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Dordle Answers for Today, and Everything You Need to Play like a Pro

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Because Wordle wasn’t difficult enough, here’s Dordle, which complicates things a bit. Instead of finding a single word in 5 tries, here you will have to find two, in two different grids, in 7 tries. It’s not an easy task, knowing that the word you type is reflected in the second grid… A nightmare!

Dordle is not likely to overshadow its model but should provide a significant challenge for those who find the original game too easy. Meanwhile, if you’re finding it hard playing the game, here in this article, you’ll find out today’s Dordle answers.

Dordle Answers for Today and Few Previous Days

We have everything you need if you want to play both Dordle words for today. Also, if you’re going to play previous games, you will find answers for Dordle games in the past. We are starting with the Dordle Words for today.

What are the Dordle Words Answers for Today, October 29, 2023?

  • DOWSE 

What are the Dordle Words Answers for October 28, 2023?

  • WINCE 

What are the Dordle Words Answers for October 27, 2023?

  • BEAST 

What are the Dordle Words Answers for October 26, 2023?


What really is Dordle?

Dordle is a word guessing game that is quite similar to Wordle. However, there is a different twist here. Unlike in Wordle, where you have just one hidden word, here you will be looking for two words simultaneously.

Meanwhile, it is even more difficult because you will only get one more guess, unlike Wordle. So, you will need a lot of luck and make sure your guesses are the right ones to claim the points.

Dordle vs Wordle

If you already got the hang of Wordle, try Dordle, which offers you two five-letter words simultaneously. Wordle is a tough game in its goal of fresh, simple entertainment, so it’s no surprise that there are more and more adaptations. The last one is Dordle, a game with the same dynamics as Wordle, but there are double words to solve: two five-letter words simultaneously.

Dordle is a variant of Wordle that adds some excitement and anxiety to the original game since there are two challenges at the same time and the possibility of risking only one word at a time.

Dordle poses the challenge of two words simultaneously. Furthermore, it provides seven chances to unscramble two words together. Each tricky word responds to both columns and is a shared attempt. Dordle gives hints in response to both columns simultaneously.

How to play Dordle, the most difficult variant of Wordle

To play Dordle, you only have to go to the official page of the game, which is developed by Zarathustra Productions.

However, this game shouldn’t look too strange to those who have tried Wordle or Nerdle before.

The gameplay requires guessing two words that are in 5 letters each. You have just seven guesses for this.

Start by plugging a word in, and after submitting a guess, you will see how wrong or close you are to guessing it. If you see a gray tile, then that means that the letter is not among the word. If you have orange, this indicates that you have the word, except that it’s in the wrong position. And finally, a green color tile suggests that you got it right.

Running 2 grids at the same time is, however, a challenge. But this shouldn’t be too hard for those who have played Quordle before. Quordle and Dordle share the same concept. However, Dordle is slightly easier to play as you only have two words to guess. With Quordle, on the other hand, you have up to four words to figure.

How to Share

Don’t forget that after playing your puzzle, you may decide to copy your result and share it on social media, like other similar games like Nerdle. However, for Dordle Words, you can only share your result on Discord.

Simply tap on the button saying ‘Copy to Clipboard’ located at the bottom part of the game.

This also lets you copy your answers in a format made for Discord. Again, this works only on Discord. If you share the Discord clipboard version on other social media platforms, you will share the answer with other players.

What word should I guess First while playing Dordle Word?

When playing Dordle Word, it is advisable to begin with, a vowel. This is a no-brainer as one to three of the five vowel sounds will be in the word to be spelled. Words with “S” also have a high chance of featuring as they are often used as a marker for plural words.

This way, you are more guaranteed of getting orange tiles at the early stages of play.

Can I also play the previous Dordle challenges that I missed?

Yes, after completing the day’s Dordle Word game, you can also go back in time and enjoy past puzzles instead of waiting for the next one. You need to adjust the date settings on your device to make the system believe you are still in the past. But we can’t really say whether this works for games that are yet to be released.

Go ahead to the settings of your device and change the date. Then refresh the Dordle website, and you will be served fresh challenges which you can attempt. So, the fun will not stop until the next day’s game.

If you are not ready to tweak your device’s date setting, you can head over to the website and go to Free Dordle mode. This arcade mode is endless. You can play new puzzles as soon as you complete one.

They won’t count as your daily game streak. Likewise, it will not align with the everyday words released. 

Notwithstanding, the Free Dordle game mode is an excellent way of keeping Dordle going while you play the waiting game for the next puzzle.

You can also take all that time and use it to start guessing for the next day’s word or a Wordle country.

Tips for Playing Dordle

You will surely get better at playing Dordle if you take advantage of the tips we’ve recommended below. These tips will make it easier to guess the 5 letter word every time you sit down to play.

Start with vowels and don’t repeat letters 

It always helps to start with a good word. You can note down a few words that you think can help you get off to a good start. These letters should include a couple of vowels. In any case, you shouldn’t repeat letters.

Watch out for duplicate letters 

When it comes to avoiding the repetition of letters in a puzzle game, it is best to watch out for words with repeated letters in them. A good example of words that will give you matching letters includes “drool,” with two “o.” 

This will not be obvious when will look at the tips provided by Dordle. Although, seeing a letter showing green at a particular spot does not mean it won’t work elsewhere.

Look for words in 5 letters 

The aim is to look for five-letter words. Yes, you cannot always guess the right words. But you should try looking for five-letter words that begin or end in specific letters based on what you’ve found out so far in your puzzle. This will help you get more possible ideas, and you can play the upcoming games efficiently.

Dordle Alternatives

If you want a tougher clone of Wordle and an alternative to Dordle, you should try out Octordle or perhaps Quordle. In Quordle, you’re guessing up to 4 puzzles, unlike in Dordle, with just 2 guesses. Orctordle is way more complex as you have 8 Wordle puzzles to solve.

There is also Heardle – a musical alternative to Wordle. There is Framed for cinephiles and Mathler for those who enjoy playing math games. At the same time, geography nerds will enjoy playing Wordle.

Furthermore, Star Wars fans have a sweet option with Swordle- a game themed after Star Wars.


That’s all that about the Dordle answer for today’s word. We’ve also provided you with exciting tips on playing the day’s game and even how to play the previous game if you don’t feel like taking a break. You can also take advantage of the Free Dordle mode to get involved in more games if you’re itching to play more. We also included answers for the past couple of days before now, so you can get straight in the mix and keep enjoying the guessing game. Don’t forget to come back for more every day as we drop answers for Dordle words and other similar daily games. For other related word games, you can check out our Nerdle page!

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