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EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Apple iPhone 12 6.1 inch renders show dimensions, cameras and more

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Apple iPhone 12 6.1 inch - front and back

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The lower-end iPhone 12 is expected in a couple months now. And we collaborated with David from xleaks7 to bring you some new renders of the 6.1″ device. The new photos show us the camera placement for the device and we also got some details about the phone’s dimensions, cameras and more. Remember, this is all about the lower-end Apple iPhone 12 6.1 inch.

Apple iPhone 12 6.1 inch - front, back and sides

6.1-inch Apple iPhone 12 design

As the name suggests, the lower-end iPhone will have a 6.1 inch display. The renders show cutouts on the front notch, similar to that on the iPhone X, XS and 11. The 6.1-inch iPhone’s dimensions are 146.7mm x 71.5mm width x 7.2mm. The camera bump on the back will take the thickness up to 8.95mm. Surprisingly, iPhone 12 6.1″ will be thicker than our previously leaked iPhone 12 5.4″, which is 7.39mm thick.

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The camera module is slightly rectangular and measures 34.6 x 32.6mm, making it larger than the one on the iPhone 11 Pro which is very similar in size.

Apple iPhone 12 6.1 inch - perspective

We can also see a triple lens setup for the camera on the back with larger flash module. This setup looks very similar to the iPhone 11 Pro. There have been rumors before, which say the lower-end iPhone 12 will continue with dual cameras, but David’s sources are quite sure Apple’s bumping things up this time.

We can make an assumption that there is a possibility that Apple may still make changes to front notch and back camera module. 

There’s also an asymmetrical grille for the speakers and the microphone, with three holes on the left and five holes on the right side. The SIM tray is on the left side of the phone and a smart connector like the one on the 2020 edition of the iPad Pro on the opposite side.

As for the screen, it measures approximately 142 x 66.8 mm and has a notch almost identical to iPhone 11 Pro. It seems that Apple will not be adding a smaller notch to its lower-end models.

We still can’t confirm colors and finishes. Considering Apple’s previous patterns, we assume that Apple may use glossy finish for lower-end iPhones and matte for higher-end ones as they did for iPhone 11 line.

Apple iPhone 12 6.1 inch - front and back2

Apple iPhone 12 6.1″ release date and price

The new 6.1-inch iPhone 12 is expected to be released in September with $749 price tag as leaked by Jon Prosser. There should also be higher-end 6.1-inch iPhone 12 with better camera and higher price tag.

Apple iPhone 12 6.1 inch - perspective2
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