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Making heads and tails of HTC cases


Did you know that HTC is now 21 years old? That’s right, old enough to drink in the good ol’ US of A. While we don’t recommend dunking your phone in a beer, we do recommend checking out our virtual shop for HTC phone cases. Whereas other companies stock cases for iPhone or Samsung or the other bigger ones, we here at Pigtou believe that all phones deserve to be covered (unless they really don’t need it, like a Nokia). We’ve brought that company philosophy to the individual brands too, which is why you’ll see both HTC U11 cases and HTC 10 cases on offer on our site.



Why our HTC phone cases are head and shoulders above the competition


HTC has always been synonymous with innovation – it was the first company to produce dual camera devices (which is pretty standard these days thanks to HTC who bust it onto the scene). HTC was also the first company to produce Android phones. We think HTC knows a thing or two about novelty and modernism, so your phone cases for HTC shouldn’t be any different. That’s why our cases are built to be protective without coming at the expense of being stylish or thin. We engineer our cases to withstand scratches, dents and other marks that can leave horrible, spider-webbed cracks across your screen or the back of your phone.

But all of this protection isn’t going to get in the way of you living your best life, is it? We didn’t think so. The best HTC cases are cases that offer both protection and style, which is why we have a thin case that will fit in your pocket, your bag and your life much easier than any of the bigger, bulkier cases on the market. Not only that, but we have cute HTC cases with lovely little designs on them to make your phone look as good as you do when you sashay down the street. Each of our cool HTC cases and their designs are printed in-house and we do our own inspections on our products. Like HTC, we don’t want second-rate products going out to you, so we make sure our standards are set high.

But in order to get the best out of your HTC One cases, you should feel like you’re getting the best out of the company that is giving it to you. We try our best to keep our lines of support open, so if you need to contact us for whatever reason, we’re there to listen to you. Maybe you want more information on our free shipping, or you need to know what kind of provisions our privacy policy have within it. No problem! We are always open to communicate with you in order to bring you the best version of our product possible.  

But enough about what Pigtou does! You’ll have enough fun scrolling through our incredible designs now that you’ll forget all of your worries. Let our designs blow your mind!

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