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God Fall on PC (3440×1440) (Everything you need to know!)

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God Fall Developed by Counterplay and published by Gearbox, Godfall on PC s an action role-playing game that debuted at the PlayStation 5 along with games like Spiderman: Miles Morales and Returnal.

Godfall sees you play as Orion, a fallen King betrayed by his brother Macros, who is determined to ascend and become a God, even if it comes at the cost of Alerion, their world.

You traverse the map in a special armor called Valorplate that imbues you with the power of a God and allows you to fight your way to Marcos. There’s loot to collect, level to grind through, and an assortment of weapons, enemy types, environments, and Bosses.

Godfall is an excellent Loot-Slasher if you have a few hours to kill.

With the game now available on PC through the Epic store for nearly a tenth of the original price, it’s never been a better time to play Godfall on your Epic 3440 x 1440p monitor.

Will GodFall work on my 34440 x1440p Monitor?

GodFall is all about the combat and visuals, and Developer Counterplay goes to great lengths to crank up those features on both the PC and PS5.

God Fall on PC accommodates a variety of monitor resolutions, including 3440x 1440p. In addition, the broader horizontal view contributes to the immersion, allowing you to enjoy a dynamic view during your entire playthrough.

With raytracing technology, lavish details, and almost obsessive polish, you’re in for your most immersive gameplay experience. With a PS5 or Wireless Xbox controller, weapons and attacks get a visceral and grounded feel that elevates your experience.

What are the recommended specifications for God Fall on PC?

An excellent 3440 x 1440pmonitor is only half what you need to play Godfall; you also need a powerful PC. A Twitter post released in November 2020 spelled by Godfall’s official Twitter account spelled out the minimum and recommended specifications for playing the new Looter-Slasher.

Gamers need a Windows 10 operating system, AMD 5 1600 or an Intel i5-6600 processor, 12 GB of RAM, and either an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB graphics card or an AMD Radeon RX580 with 8GB of VRAM. The specifications truly befit a game with a Next generation title. With features like dynamic map loading and its visual fidelity, 12GB of RAM and a GTX 1060 don’t seem unreasonable.

However, you might have to lower your native resolution to enjoy the God Fall on PC game at decent frame rates on your 3440x 1440p monitor.

For seamless gameplay, Godfall asks for a Windows 10, an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 or Intel 17-87000 processor, 16GB of RAM, a Radeon RX 5700 XT (8GB), or an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (11GB)

With those specifications, you can choose which resolution suits you best and enjoy Godfall as intended.

Everything is coming to Godfall in 2022

After playing through the first 10 hours or so of the campaign on your 3440 x 1440p monitor, a lot of DLC and end-game content is waiting for you.

1) Fire and Darkness DLC

God Fall on PC (3440x1440)—Everything you need to know - Fire and Darkness

August 10, 2022, saw the release of the much-awaited Fire realm, a portion of the game gamers speculated was cut to meet the hasty release schedule of the PS5. Like the Earth, Water, and Air realms, the Fire realm introduces tons of new weapons, Valorplates, enemies, and an exciting new story that ties neatly with the already established game story so far.

Officially, the DLC is called Fire and Darkness, and you once again gear up in your battle plate, but you don’t play as Orion. Instead, you’re Remnant fighting to push back the darkness and stop a cataclysm that threatens to destroy the realm.

 There are 5 new bosses, 12 different missions, and 4 new story missions. The DLC also brings a lot of unique content, collectibles, and flavor to the end-game portion of the game.

  • You can now collect Fire realm Dreamstones.
  • Purchasing the Fire Realm also unlocks the Lightbringer Update, which gives you access to boss rushes and much more.
  •  Bosses and enemies from the Fire realm also appear in the Ascended Tower of Trial.

2) Lightbringer Update

God Fall on PC (3440x1440)—Everything you need to know - Lightbringer Update

The Lightbringer update is a free patch available to all players who purchased the game. It introduces an assortment of new mechanics, quality of life features, new items, and Valorplate skins.

There are now 40 more lootable weapons, items, and equipment with unique perks that allow players to experiment and try new and exciting builds. For players who love a good challenge, Cursed items are also available. They apply some debuff that limits the player and makes their run even more treacherous, but they grant a massive bonus when the criteria for lifting the curse have been met. After collecting all of the cursed items and cleansing yourself, the player is rewarded with an Awakened item, arguably the most powerful item in the game.

3) Improved Matchmaking

Although most players Solo Godfall, it was designed from the ground up for Co-op. The Matchmaking update now allows parties to attempt the Ascended Tower Trials, which is the most rewarding stretch of the game. They also integrated a new Ping system, allowing for easier communication and jolly cooperation.

4) Ascended Tower Updates

  • New quality of life changes has been made to the Ascended Tower to encourage players to play it more.
  • They’ve doubled the chances of Primal Items dropping during one of your runs.
  • A new stronger type of Bane has been introduced that rewards players accordingly. The stronger the effect is, the higher the loot bonus.
  • The ascended Tower now spawns more challenging Ascendants and Exalted versions of Realm Bosses on the highest level of the Tower.

5) Revamped Status system and various quality of life enhancements

The status and ailment system in the game has been revamped, addressing one of the players’ biggest complaints about the game. Now, the statuses do a DOT and offer other interesting benefits.

Animation bugs, weapons scaling, and other concerns have also been addressed in the most recent patch of the game. Godfall has looked and felt as good to play.


God Fall on PC is an incredible Next-Gen game that every Looter-Slasher lover should try at least once. With fresh updates, a DLC, and massive system overhauls, the game is poised to be one of the most exciting projects of this generation. The game feels even better on your wide-screen 3440x 1440p monitor.

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