering every tournament you can. If a tournament has an emote as a prize, you will see the emote icon (pig face on a beige background) on the event’s progress bar. 

Emote tournament in Coin Master
Emote tournament in Coin Master / Image: Pigtou.com

Can you send emotes to friends?

Unfortunately, at this stage, you can’t send emotes to your friends’ Coin Master accounts as a gift. At village level 1, you can send Coin Master free spins and coins (they’re not deducted from your account). At level 3, you can send them cards.

How to use emotes in team chat?

Sending emotes in team chat is nice and straightforward.

  1. Have a village level of 10
  2. Tap on the blue button with the pig icon on the bottom right corner of the team chat
  3. Choose the emote you want to send to your team

What rewards do you get for unlocking emotes?

Every time you unlock an emote, you will receive a number of stars. The number of stars you have is what gives you your ranking on the Coin Master leaderboard. The more stars you have, the higher up on the leaderboard you will be.

Not all emotes are made equal. Each emote is given a classification:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Legendary

The more rare the emote you unlock, the more stars you will receive. To check the rarity of an emote and see how many stars you will win, you can tap on the reward icon on the right side of the event’s progress bar.

Stars and rarity of emote
Stars and rarity of emote / Image: Pigtou.com


Emotes are used to interact with your team members and also help increase your overall ranking. The more emotes you unlock, the more stars you receive. This will increase your ranking on the global Coin Master leaderboard.

The best way to unlock more emotes is to play in as many tournaments and events as possible. To be able to do this, you will need to put in some hours to level up to a level 120 village. Once you have a level 120 village, keep your eyes on the Facebook page of Coin Master for tournament announcements.


What are Coin Master emotes?

Emotes are fun animated stickers that you can send via team chat. They also are collectible items used to complete albums and collect stars.

Why don’t I see emote tournaments?

To qualify for emote tournaments, your village must be at level 120 or higher.

Where can I get Coin Master emotes from?

There are several ways to unlock emotes in Coin Master. From winning tournaments and buying limited edition packages (for real money) to reports of being able to use in-game gems. The more you play Coin Master, the more opportunities you will have to collect more emotes.

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