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Does Nintendo Switch Come with a Game? [All Bundle Options]

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As long as consoles have been around, bundles and limited editions have been some of the most select purchases. You came here probably wondering, does Nintendo Switch come with a game? What bundles does Nintendo Switch provide? We have covered everything you need to know about Nintendo Switch and the free games.

Does Nintendo Switch Come with a Game?

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch does not come with a game in the standard edition. All games are required to be ordered separately, including Animal Crossing. Although there is an Animal Crossing version of Nintendo Switch, you, unfortunately, would still have to purchase the game separately from the unique edition option.

The primary switch does not include any games. Nintendo only does a few pack-ins that are strictly limited edition. At the beginning of Nintendo, they used to have many different bundle options, ever since the GameCube! This might be confusing for buyers recently, as this has been a discontinued feature.

Does Nintendo Switch Lite Come with a Game?

No, the Nintendo Switch Lite does not come with a game. All games are purchased separately for the Lite version, just like the original Nintendo Switch. Although there are occasional bundle options, these are usually influenced by the retailer, not Nintendo specifically.

Since the Nintendo Switch already has everything you need to play (besides the game), they make a statement saying, “Obtain everything you require to get started. Simply insert a game (sold separately) and play!”. Although this is true, many users are upset over this. You not only need to purchase games separately, but you also need:

  • Nintendo Switch Lite Protective Case
  • Screen Protection
  • Controllers

Not to mention that the cases and screens are limited due to the unpopularity of the Lite.

Does Nintendo Switch OLED Come with a Game?

Although Nintendo Switch OLED typically does not come with a game, it is a gaming system you can buy and then play games on by purchasing or downloading them. It comes with some pre-installed software, including the Nintendo eShop, which lets you purchase and download games and a selection of free demos and trials. However, if you want to play them in their entirety, you must purchase them separately because they are not full games.

Overall, if you wish to purchase games, it is easier and more recommended to buy them physically.

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What Nintendo Switch Bundle Comes With or Without a Game?

Nintendo Switch Console that does not come with a game

We’ve gathered a collection of Nintendo Switch consoles that do not include a game. This is considered the classic group of Nintendo Switch consoles that most people prefer.

The Nintendo Switch Consoles that DO NOT come with a game are:

Original Base ModelWhite FrontMarch 3, 2017
“New” Base ModelRed FrontOctober 8, 2021
Animal Crossing EditionBlue & GreenMarch 20, 2020

Nintendo Switch Console that Comes with a Game

In this section, we’ve assembled a list of Nintendo Switch bundles that include a game. Each of these bundles can be considered old, but this does not mean they are unavailable in a nearby store. Here are the most commonly sold bundles from Nintendo Switch:

Fortnite WildCatOctober 30, 2020
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildMarch 3, 2017
Mario Rabbids Kingdom BattleAugust 29, 2017
Mario Tennis Aces BundleSeptember 5, 2018
Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe EditionMarch 26, 2021
Mario Kart 8 DeluxeAugust 4th, 2022 (2nd Wave)
Pokémon Let’s Go EeveeNovember 16, 2018
Pokémon Let’s Go PikachuNovember 16, 2018
Splatoon 2July 21, 2017
Super Mario OdysseyOctober 27, 2017
Super Mario Odyssey + Carrying CaseOctober 27, 2017
Super Mario Party BundleNovember 16, 2018

Nintendo Switch bundles that come with and without a game / Image: Pigtou.com

What Accessories Come With Nintendo Switch bundle?

Many different accessories come with having a Nintendo Switch. It is even better when you can find these accessories within a bundle! Below are the listed items that can be found within a Nintendo Switch bundle:

Nintendo Switch accessories that come in a bundle / Image: Pigtou.com
  • Nintendo Switch console
  • Nintendo Switch dock
  • Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R)
  • Two Joy-Con strap accessories
  • One Joy-Con grip
  • HDMI cable
  • Nintendo Switch AC adapter
  • Deluxe Travel Case
  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector and
  • Joystick caps

Some or most of these are typically sold separately, so if you find a bundle with all of these accessories included, you are on the right track!

Best Places to Get Nintendo Switch Games

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is one of the best places to find new or lightly used consoles with games for a very reasonable price. They come with the Switch and fun, and they can also come with other collectibles like a Pokémon Sword or even a Nintendo Protection Case.


The purchase of a Nintendo Switch bundle on eBay is suggested as a viable choice for price-conscious consumers by users of the social news website Reddit. There have been many user reports of discovering amazing deals, including rare or hard-to-find games, buying using this online marketplace.

When making purchases on eBay, however, it is imperative to exercise extreme caution because many dishonest sellers may attempt to offer counterfeit or damaged goods. It is always a good idea to check the seller’s feedback and ask any questions that come to mind.

Many users have claimed to have found incredible bundles, purchasing them and receiving them exactly as described.


Numerous Nintendo Switch games with popular titles like Marion and Donkey Kong are costly and will typically remain this way. However, after purchasing a Switch, it is possible to download games for free or at a meager cost through eShop. This quantity of titles constantly fluctuates because the Nintendo Shop’s prices fluctuate constantly.

eShop is typically more convenient for gamers, so that it can be chosen more often than the previous options. You also have many other grey market solutions for digital keys to purchase for Nintendo throughout the internet.


Do you get free games with Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch offers a paid subscription program allowing users to download free games. Along with allowing the ability to play Online.

How do you get games on a Nintendo Switch?

You can purchase games through your Nintendo Account online or physical game cards from your local gaming store or supermarket.

Is there a monthly fee for Nintendo Switch?

If you want to play Nintendo Switch online, different subscription fees take place depending on your region. By USD, the primary and cheapest subscription costs $3.99 a month, 7.99 every three months, or $19.99 a year.

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