Allow Pigtou to cover your consoles with our Gaming Skins


It’s been years of this cold war and you’ve probably picked a side – Sony or Microsoft. The console wars have been going on since before most millennials can remember (if you have a gaming console, we’re guessing you’re probably one of them) and if you’ve chosen a side in this war, you’re going to need some good armour for your console. Our Gaming Skins can be used for either Xbox or Playstation (apologies for playing both sides in the conflict but business is business…), and we have made sure to make model-specific skins made to measure for your specific device.



A deep and storied history


After the video game crash of 1993, Sony reinvented itself and redefined video games forever with the creation of the Playstation. Not to be outdone, the biggest company in the world in 2001, Microsoft, created the Xbox as a direct competitor. Now, generations later, we still feel the reverberations of the two biggest competitors whenever they duke it out. If you’re looking for Xbox One skins, we have beautiful designs and a tough vinyl matte finish on them. If you’re on the other side of the eighth generation of video game consoles that came into being in 2012, we’ve definitely got Sony PS4 skins to protect and enhance that console as well. With the advent of Playstation 4, Sony also rolled out the Playstation Network that now has over 100 million registered users as of 2020. Not to be outdone, if you’ve got some Xbox One S skins you’re thinking of using for your device, Microsoft developed further integration between their console and entertainment integration making the Xbox more like an incredibly powerful computer system rather than just a video game console. Getting Xbox One X skins from Pigtou not only protects your latest console, but also gives it a unique personality when it’s sitting on your TV stand.



What we do to help


While we don’t necessarily know when the Xbox Series X is going to hit shelves or if the mythical Playstation 5 is ever going to materialise, you can bet that these two competitors are hard at work to become the kings of video gaming. We have always respected the weird, symbiotic relationship that has developed between these two rivals and cannot wait to see what each develops to try to out-do the other. However, whatever the case, we will be watching avidly and developing our own products to complement the consoles being developed now. Our skins focus on having an incredibly beautiful design to highlight your console and its controllers while still giving it a modicum of protection from damage that could happen. We know that from time to time, losing to a boss or waiting for a load screen can get you frustrated, and we want that layer of protection for whatever your controller is thrown at. We don’t judge (but also we would like to strongly – strongly – advise you against throwing your controller against anything). We also make our skins easy to use and easy to remove, so when you need to change up your skins, you don’t have any trouble.



Our guarantee


So whether you’re an X-Man or a Playstation Person, check out our fantastic skins for your consoles cut specifically to be compatible with your specific make and model. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our vinyl laminate product and that your gaming, whether it be on the Playstation Network or if you’re doing it while Skyping on your Xbox, will have a design to suit your style, personality, and aesthetic.

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