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Coin Master Thor’s Wheel Guide | Play like a PRO

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Coin Master’s Thor’s Wheel is an exciting event that can sometimes be activated on Coin Master to collect some great rewards. You might be here because you have Thor’s Wheel active, and you want to get the most from it.

Below we will cover everything you need to know about the Coin Master Thor Wheel. Along with tips and tricks on how to use the event to get the best rewards from it! Let’s take a look.

What is The Thor Wheel in Coin Master?

Thor’s wheel is a prize wheel you can play during the Treasure Hunt occasion in Coin Master. Players must collect unique Thor Wheel Tokens to spin the wheel in the event. The Thor wheel event is only visible for 72 hours, and prizes are enormous.

This is one of the best events that Coin Master offers to its players and is definitely worth participating in as much as possible. If played regularly with some of our tips, you will earn big rewards with Thor’s Wheel!

How to Play Thor Wheel in Coin Master

Playing the Coin Master’s Thor’s Wheel is quite simple. However, the process of how it works is extensive. So follow our guide slowly to understand what happens as you play Thor’s Wheel.

  1. Each reward can only be landed upon and collected once. When you collect one, Thor’s Wheel will make the selection gray so you can no longer receive that reward. This helps you see which rewards are still available.
  2. Occasionally, you could land on a grand prize highlighted purple, for which will completely resets to a new and improved wheel with better rewards.
  3. Rewards can get bigger and bigger as you play Thor’s Wheel. Hitting the purple tile will always improve the wheel to bigger and better prizes.

Tip: It is extremely helpful to save as many tokens as possible before you start playing the Thor’s Wheel.

What Can You Win in The Thor Wheel?

You can win huge prizes on the Thor Wheel. As this wheel is rare to receive due to the rarity of thunder strike tokens, the developers made the rewards worthy of your excitement. These kinds of prices can usually only be achieved during your first 30 days of playing, or really far into a mission (or by purchases).

Coin Master Thor Wheel Rewards List is shown below:

Rewards of Thor Wheel in Coin Master

How Do I Find The Thor Wheel?

It is very simple to find the Thor Wheel, while it might be hard for you at first. In order to find the Coin Master Thor’s Wheel follow the provided steps:

  1. Click on the Daily Bonus Wheel on the Main Screen
  2. On the bottom right-hand corner, click on the Thor Wheel Badge.
  3. When the event is inactive, you will not see a timer underneath the event.
  4. Once you have clicked on the badge, you will arrive at a “chained-up” Thor Wheel.

When the event is available again the chains will disappear allowing you to play the event once again.

How to Earn Thor Wheel Tokens?

The Thor Wheel Tokens are essential to spin the Thor Wheel in Coin Master. Players can either complete Main Events or purchase them from Promotions to earn Thor Wheel Tokens.

There are only a few ways of receiving Thor Wheel tokens. You can earn them by completing:

  • Treasure Hunt Event
  • Current Live Event Available

Not all missions will guarantee the retrieval of Thunder Strike tokens, although there are some special missions to play for the Thor Wheel specifically. These events are usually recognized by the Thunder Strike symbol.

The rewards are big, although receiving these tokens are not easy.

Make sure you have enough thunder strike coins before playing Thor Wheel

Will the Event and Thor Wheel Tokens Always be Available?

Unfortunately this event is only active during the Treasure Hunt Events (for 72 hours), which only happens once or twice a year. Once you have completed the Thor’s Wheel, wait and save your tokens and wait for the event to reappear to be played.

You can follow Coin Master and all of their events through their social media pages (most commonly Facebook).

Coin Master Free Thor Spins

One of the biggest reasons you may want to play Thor Wheel is for the amount of free spins the Thor Wheel offers when playing. You can find these free spins either in:

  • Direct Rewards
  • Chests

Using the Thor Wheel can grow your spins count giving you more chances of winning more rewards. Or you can simply just receive a new level of spins to save or use.


How do I get Thor’s Wheel in Coin Master?

Thor’s wheel is a seasonal event that only happens once or twice a year. You can use Thor’s Wheel only if you have Thor Wheel Coins which can be earned form main events or purchased.

How Do I Claim Thor Wheel Tokens in Coin Master?

Rewards and tokens are sent directly to your inventory or chest once you have earned or received the tokens.

What Level Do I Need to be For Thor’s Wheel?

You do not need to be a specific level on Coin Master to earn the Thor Wheel, although you do need to ensure you have enough coins to make spins when the wheel is active.

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