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Do MacBooks Last Longer than Windows Laptops (Read This First!)

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Lately, there has been a growing curiosity about the durability of MacBooks relative to Windows devices among laptop buyers and users. It is only natural to desire some information about the durability of these laptops before parting with the hundreds or thousands of dollars needed to purchase the laptop of your choice. 

This article will answer all your questions on the durability of MacBook laptops relative to their Windows counterparts. 

Specifically, by the time you have finished reading this article, if the durability of your gadgets is your primary concern, you will know which one to choose between a MacBook and a Windows laptop the next time you enter the market to shop for a laptop computer.

Do MacBooks last longer than Windows Laptops? 

Like many other established laptop brands, MacBooks can be used for several years if cared for and maintained as needed. 

So much so that, due to Apple’s reputation for quality and its ability to take full control of its hardware and build quality, Macbooks usually last longer than their Windows contemporaries.

However, it is advisable to be prepared to replace any laptop, including a MacBook, in 5 to 8 years. That is because electronics, laptops in general, suffer from planned obsolescence.

This means they are designed such that when faced with the increasing demands placed on them by ever more advanced applications, they will fail. Furthermore, regardless of quality, all hardware suffers from wear and tear over time. 

How long do MacBooks Last?

MacBooks can usually be expected to last 3-5 years of optimal functioning with normal use. If treated with very great care, they can even last up to a decade and more, as demonstrated by testimonies on Apple’s forums regarding the use of its laptops.

This does not mean these laptops do not develop any faults during this period. Instead, none of the faults are so grievous as to require a replacement.

So a MacBook could last 3, 5, 8, or more years; the length of time depends on several factors or agents, including you – the laptop owner. Always keep in mind that there is no consensus on the time frame with which a laptop should last. 

Also, though it assures its customers that its devices are durable, Apple does not make any definite assertions regarding the longevity of its laptops beyond the offer to repair them if they develop faults while under warranty. 

What will largely determine how long your MacBook will last is you and how you use your MacBook.

How long do MacBooks Last

Why MacBooks don’t last

There are quite some reasons why your MacBook might not last, i.e., why you would be forced to replace your laptop against your wish. And the reasons are not far-fetched.

Manner of use

How do you use your laptop? This is a million-dollar question. Do you handle your laptop gently all the time? Do you clean your laptop frequently? Does it fall to the ground regularly? Do you overcharge the battery? Do you ignore signs of minor hardware problems? When probing why your MacBook might not last long, these are the questions to answer. 


Depending on a laptop’s hardware properties, there is a limit to what the laptop can do. All laptops cannot execute the same functions, so if a MacBook designed simply for office work is being used for gaming, the owner is simply pushing the device to its untimely grave. 

The truth is laptops, MacBooks, and others, should not be over-tasked. They should be used for functions that perfectly suit their specifications to preserve their durability. Otherwise, the gadget will be abused. The abuse of MacBooks is a major reason why MacBooks don’t last.

Component parts

Both the hardware and software components of a laptop play a huge role in determining how long the laptop will last. And these parts need constant upgrades to match the level functions the laptop is being used to execute, or else the laptop will be at risk of damage. 

The Apple company is known to roll out new software updates constantly, and the user of an Apple product like a MacBook must keep tabs on these updates and invariably take advantage of them for improved functioning.

Do Windows laptops last a long time?

Windows laptops are also good laptops. They have been around for a while now, and many people still prefer them to MacBooks for reasons including their durability and the fact that they are affordable. 

Several reviewers have, by their accounts, lent credence to the longevity of Windows PCs. Do they last long? No doubt, they spent some years in the hands of their users. With good use, they last long in the hands of the user.

How long do Windows Laptops last

Most Windows laptops are as durable as MacBooks. They are equally built to serve their owners for a duration ranging from several months to years. Though the life expectancy of a Windows PC cannot be specifically ascertained, the length of time a Windows laptop serves its user optimally can range from 3 to 5 years of good use. These devices can, however, last longer if put to use gently.

Do MacBooks last longer?

There is no objective evidence to show that a MacBook lasts longer than its Windows counterpart. However, from the accounts and reviews of several MacBook users, MacBooks usually last longer than Windows laptops – the producer, Apple, built MacBook devices to ensure their durability is not contestable.

But the proofs that suggest MacBooks last longer than Windows PC are mainly subjective at best. Nonetheless, there is a solid reason to believe they do.

Do Windows laptops last as long as MacBooks

Similar to the above, there is no conclusive and objective evidence to prove that a Windows laptop will outlive its MacBook counterpart if bought at the same time and subjected to the same treatment because no one has deliberately attempted to test the comparative durability of both kinds of gadgets. Both laptops are good. How long they last depend majorly on how the buyer uses them.

Final thoughts

Both Apple MacBooks and the conventional Windows laptop by a host of other brands can be used for a long while. You could buy a MacBook and have a salient reason to replace it within two years, and this might not have been so if you had purchased a Windows laptop and vice versa.

So do MacBooks last longer than Windows laptops? They can last longer than a Windows laptop, but it all boils down to you.

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