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Dangers of Laptop Gaming in Bed (Important Facts!)

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It is very tempting to want to do everything in bed. Many prefer recreational activities like eating, watching movies, and gaming in bed. Some even do all three simultaneously. 

However, many questions have been raised regarding using a laptop in bed. Placing the laptop on the bed might not be the best for a power-intensive activity like gaming. Find out the dangers of laptop gaming in bed and discover better ways to game even while in bed. 

Why gaming in bed might not be a great idea

Laptop gaming in bed is not advisable as appealing as it sounds. Just grabbing a gamepad and plumping your laptop next to you in bed can potentially damage your system. Here are some reasons why you should not use your laptop in bed. 


Most laptops have their air vents located on the bottom of the device. These vents ensure proper air circulation while using the laptop to prevent overheating. You can also find some air vents on the side or back of the laptop, all of which contribute to the cooling system.

However, placing the laptop on a soft surface like the bed reduces air circulation. The laptop eventually overheats for an activity like gaming requiring long hours of screen time. 

Overheating can cause significant damage to your laptop’s internal components. Immediate consequences can be as dire as a fire outbreak. Gaming can generate such intense heat that it can easily catch on a soft item like a bed sheet or pillow. 

Dirt and spillage problem 

It’s not a good idea to use your laptop on the bed.

Another potential issue with using your laptop in bed is dealing with dirt. Now, you might say, my bed isn’t usually dirty. This may be true. However, using the laptop in this space over time exposes it to dirt like hair, dust, or even food particles. These particles can end up clogging your system’s internal parts, leading to overheating. 

Also, there is a common problem of spilling liquid on your laptop. Spillage often happens, even when your laptop is on a stable platform like your desk. However, the chances of this happening increase when you’re in bed with your laptop and a drink. 

Not only can spilling drinks interrupt your gameplay, but it can also potentially damage your system. Even a tiny drop can cause significant damage to the internal circuits. Shutting the system down immediately after spilling can help minimize the damage. 

Battery damage 

Gaming in bed can be so addicting that you spend hours doing it. While this might be fun, prolonged laptop usage does not mean your system’s battery is well. Plugging in your laptop generates heat which over time can damage your battery.

Manufacturers recommend charging the laptop up to 80% and then unplugging it for a while. This way, you can prolong your battery’s life. However, gaming is a power-intensive activity that might require you to plug in your system for hours.

Bad posture 

Dangers of Laptop Gaming in Bed (Important Facts!-Bad Posture
Using a laptop in bed is a dangerous habit. It can cause both short and long-term health problems.

Even your posture takes a hit while using your laptop for prolonged periods in bed. Computers are made for use in elevated seating positions. Even at that, sitting must be done in specific positions and with ergonomic chairs to avoid posture damage. 

Twisting and constantly turning in bed while using your device will eventually lead to muscular disorders. Bad posture has been observed to be more prevalent among youths. It causes pain and can lead to poor circulation, headache, joint stiffness, etc. 

Eye problems 

Using a computer for too long exposes your eyes to more stress than they can handle. For example, health professionals recommend keeping your laptop at a safe distance of 20 – 24 inches. However, using your laptop for gaming in bed requires you to put the system as close to you as possible. 

Over time, you might start experiencing Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) symptoms, including blurred vision, headache, muscle fatigue, eye irritations, and neck aches. These symptoms can be exacerbated by poor posture as well. 

Hence, you are not doing your eyes much good if you sit in bed all day, playing video games.

Slowed performance 

Overworking your laptop would eventually impede its performance. These devices are designed to shut down when too hot or slow down performance. Slowing down the active components is a way to reduce the heat produced by the laptop. When this happens, you start to notice some lags in your gameplay which can be incredibly annoying. 

However, this is a good sign to give your system time to cool down. These computers have auto-shut-down mechanisms. Meaning when they get too hot, they automatically shut themselves down. Although this is a failsafe, it is very unhealthy and can potentially shorten the lifespan of your laptop. 

Best way to use your laptop in bed

Gaming in bed is too appealing for most people to give up. Fortunately, there are ways to safely game in bed without dealing with the issues caused by overheating.

Laptop Stand 

Dangers of Laptop Gaming in Bed (Important Facts!)-Laptop Stand 

The easiest way to use your laptop in bed is a laptop Stand. This device is designed specially to hold the weight of your laptop comfortably in bed. It comprises a stable leg stand and an elevated platform where you can put your laptop. 

With this tool, you can keep your workspace organized in bed. There is space for your laptop, mouse pad, and beverages. You also get to enjoy relatively proper posture while using this device. You can be sure your laptop will normally cool, just like placing it on a regular desk. 

Cooling Pad 

A cooling pad is another device that can help you efficiently use your laptop in bed. Whether playing a game or working on a rather important project, your laptop will eventually overheat. Having a device helps automatically cool your laptop while using it. 


Laptop gaming in bed might seem like a new inviting trend. As established in this article, it is not a safe practice for both your laptop and yourself. However, with devices like the laptop Stand or cooling pad, you can effectively use your laptop in bed with little or no risk.

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