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EXCLUSIVE: Samsung Galaxy M51 leaked renders show triple-rear camera and punchhole selfie

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South Korean smartphone maker Samsung is preparing a new affordable smartphone for the market. Reports suggested that the phone had gone into production a few weeks ago, and we have now acquired the first renders of the device thanks to our partnership with Steve from @OnLeaks, who has a history of accurate pre-launch information about smartphones.

According to our sources, the Galaxy M51 is expected to have a 6.5 inch flat display with a punch hole selfie camera on the front. The device also has three cameras on the back in a rectangular housing, much like the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s camera housing. The fingerprint sensor is also on the back and the phone has a headphone jack, and a USB Type C port. According to our source, dimensions are 162.6 x 77.5 x 8.5mm (9.5mm including rear camera bump).

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The Galaxy M51 is expected to be an update to the Galaxy M40 launched just under a year ago. In fact, sources say that there’s a slight chance that this phone will be named the Galaxy M41, to make it a direct successor to that phone. If not, it would seem the company is skipping the Galaxy M50, instead going with the 51 monicker for this device. The specifications of the device aren’t known right now, but the renders make it pretty clear that there will be multiple cameras on the phone.

The Galaxy M40 had a 6.3-inch FHD LCD display, which suggests that this new device should have something similar. We expect that the phone will run on the Snapdragon 720G or Snapdragon 662 chipsets, since those would qualify as updates to the Snapdragon 675 chipset that its predecessor ran on. That also means the phone will support 4G LTE connectivity only, which is fine for a budget device.

Furthermore, the phone should have at least 6GB of RAM since that’s the prevailing spec in such phones at the moment. It should also have plenty of storage and will likely run on Android 10 out of the box. The Galaxy M40 was at roughly $250 and the M51 should follow a similar pricing structure.

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Samsung has been battling competition like Realme, Xiaomi, LG, Vivo and Oppo in this space, and all of these manufacturers excel at making sub-$300 devices. The Galaxy M51 enters a series that Samsung has had some success with in those markets.

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