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EXCLUSIVE Samsung is working on the first smartphone with pop-up camera

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Samsung Galaxy A series with pop-up camera - perspective

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Samsung seems to be working on its first smartphone with a pop-up camera. While we don’t yet know what the phone will be called, in collaboration with our friend Steve from @Onleaks, we acquired some images of the device. The images clearly show a single pop-up camera on the front, much like the OnePlus 7 Pro from last year and some other Chinese smartphones.

Since Samsung usually has curved designs on its flagship, it’s likely that this new phone will be part of the Galaxy A Series. Of course, we don’t have confirmation on this. What we do know though is that the phone will have three cameras on the back, a full-screen design like most of Samsung’s other A Series phones, and a rear mounted fingerprint sensor.

Samsung Galaxy A series with pop-up camera - front and back

The phone is also slightly curved near the edges on the back, which is another thing that has been common on the Galaxy A series. The display is roughly 6.5 inches diagonally and there seems to be an IR blaster on the top of the phone. The phone is approximately 160.9mm in height, 77mm wide and 9.2mm thick. If you consider the slight bump due to the rear camera module then the thickness goes up to 9.7mm.

There’re also a noise cancelling mic, speaker grille and an USB Type-C port on the bottom, so you can connect a gaming controller to top popular games like Angry Birds, Civilization and Coin Master.

The company has removed the headphone jack, which might annoy many users. On the other hand, there’s no notch on the phone, thanks to the pop-up camera.

Samsung Galaxy A series with pop-up camera - front and back2

The new Samsung phone will likely be announced in the next few months, once lockdowns worldwide start coming to an end. Of course, we don’t have a solid launch date at the moment.

It’s worth noting though that this phone seems to look like phones like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, and many from companies like Honor, OnePlus and more. So, Samsung will be facing stiff competition in the market. It’s unclear whether Samsung plans to make 5G support available on this device.

Samsung Galaxy A series with pop-up camera - front and back3

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