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5 Best Keylogger Apps For Android (Easy to Use!)

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Are you worried about how much your children use the internet and social media platforms? Are you curious about your children’s or employees’ activities on their browsers and internet messaging apps? Do you want to monitor your employees and ensure they are productive and not just surf the internet? 

Today’s world has made remote surveillance and device monitoring possible with the development of spy apps. Keyloggers are also spyware that makes phone monitoring even more effective. They focus on Android devices and track all keys pressed. 

Out of the numerous Android keyloggers available, uMobix is an ideal choice for use. This article will review the best keyloggers for Android devices and discuss how they work. 

How Do Keyloggers For Android Work? 

Usually, spy apps provide remote surveillance of several activities on smartphones. However, they function even better with keystroke logging technology which is designed to record every keystroke registered on the desired device without the user’s knowledge. 

So, keyloggers record and report every information typed on the target device, including passwords, banking information, and even private correspondence. With keylogger apps, users can efficiently record all numbers inputted, texts and messages sent, browser searches, and even conversations on various social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Telegram. 

In addition, some keyloggers record clipboard texts, information copied and pasted from other documents, track the opening of folders, and are quite helpful in obtaining text value even with on-screen controls. As a result of such features, they provide effective remote monitoring of their target phones. Since keylogger apps are easy to install and set up, they make great choices for spying on Android devices. 

Best Keyloggers For Android Phones 

Below is a review of the top five best keyloggers for Android devices. We will also discuss their pricing, pros, and cons. 

1) uMobix

Five Best Keylogger Apps For Android ( Easy to Use!) - UMobix


  • Keylogger feature
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Call And Text Monitoring

As far as keyloggers are concerned, uMobix stands out as an excellent choice as it tracks all the information typed on the keyboard of the target device. The spy app records all information, including usernames and passwords, regardless of the application being used or the source of information being copied and pasted, making it an effective surveillance tool. uMobix also provides a notification each time the target phone’s keyboard is in use, keeping you constantly aware of all activities carried out on the phone. 

In addition, the app also offers real-time location and location history of the target phone, thus ensuring the phone’s safety and its user. 


  • uMobix records all information inputted on the target phone, including passwords and usernames. 
  • The app also provides real-time location monitoring for its users. 


  • uMobix does not come with a free plan for its users. 
  • The app’s single subscription is often limited to one device. 


uMobix is available with subscription plans: 

  • One-month plan: $49.99 
  • Three months plan: $27.99 per month
  • One-year plan: $11.66 per month

2) Spyier 

Five Best Keylogger Apps For Android ( Easy to Use!) - Spyier Android Spy


  • Keylogging 
  • Call And Text Monitoring 
  • Social Media Tracking 

Spyier monitors Android phones effectively with its top-notch keylogger feature, which records all keystrokes made on the target device. Also, the spy app provides detailed records of the keystrokes detected for smooth monitoring. In addition, Spyier can help you track and discover passwords and usernames for various online accounts on the target Android. 

With this spy app, you can monitor all the activities performed on the desired phone ranging from calls and messages to social media, location, and browser use. 


  • The app has a user-friendly interface making it easy to install and use.
  • It does not require rooting to access its features. 


  • Spyier does not offer a free trial. 
  • Its subscription plans are also quite pricey. 


Spyier offers these subscription plans for Android devices: 

  • Premium plan: $9.99 per month 
  • Basic plan: $39.99 per month
  • Family plan: $69.99 per month

3) Spyera 

Five Best Keylogger Apps For Android ( Easy to Use!) - Spyera Android


  • Keylogging 
  • Call Monitoring And Recording
  • Social Media Monitoring

If you are searching for an efficient keylogger for your Android phone, you should choose Spyera, as it comes with a keylogger. Its keylogger feature works in stealth mode and allows users to find passwords for emails and Google accounts. In addition, the spy app can also provide remote access to the social media platforms on the target device. 

As an added advantage, Spyera provides real-time tracking of keystrokes for conversations on several social media apps and even browser user history. 


  • Spyera comes with stealth mode keeping it hidden on the Android phone
  • The app also has an easy-to-use interface. 


  • Spyera does not have a geofence feature. 
  • Its subscription plans can be pretty expensive. 


Spyera comes with four packages: 

  • Phone plan: $89 per month
  • Tablet plan: $69 per month
  • Computer plan: $49 per month 
  • All-in-one plan: $479 per year  

4) mSPY 

Five Best Keylogger Apps For Android ( Easy to Use!) - MSPY Phone Tracker.


  • Keystroke Tracker
  • GPS Location Tracking 
  • Call And Message Monitoring

Not every spy app functions as great as mSPY as the app are designed with a keylogger that records all keystrokes and inputs made on a target device. With this feature, the app offers users remote access to all information typed on the target Android including passwords and sensitive correspondence. In addition, mSPY also provides GPS tracking, keeping you constantly aware of your phone’s whereabouts. 


  • mSPY is easy to install and use. 
  • You can still enjoy the app’s features without rooting your Android phone. 


  • The app does not provide real-time updates. 
  • Compared to similar apps, its subscription plans can be expensive. 


mSPY is available with the following plans: 

  • One-month plan: $48.99 per month
  • Three months plan: $27.99 per month 
  • Twelve months plan: $11.66 per month

5) FlexiSPY 

Five Best Keylogger Apps For Android ( Easy to Use!) - FlexiSpy


  • Keylogging
  • Social Media Tracking
  • Call And Message Monitoring

Finally, FlexiSPY offers you viewing access to everything being typed on a target phone discreetly and from a remote location as it records the entire keystroke history of the device. Also, the app provides keyword alerts when certain words are used, allowing you to monitor the target phone’s use. 

The keylogger app also tracks the location of a target Android, helping you guarantee the safety of both the phone and its user. 


  • FlexiSPY functions in stealth, so it stays undetected on a target phone. 
  • It also comes with advanced features like camera hacking. 


  • Some of its features may require rooting the Android device.
  • Users may find its subscription plans expensive. 


FlexiSPY offers its users three packages: 

  • Lite plan: $29.95 per month
  • Premium plan: $68 per month
  • Extreme plan: $199 per month


Keyloggers make tracking Android phones relatively easy, although choosing an ideal one can be confusing. Luckily, this article has reviewed five of the best keyloggers for Android and their various pricing, pros, and cons. Among the listed keyloggers, uMobix is the best keylogger app for Android. With this information, you can make the best choice regarding keyloggers for Android devices. 

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