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Get Today’s Wordle Answer, Tips, Hints and Strategies

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Have you been searching for the answer to today’s Wordle? You’ve come to the right place! Wordle is a thrilling puzzle that has become so popular. The goal of this game is to find a 5-letter word in six tries. 

The game follows similar rules as Scrabble, with only actual words permitted in both guesses and answers. The square turns green when you enter the right letter in the right square and form the right word. However, if your guess is part of the word but not in the correct square, the square will turn yellow. Lastly, letters that are incorrect turn grey. 

Wordle was created by software engineer Josh Wardle as a surprise for his partner. The game then spread before finally being released to the public. Since then, Wordle has inspired a plethora of games.  Today’s article will also answer pressing questions you might have about Wordle.

Today’s Wordle #862 Answer

Today’s answer is PHONY

Wordle Answers of Previous Days

October 27 #861: MASON
October 26 #860: NOBLE
October 25 #859: PIQUE
October 24 #858: RETRY
October 23 #857: CAUSE

How to Play Wordle

Wordle may seem frustrating and difficult at first glance. However, the rules are fairly simple. Firstly, guesses must be five letters long, and only six attempts are permitted. Once you’ve inputted your first five-letter word, press the enter key to finish. 

Afterward, each letter on the square will change to yellow, green, or gray. If a square turns yellow, it means that the letter is part of the correct answer but not in the right square, and if the square turns green, it means that the letter is part of the correct word and correctly placed. When a letter appears twice in a daily Wordle, the game turns a correctly placed letter yellow or green only once instead of twice to show where the letter could be.

Letters that are greyed out are not part of the daily wordle, leaving you to deduce the answer based on the color of the letters you guessed.  However, players who prefer British spellings over American spellings should be aware of the minor differences between British and American English spellings when guessing each daily word on Wordle.

And after you’ve submitted your Wordle for the day, you’ll not be able to play again till the next day. Unlike most games that allow multiple plays to keep players glued to their screens, Wordle can only be played once a day, with players having to wait until the next day to guess the correct word of the day.

Where To Play Wordle

Because Wordle is played on the web, there isn’t an official app to download.  You can use a smartphone or desktop browser to play by visiting their website. Players have till midnight to guess the right word before the puzzle resets and a new one appears. 

Wordle Tips & Strategies

Everyone has a different strategy for approaching that first grid of squares. Entering words with many vowels as your first guess is a good strategy; it narrows the possible word choices once you cancel the vowels. Enter your word and press “Enter.”

Also, it’s worth noting that a yellow or green letter can show up more than once in a word. For instance, if you get one green “o,” there might be another “o” in the word, but you won’t know until you enter the next word. Also, no made-up words are permitted. For example, entering AEIOU will result in a “Not in word list” message from Wordle.

It is important to go with your gut when guessing letters. However, if you prefer a more strategic approach, we have some suggestions to help you find what works best for you. Generally, we recommend including at least two vowels in your first word and common consonants like N, R, S, or T.

Also, consider combinations, particularly at the beginning and end. Some word combinations appear more often than others; for example, CH, CR, SH, and ST have a higher chance of appearing. Also, remember that “Y” can sometimes function as a surrogate vowel and can also be found at the end of many sentences.

Finally, experiment with various options. As long as you don’t click ‘Enter,’ you can experiment with multiple guesses. Fill in the letters you know are a part of the correct word, then visualize the correct letter for the other options. This technique is known to work, and it’s handy when the word in isn’t apparent.


Wordle is another excellent game to add to your list of favorite games, and it’s sure to continue growing in popularity. Also, suggest this game to your family and friends, the more, the merrier!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Wordle puzzles get harder?

Wordle is not becoming more difficult, despite what you may believe! On the other hand, if you feel like it’s too easy, you can increase the difficulty.

Why are there two different Wordle answers on the same day?

It might seem strange, but sometimes two Wordle answers appear on the same day. This is due to changes made by the New York Times after they bought the game.

What Are These Squares Everyone Is Sharing on Twitter?

Wordle players can share their results with yellow, green, and black square emojis on Twitter. Sharing allows players to copy and show their results once they’ve completed the game in a way that doesn’t reveal the day’s answer to players who haven’t played yet.

Is Wordle Like Nerdle?

Yes, these games are similar. Firstly, you can only play both games once per day. Also, there is one daily challenge, and it is completely free and ad-free. Given Wordle’s popularity and daily limits, developers looked to create similar games to pique people’s interests. 

This need for innovation birthed Nerdle, a Wordle variant where players must guess the correct equation and the location of every element. Wordle isn’t a new concept. The Web has discovered a plethora of variants that follow similar rules, one of which was even featured on a TV show.

If you prefer puzzles with numbers over letters, you should skip Wordle and try Nerdle. Nerdle works in the same way that Wordle does. It’s completely free and limited to one challenge and an attempt every day. 

Furthermore, there are ten numerical figures starting from 0 to 9 and symbols for subtraction, addition, division, multiplication, and equals for players to select from. Similar to how Wordle only allows you to enter words from the dictionary, Nerdle only allows you to test correct mathematical symbols.

How Did Wordle Get Popular?

The way people shared their results on social media contributed significantly to Wordle’s popularity. There was no link to learn more if people didn’t know what it meant, just strange emoji square arrangements. However, once knowledge about the game grew, people understood the meaning of the squares and could reverse engineer their friends’ attempts by looking at their social media posts.

There’s also something appealing about playing Wordle once per day and the fact that it’s free and ad-free, which is surprising since most modern games encourage multiple engagements. Unsurprisingly, Wordle has been cloned by other developers. However, these clones are usually removed from the App Store.

Can you cheat at Wordle?

You certainly can. But, of course, you shouldn’t. If you really want to go the easy route, you can open Wordle in incognito mode on your browser, guess as many times as you need, and return to your profile in the normal browser window and input the correct answer. Also, you could look up the day’s Wordle answer on Google.

Are there other games like Wordle?

There are a lot of other games like Wordle available. Our first example is Absurdle, which uses a similar format but adds a nice twist. Other games are Quordle which makes players play four games at a go, and Squabble, which lets players play against each other online.

Of course, there are numerous other games available on Android, iOS, and the web capable of providing you with a fix of word-based entertainment while you wait for the Wordle timer to reset at midnight.

What are the other features of Wordle?

There’s a high contrast version and a dark mode, which players can enable by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner. Also, if you’re feeling lucky, you can activate “Hard Mode” for extra difficulty.

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