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The Framework Laptop GPU (Quick Guide)

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Framework Laptop Review

The Framework laptop is an exciting PC that has won the hearts of many users. Dubbed the anti-MacBook, the ultraportable laptop promises to support customization, upgrade and repair to deliver unprecedented performance at an affordable cost.

Based in San Francisco, Framework is a startup tech that has seen an untapped opportunity in this market. With the 13.5-inch laptop, you won’t just upgrade and replace internal parts, but also external components. Some internal parts you can upgrade include battery, RAM, and storage while external parts include bezels, the keyboard, and ports.

DIY edition Framework laptops allow users to select preferred parts to assemble on your own. The machines also come in three pre-built systems options you can easily tweak to meet your specific needs. Apart from its customizability, the Framework laptop is ultraportable and delivers standard productivity.

Weighing only 2.87 pounds and measuring 0.62 inches in thickness, the laptop is smaller than an M1 MacBook Pro. The chassis is made from recycled materials to prevent pollution. It features a keyboard, a bright 3:2 screen, and a touchpad, including a long battery life and powerful Intel 11th and 12th Gen processors.


  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty
  • Day return guarantee
  • Modular and upgradeable
  • Thin, light, and ultraportable
  • Recycled aluminum cover for durability
  • Customizable and powerful multi-threaded performance
  • Easy to repair and future-proof
  •  Long battery life


  • Lacks touchscreen
  • Expensive

What Graphics Card Does Framework Have?

The Framework Laptop GPU – A Quick Guide - What Graphics Card Does Framework Have

The Framework laptop uses the Intel Xe Integrated GPU graphics chipset. With the graphics card, you can play less demanding games and lower quality graphics at 20 fps to 40 fps UHD 620.

The Framework also uses an external GPU for the laptop to support more detailed graphics and powerful gaming performance. Thunderbolt and USB-C external GPU (eGPU) is compatible with the Framework laptop for enhanced performance.

The AMD series or NVIDIA GPUs are perfect for Linux Framework laptops because they offer open source drivers and excellent wayland support.

Intel Iris Xe Graphics for Gaming

Are Framework laptops good for gaming?

Intel Xe graphics card is compatible with quad-core 11th Gen Intel processors. Designed for 2-in-1 laptops and mid-range to high-end machines, the GPU enables manufacturers to build thin machines, such as the Framework laptops.

Unlike UHD 620 integrated GPUs, Intel Xe delivers among the largest gen-on-gen performance upgrades the industry has ever witnessed. Intel Iris Xe provides better performance than its predecessor GPU, Intel UHD 620.

Intel’s UHD 620 graphics couldn’t keep up with the advancement in PC games – it would only play old games effectively, and newer titles would barely launch. Framework machines that run Intel’s UHD 620 graphics failed to deliver high PC gaming without interference, making it unsuitable for professional gamers.

The Intel Xe graphics tells a different story. Framework laptops running on 11th Gen Intel Core processors and Intel’s Xe GPU can run more powerful games, such as Civilization VI, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Final Fantasy XIV at 30 fps and 1080p resolution.

The graphics card can also play Microsoft Flight Simulator at 720p resolution under low-detail settings. Some games you can play at 60 fps and 1080p resolution under high-to-medium detail settings include:

  • Legends of Legends
  • Rocket League, and
  • Counter-Strike

The small size of Frameworks laptops render them highly portable for gaming on the go. The laptops are suitable for playing less demanding games.

Intel Xe Graphics Drivers

The Framework Laptop GPU – A Quick Guide - Intel Xe Graphics Drivers

Just like Intel’s integrated graphics hardware, the software has come a long way. Although NVIDIA and AMD graphics drivers offer better features and compatibility than Intel’s drivers, the latter’s most recent versions deliver better performance than predecessor GPUs.

However, Intel drivers still experience intermittent system crashes and hangs when playing certain games. The driver issues that occur within Vulkan or DirectX 12 graphics modes (DirectX 11 offers more stability) affect games, such as:

  • Doom Eternal
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and
  • Red Dead Redemption 2

Despite the issues with Intel graphics, the company updates its drivers quickly whenever issues emerge. It also develops day-one drivers for specific high-profile gaming titles to guarantee top performance. Intel Xe graphics, unlike Intel UHD graphics, rarely experience graphics hard lock or bug issues.

Apart from supporting demanding 3D games, the latest Intel drivers are compatible with Windows 11. With regular driver updates and rare issues, Framework laptop GPU quickly addresses common issues with popular games.

The Future of Framework Laptop GPU – Intel Xe Graphics

Intel continues to improve its discrete and integrated graphics. Although its high-end discrete graphics are yet to meet more demanding user expectations, it continues to advance. Various internal changes are expected to position the company to deliver better graphics solutions.

The track record of Intel’s 11th Gen laptop processors and graphics indicate that the company will continue to improve its solutions. Regular Intel Xe laptop driver updates are expected into the future for consistent performance and prolonged use of your Framework laptop.


The Framework Laptop GPU uses Intel’s Iris Xe graphics to deliver better gaming performance. Unlike its predecessor, UHD 620 graphics, Xe graphics support more demanding games and deliver better graphics.

The laptop supports upgradeability and customization based on user requirements and budget. Moreover, the machine is future-proof for prolonged use in the future.


Does Framework Laptop Have a GPU?

Yes. Framework laptops feature Intel Core Iris Xe graphics for advanced gaming performance. It allows customization for better performance.

Does the Framework Laptop Support External GPU?

Yes. The Framework laptop supports AMD or NVIDIA graphics solutions for better gaming performance if you’re into professional playing.

What Graphics Card Does Framework Have?

Framework laptops use Intel’s GPUS, such as the most recent Iris Xe graphics solution.

What Graphics Does the Framework Laptop Use?

The Framework laptop uses Intel’s Iris Xe graphics to deliver more detailed graphics and enhanced gaming performance.

Are Framework Laptops Good for Gaming?

Yes. You can use your Framework laptop for gaming, however, you need an external graphics card to play more demanding 3D games without interruptions.

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