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Exclusive: Google Pixel 5 design has just leaked

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Google Pixel 5

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Even as rumors of the Pixel 4a have been peaking, Google’s next generation Pixel phone has been leaked. We got some CAD renders of the Pixel 5, thanks to our association with David from @xleaks7. The device is expected to be launched in the next few months, and like most Pixel phones, the camera should be in focus.

Google Pixel 5 Dimensions

The Pixel 5 is the smaller and more compact of Google’s flagship phones, so the dimensions fit the bill here. The Pixel 5 will be approximately 144.6mm long, 70.4mm wide and 8mm thick. The thickness will come up to 9.5mm if you include the camera bump on the back. That makes the Pixel 5 similar in terms of dimensions to the iPhone XS and slightly smaller than the iPhone 11.

Google Pixel 5 - back

Google Pixel 5 Design

The design looks very similar to Google Pixel 4 and cancelled Google Pixel 4a XL which was leaked by us earlier. Google has shown a reluctance to change its design and it doesn’t need to either, because consumers seem to like it too. The new design has pretty thick and symmetrical black bezels on the front and rounded edges, similar to previous models.

The fingerprint sensor is on the back and it has a square-ish module that fits the cameras. You can see the USB Type-C port on the bottom of the phone, with the peculiar Pixel speaker grilles that look like cutouts.

The sides and back of the phone might have different materials, according to the CADs. Like the Pixel 4, the Pixel 5 will probably have aluminum sides and a glass back too. We will be updating this as more details emerge.

No headphone jack was displayed in CADs.

Google Pixel 5 - sides

Google Pixel 5 Specs

Earlier leaks and rumours have said that the Pixel 5 will run on a Snapdragon 765 chipset from Qualcomm. The device is supposed to have a 5.78 inch (based on our calculations) OLED display and QHD resolution.

Google is still working on the cameras, so we can’t confirm what they will be yet. The phone will likely have two cameras on the back, along with the flash module and a punchhole camera on the front.

Cameras have always been a strong side of Google Pixel phones so we might see some innovations in this year’s Google flagships.

Google Pixel 5 Release Date

Google usually launches the Pixel smartphones between August and October, so we expect similar timelines this year too. A September launch has been hinted at a few times, meaning that the iPhone 12 and this year’s other iPhones will arrive before the Pixel 5. However, considering delays caused by COVID-19, it’s likely that Google Pixel 5 will be launched in early / mid October.

Google Pixel 5 - front and back
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