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Leaked CAD renders of Google Pixel 4a confirm the complete design and dimensions

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Google Pixel 4a just black

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The Google Pixel 4a has been leaked a few times already, but we were able to get some more details thanks to our collaboration with David from xleaks7. Complete renders of the device through leaked CAD drawings show what the phone will look like, its measurements, cameras and more. The phone is expected to come to market soon, so we expect these specs to stick.

Google Pixel 4a design

Google Pixe 4a - all sides

Like the Pixel 3a last year, the 4a should be a slightly lesser version of the Pixel 4 in terms of design. Google will use polycarbonate materials to make the phone, but retain the central design philosophy. 

Based on the renders, the phone seems to have a punch hole front camera on the top left of the screen. The screen itself covers the rest of the front, which is a major change from the Pixel designs Google has used so far. The phone has a 5.83 inch display and it is approximately 144.18mm tall, 69.46mm wide and 8.2mm thick. If you count the camera bump on the back, the thickness goes up to 9.13mm. The camera base itself is 19.4 by 19.4 by 0.93mm.

Google Pixe 4a - perspective

Google Pixel 4a release date and price

The phone is expected to be launched on May 22 and should be priced around the $399 mark. The Pixel 3a was priced at this range last year, so it’s likely that Google will continue with the same pricing. It makes even more sense now as Apple has launched the iPhone SE at a similar pricing. The Pixel 4a, of course, is a direct competitor to that phone.

Google Pixel 4a specifications

• Display: 5.83 inch OLED HD+

• Rear Camera: 12.2MP 

• Front Camera: 8MP

• Battery: 3080 mAh

• Platform: Snapdragon 730

• Storage: 64GB, 128GB

• RAM: 4GB

Based on specs leaks earlier, the phone is expected to have an 8MP camera on the front and a single 12.2MP camera on its back, alongside a flash module. The phone should run on the Snapdragon 730 chipset from Qualcomm with a 3080 mAh battery to power it. It will run on Android 10 out of the box and should be sold in 64GB and 128GB variants. Both variants will have 4GB of RAM.

Google Pixel 4a - front and back
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