Did you Google your way to finding our Google cases?


We’re willing to bet that the search engine you used to find our Google cases wasn’t Yahoo, Bing or Ask – we think you probably Googled it. Google has become a brand that is synonymous with speed, precision and intellect, and they put that ethos into their products. Likewise, we want to emulate Google’s infinite variety in offering you cases that cover different models like Google Pixel 3 cases, Google Pixel 3 XL cases, Google Pixel 2 cases, Google Pixel 2 XL cases and so many more!



Why Pigtou sells Google Pixel cases that you can rely on


Google’s first office was a rented garage and now they’re known worldwide for being one of the coolest companies to work for – if TV shows and movies are anything to base opinions off of. They’ve come a long way – so much so that Google has become a verb. We google something even if we aren’t using Google as our particular search engine. To us, that’s a demonstration of product value, something we strive to achieve at Pigtou. Quality always speaks for itself, which is why we manufacture every one of our Google Nexus cases in-house. Our cases are not only home-made, but they’re also made with beautiful designs and colors that you can choose from. Like Google as a company, we strive to give you as much choice as possible when it comes to what to put on your cool Google Pixel cases.

Google Pixel was awarded a DxOMark camera score (measuring optical imagery) of 89 and set the bar as the highest score ever given to a phone. Now, we don’t know much about the DxoMark scoring system but it seems pretty obvious to us that an owner of this phone would want to protect that amazing little camera from any harm. Having a good design is important, but protecting your phone should be the main job of any phone cases for Google Pixel. We make certain that we have engineered our products not just to be cute Google Pixel cases, but also to be a protective barrier to stop scratches, dents and scrapes from ruining the view you have of your phone. Our protection doesn’t come at the expense of size – we have created our Google Pixel phone cases to be thin and slim – keeping up that minimalist aesthetic.

It’s our philosophy that the best Google Pixel cases come with the best customer service, so if there is anything that doesn’t seem right or is in need of fixing, we welcome you to contact us and let us know your concerns. Whether it’s from our privacy policy to our free shipping to our designs – we welcome any and all feedback and want to support you as much as possible. So what are you doing still looking around here for? Check out our shop and see what we have to offer. We are certain that it won’t take you to the second page on Google for you to find a design that suits your phone’s model and your own personality. Call it confidence, chutzpah or charisma…to us it’s just the Pigtou promise!

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