Where to go when you choose your Samsung cases


Samsung initially sold noodles – so it’s safe to say that they have evolved with the times seeing as they are now one of the biggest technology powerhouses in the world. Evolution is important in order to stay current, which is why you’ll always find a Samsung case for the new Galaxy or Note you just got but you won’t be out of luck if you have a model that’s a bit older too. We have a wide range of options when it comes to cases, so if you need Samsung Galaxy s10 cases, Samsung Galaxy s10 plus cases, Samsung Galaxy s10e cases, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cases or even Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases and beyond, we have got you ‘covered’… as it were.



What makes our Samsung Galaxy cases special


When it comes to cases for Samsung Galaxy, we think that our product is top-of-the-line. You’ve obviously chosen to go with a Samsung phone for a reason, so it’s reasonable to expect the same care, quality and workmanship to be put into making the best Samsung cases possible. Although we think of Samsung in terms of phones and machinery, their construction division was responsible for the Burj Khalifa…AKA the tallest building in the entire world. With a reputation that is sterling enough to take on testing the limits of humanity’s ingenuity, your Samsung phone cases should hold up that reputation and protect your phone while looking good and being thin. Our ethos for our Samsung phone cases is that we want to remain unobtrusive while providing the day-to-day protection that your device needs. We all walk around bumping our hips against desks or dropping our phones – it just happens. But with one of our cute Samsung Galaxy cases, you can worry less about drops and more about props – the props that you’ll get for your awesome designer case.



Customer service, support and care make the best Samsung Galaxy cases


Samsung – the name – comes from two Korean words that translate to ‘three stars’, and the tri-star symbol (in Korea) means something that is big, plentiful and powerful – which is as good as anything really when it comes to what one’s company should stand for. Here at Pigtou we stand for outstanding customer service, design excellence and exceptional quality. While we are incredibly proud of our products, we think our real selling feature is the fact that we produce all of our cool Samsung Galaxy cases in-house. Samsung are huge believers in doing everything in-house where they can control the quality of their production. While Samsung has 90% of all their parts manufactured in-house, here at Pigtou we can proudly state that 100% of production of our cute Samsung cases happens right under our noses. And if there’s anything that you are unsure of when getting your cute Samsung cases, we guarantee our support staff will be there for any of your privacy policy, terms and conditions, buyer’s rights’ needs. All you need to do is contact us, and we’ll be there to provide support when you need it.

So take a shop around! Search the products, the designs, the models and the styles – pick a picture or a color that suits your personality and watch it light up your Samsung!

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