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Fastest Way to Get XP In Minecraft – 13 Expert Tips

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Many video games are introduced every year, but only a few can grab people’s attention. Minecraft is one of those few games that has become immensely popular among people for all the right reasons. No wonders why it is one of the best-selling video games. 

It is an amazing sandbox game that combines survival, crafting, building, and combat elements to create the most versatile video game. Minecraft is known for its blocky and minimalist art style, which has become clearer and brighter every passing year, thanks to the developers. 

Fans of Minecraft are always looking for the fastest way to get XP in Minecraft. Do you know why? Because it’s a crazy, crazy popular game. You cannot stop once you start playing, as it’s a highly addictive game. All you will want is to get XPs fast and level up more quickly than others. People have enjoyed Minecraft for over a decade now, but the addiction is still not over.

Do you want to know how to get XP fast in Minecraft? Well, worry no more. We will give you some experts tips to gain it fast. However, first, let’s discover what exactly is XP in Minecraft and where it can be used? 

What is XP in Minecraft? 

In Minecraft, XP – Experience points are dropped as orbs when a player completes specific tasks. When a player gets a handful of orbs, they can level up, making their character more powerful and able to access new equipment and talents. The more you get XP, the more you advance in the game.

To get some of the coolest gear in Minecraft and kill the mobs in no time, players need a handful of experience points. However, collecting XP in Minecraft can be anything but easy. After level 15, it becomes even more challenging for the players to get their hands on XP. That’s why they look for tips and tricks to grow their experience bar quickly to reach the higher levels of the game. 

Where can XPs be used in Minecraft? 

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In Minecraft, experience points (XPs) can be used in the following ways:

  • For enchantment: Using XPs, you can put powerful enchants on your tools, weapons, and armor. These will help you break blocks faster, make your tools last longer, and much more.
  • For anvil Usage: A block named Anvil helps players repair and rename items as well as combine enchantments to advance in the game. 
  • For mending purposes:  Experience points can help players repair armors, weapons, and tools to give a tough fight to mobs.

How to earn XPs and level up in Minecraft fast? 

Here are some of the fastest ways to refill your experience bar and level up in Minecraft: 

Defeat the Ender Dragon 

The Ender Dragon is undoubtedly the big bad of Minecraft and the hardest mob to beat, considering its attack strength (15 HP) and health (200 HP). You may require tons of skills and advanced weapons to defeat the Ender Dragon. However, beating this bad boss of Minecraft is definitely worth it if you are trying to get tons of XPs. After it explodes, you will get 12,000 XPs, enough to level up a level 0 player directly to level 78. 

Also, you can re-summon and fight the Ender Dragon as many times as you want. However, re-summoned Ender Dragon will not give you a whopping number of 12,000 XPs. Instead, you will only get a fraction of the XPs – 500 XPs for each victory. 

Kill a Wither

Another bad boss of Minecraft is Wither. It is quite tough to beat, too, because of its destructive nature. While you may feel like it would reward you well, it only grants you 50 XPs. But why is it still worth beating? Nether Star. If you successfully beat Wither, you will get a Nether Star – the main ingredient to make a beacon. 

Like Ender Dragon, you can re-summon and fight Wither as many times as you want. However, summoning Wither requires three Wither skeleton skulls that are quite difficult to farm. Also, fighting with Wither, again and again, can cause excessive environmental damage. 

You may get 50 XPs with each victory. However, it is still an inefficient way to level up unless you need lots of beacons. 

Smash a bottle o’ enchanting 

The bottle o’ enchanting is a throwable item that drops 3 to 11 XPs per bottle when it hits the ground. It can be obtained by the creative inventory, as dungeon loot, or by trading with villagers. However, it can not be crafted by players no matter how hard they try. To get your hands on these special bottles filled with XPs, you need to look for buried treasure, shipwreck treasure chests, or chests in Pillager outposts. Still, got no luck? Trade with villagers to get your hands on these bottles. 

You will need many of these bottles to give yourself enough boost to level up. However, the good part is that they can easily be dispensed to give players a fast XP boost after being collected. 

Are you shot on experience points in Minecraft? Well, stress no more. Instead, find bottles o’ enchanting and throw them to the floor to boost your experience bar!

Use a Grindstone 

Have you made your grindstone in Minecraft yet? If not, make it immediately, as it will be your perfect companion to earn XPs whenever you want. To use a Minecraft grindstone to earn XPs, you will need to add the unwanted enchantments – from armor to weapons into the grindstone and disenchant them. 

Once the enchantments are removed, the grindstone will return the enchantment cost to you in the form of handy XPs. However, the number of XPs you get will depend on the number and level of enchantments removed. The higher the number and level of enchantments removed, the more XPs you earn! 

Complete advancements 

Advancements not only come with a purpose to make the game more thrilling for you, but they also provide an opportunity for players to earn XPs and level up in Minecraft. Here are the few advancements that offer you XPs after their completion

  • Return to Sender: 50 XPs
  • Great view from up here: 50 XPs
  • Sniper Duel: 50 XPs 
  • Bullseye: 50 XPs 
  • Two Birds: 65 XPs
  • One arrow: 65 XPs
  • Arbalistic: 85 XPs
  • Subspace bubble: 100 XPs
  • Hero of the village: 100 XPs 
  • Monsters hunted: 100 XPs
  • Adventuring time: 500 XPs
  • Complete hot tourist destinations: 500 XPs
  • Complete how did we get here: 1000 XPs

Therefore, keep playing Minecraft and watch the tremendous amount of  XPs rolling in.

Build an enderman farm 

Is building a massive farm a little too tedious for you? Well, you can build a makeshift farm too. Once you have reached the end and have defeated the Ender Dragon, you can create an Enderman farm to provide you with a steady supply of XPs and ender pearls. 

Build a piglin bartering farm 

Do you want to get your hands on many valuable items as well as a gold farm that generates XPs too? Piglin bartering farm it is. By building this farm, you can access many XPs alongside gold and many other valuable items, including potions, fire charges, ender pearls, and obsidian. 

Go fishing 

Fishing with an enchanted fishing rod might be boring for many Minecraft players. Still, it is a great way to collect useful items like enchanted books, bows, fishing rods, and much more.

Every item you collect also grants an XP to the player. Therefore, the more items you collect, the higher your XP count gets. It may not be the quickest option to earn XPs. However, it is the simplest way to collect valuable items as well as XPs. By going fishing, you can slay two birds with one stone. Isn’t it smart? 

Also, the speed of fishing will increase once you have a fishing rod with the Lure enchant. 


Another way to get XPs in Minecraft is trading with villagers. Every trade with a villager will offer you up to 6 XPs. It may not seem a lot, but it will stack up fast and prove quite beneficial in other areas. In addition, once you can build an efficient village trading mall, you will get access to armor, weapons, enchants, and other useful items.

However, the only drawback to this XP earning option is that you will have to collect many resources and other valuable items to unlock more trades with villagers. However, once you are able to do that, you will gain more XPs for every trade. 

Breeding animals 

It might not sound like a great idea to Minecraft players, but it is definitely a great and safe way to earn XPs. By breeding the animals, you will not only be able to expand your farms but will get some experience points. 

Every time an offspring is born in the farms, the player gets up to 7 XPs. It might be a slow way to get XPS, but it is relatively the safest option. 

Try monster hunting at night

Are you a desperate Minecraft player looking for XPs but have gotten no luck? Try going out at night to kill some monsters. However, it can be pretty risky to venture out without the proper armor or weapons. Furthermore, you can lose all the existing XPs if you die.

Therefore, only try this option if you are confident enough in your skills. Else, go for other XP earning methods. 

Try smelting 

Smelting ores might feel like one of the boring parts of Minecraft, but it can reward you with some extra XPs. However, the amount of XPs you get will depend on what you smelt. Therefore, you can smelt any food or ore to get your hands on XPs in the game.

Smelting might not be the faster XP-maker in the game, but it surely is the safest option. 

Go mining 

Another slow XP-maker of Minecraft is mining the ores. However, not all ores are precious enough to generate good XPs. Therefore, when out for mining, you must prioritize ores that will grant more XPs than others, such as Redstone, coal, lapis, diamond, and emeralds. 

The best ore to mine is Nether quartz. It will give you 3.5 XPs, the highest amount of experience points any ore can offer. However, the bad news is that it is only found in dangerous locations. So if you think 3.5 XPs are worth taking the dangerous road, you can take it. 

The more you mine the precious ores, the more XPs you earn. 


Minecraft was officially released in 2011. However, even past decade, this sandbox game has been ruling over people’s hearts regardless of their ages or genders. One hundred twenty-six million active players from all over the world speak huge volumes about the fact that Minecraft is loved by all. 

Whether you have started your first world or re-visiting the old worlds from your childhood, the fundamental rule of Minecraft is still unchanged – build and unleash your creativity. However, XP is still a crucial part of this gameplay, and you need a lot of it to level up in the game. To help you play like a pro, we have compiled a list of all the fastest ways to earn XPs in Minecraft. So what are you waiting for? Go refill your experience bar quickly with these fastest ways!

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