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Daily Updates of Nerdle Answers, Rules, Goals and Tips

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Are you wondering what the answer to today’s Nerdle equation is? Worry no more; I’m here to help!

Wordle came first, followed by Nerdle. While Wordle asks players to guess a 5-letter word every day in six tries, Nerdle brings the challenge of guessing a math equation. It can be tricky, especially if you’re not a math nerd. If you’re having trouble with today’s Nerdle answer, I’m here to help. I’ll also be taking an in-depth look at what the game entails, what the rules are, and how it’s played.

What is the Nerdle Answer for Today

Quickly, the Nerdle answer for today, October 29, 2023, is 6 + 6 * 5 = 36

What are the Nerdle Answers for previous days

October 28: 3 + 9 * 6 = 57
October 27: 3 * 1 + 8 = 11
October 26: 7 + 9 + 8 = 24

What is Nerdle game?

For starters, Nerdle is a game of guessing mathematical equations inspired by Wordle. Nerdle combines the challenges of Wordle but with mathematics so that your brain is tested to its limits every day. What makes it fun is that it is not too complicated, and everyone can play it.

How does it work?

How Nerdle is played is not complicated, although it needs a brief review. You have six trials as in the original Wordle, but the equation is made up of eight elements. These can be numbers from 0 to 9, the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), and the equals sign.

Your mission is to place the numbers/signs in the exact position and arrive at the correct result. If the number or sign is green, its location is appropriate. If it is in purple, it exists but occupies another position, and if it appears in black, it does not exist.

Nerdle also allows you to share the results on social networks and has a high contrast mode for people with vision problems.

The new product may seem a bit complex. However, if it catches your fancy and you want to play it even if you consider it difficult, you can activate the mini Nerdle option since it reduces the number of columns from eight to six.

Is Nerdle similar to Wordle?

Yes, they’re quite similar. In both games, you can only play once a day. There is only one daily challenge for everyone, and it is free and without ads.  

However, Worldle has really conquered the world like a storm. From one day to the next, the networks were filled with messages with the color grid to demonstrate success in the challenge of the day.

Nevertheless, with the acquisition of Wordle by the New York Times, many began to fear the end of the most fashionable crossword game of 2022 despite the departure of Pokémon: Arceus, or the imminent arrival of Horizon Forbidden West or Elden Ring.

But the world – just as it is divided between fans of Marvel and DC, fans of tortillas with or without onions – also differs between game fans of letters and numbers.  

It’s hard to imagine anyone getting tired of Wordle, considering its popularity and official limit of one game per day. But after the auto-generators and their deep analysis on YouTube, the idea of ​​looking for new challenges under this format makes a lot of sense.

That brings us to Nerdle, a variant of Wordle in which you have to guess the final equation and the position of each of its elements.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Wordle recently, it is that it’s not a new concept. The Web has unearthed all sorts of variants in the last 30 or 40 years that use similar rules, and one of them was even featured in TV shows.

Worldle has the world eating out of its hand, and its frequency of one game per day always keeps us coming back for more.  

However, in Worldle, you can increase the level of difficulty by activating Hard mode or spawning Nightmare Wordles, but today we’re going to go in another direction by exploring Nerdle, a Wordle with math.

If you are into numbers and not letters, perhaps you should leave Wordle aside and move on to Nerdle. This is also a daily and free game but with an operation of 8 spaces, the numbers from 0 to 9, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

With the launching of Nerdle, those who like math games are in luck. It works basically the same as Worldle. It’s free and based on one challenge and one attempt per day. However, here you have more than the alphabet.

There are ten numerical figures (from 0 to 9) and the symbols of the mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and equals.

In the same way that in Wordle, where you can only put words that exist in the dictionary, in Nerdle, you can only test correct operations throughout its 8 figures. 

The rules and goals of Nerdle

As Nerdle is the ultra nerdy version of Wordle, the goal is not to reveal a word but a correct mathematical operation. Therefore, you must have certain things clear to avoid getting lost in the game.

For example, you should keep in mind that a number will always have to go to the right of the equals sign and that, as expected, the order of the factors applies.  

Do you remember your algebra class in elementary school? Well, if you search your memory, you will remember that multiplications and divisions are always calculated first and that, after them, comes the resolution of additions and subtractions.

This implies you must calculate x and / (multiplication and division) before + and – (addition and subtraction).

The game also follows the line of Wordle in terms of pointing out the well-placed letters: these will be presented in green. However, characters hit, but in different places, will light up purple.

The equation can repeat numbers and operations, but there must always be an equal sign in the result, and after that, there are only numbers. Nerdle obeys the order of operations and allows commutability (for example, if the result is 10+20=30, entering 20+10=30 is valid) unless it is disabled.

Some of Nerdle’s equations come with a certain ease, while others torture us to the last step, exactly what we expected from a Wordle with mathematics.

How to play Nerdle?

The first step is to go to the official page of the game www.nerdlegame.com. It is the only official site to play the game since it has no app.

As already mentioned, while Wordle focuses on words, Nerdle focuses on guessing an 8 or 6 character equation, which is the operation of the day, using the operators +, -, *, /, and =, as well as the numbers 0 to 9.

To get started, enter a random equation using the available numbers and symbols (for example, “1+2+9=12”). Once you enter an equation successfully, the game rewards you with colored hints, Wordle-style.

Green means the number or operator is in the correct position, purple means the number or operator is correct but in the wrong position, and black means a number or operator is not present in today’s trade.

Note that you cannot enter an operation that defies the laws of mathematics. The digits and symbols must form logical equality.

Nerdle is specially designed for math enthusiasts, but it shouldn’t deter a normal player from taking up the challenge. The operation itself is limited to the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat Nerdle?

Ensure your first guess is good. Like when playing Wordle, the first guess is always important. Then make sure you find out where the equals are going. In addition, allowing cumulative answers can be really helpful. Always take your time, and don’t be in a rush to play. And if you’re at a loss, using the calculator is not cheating!

How do I play Nerdle?

To play the game, enter a random equation using the available numbers and symbols (for example, “1+2+9=12”). You have six attempts. Once you’ve entered an equation successfully, the game will give you colored hints in Wordle-style to show how close you were.

How often is there a new Nerdle?

Just like in Wordle, you will always have one game for each day. The equation is reset at 12 am, and a new one comes up. However, if you’ve missed it for a few days, you can also play games that you missed.

Is Nerdle hard?

Nerdle isn’t so easy to play like all mathematical equation tasks, but it’s not so hard to play either. You have to work out a 5 letter word, and you have 6 guesses with colored codes as hints. If you read the article here and follow extra tips and tricks on how to beat the game online, you’d find out it’s fairly easy to play.


Nerdle is an excellent addition to our list of casual games, and I hope it continues to grow in popularity. Make sure to bookmark this article so you can come back for daily new answers. Additionally, if you play other similar games, you may be interested in these extras: free coins and spins for Coin Master

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