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How are Laptops Related to Business Tools (Explained)

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Laptops are portable computers that perform the same functions as desktop computers but take up less space. Laptops have grown in popularity in recent years due to their small size.

With the rise in popularity of laptop computers, many companies began realizing the importance of business laptops to help improve business operations.

The popularity of laptops can be attributed to the various extra features they provide. This article will highlight how laptops are related to business tools and examine factors to consider when looking for a laptop for business.

Why Laptops Are Important Tools for Businesses

In business, laptops are used to keep records, conduct marketing research, budgets, forecasts, and find and stay in touch with customers. Companies must examine their processes and ensure that laptops are used to their full potential.


Accounting software such as QuickBooks and other accounting applications enable businesses to create reports on the fly and keep their records up to date.

This software enables companies to send purchase orders to suppliers, invoices and delivery notes to customers, and other essential accounting tasks. When using an accounting program, office productivity generally increases.

Budgeting Forecasts

Laptops can also be used to prepare detailed budget forecasts. People with computer skills can create budgets using low-cost accounting software. For example, Microsoft Excel enables the analysis of company data. Moreover, packages such as SPSS and Statgraphics allow more in-depth statistical analysis.

Market Research and Advertising

There are numerous computer programs available that enable businesses to conduct market research, tasks, and reports simply and dynamically. Advertisements and promotional campaigns are now being distributed via social media, email, and various digital advertisements easily accessible via websites.

Furthermore, a laptop with internet access provides enormous data that businesses can use to manage a plus. Laptops enable businesses to research competitors, their products and costs, etc.


One significant advantage of laptops is they improve communication. Laptops enable accessible communication between co-workers via email and other forms of communication. These programs allow attendees to participate remotely in meetings. 

Managing Employees

Human Resources programs assist businesses in recruiting new employees and managing their performance. HR applications make it easier to track employee productivity, maintain benefit information, and communicate with employees. Many HR applications also allow HR managers to create reports that profile certain employees.

Factors To Consider When Looking for A Laptop for Business

Buying a laptop for business can be challenging because many models look similar and offer similar features. Here are factors you should look at in a laptop for business.

Operating system

Staying current is critical for seamless adaptability. If you’re looking at older or refurbished laptops, pay particular attention to the operating system. Older operating systems, such as Windows 7 and 8, are obsolete. As a result, running these OS may expose your device to malware.

Battery life

Low-budget business laptops should have an average battery life of ten hours. On the other hand, expensive laptops should last for around 13 hours of office work. Furthermore, look for a computer that can handle work efficiently.

Hard drive

Because modern programs demand a high level of performance, laptops intended for business should have a minimum of 8GB of RAM. Furthermore, there should also be sufficient memory to allow for quick data access and transfer. Because SSDs are speedier and more durable than HDDs, a device that uses one should be prioritized.


Business laptops should come with the latest processors for maximum performance and higher speeds. Generally, newer processors have higher clock speeds than previous generations, making them faster.


The build of the laptop is an essential factor to consider. The laptop build determines how effective the cooling system will be for better performance. Typically, the thinner the laptop, the smaller the fan. This can be an issue because performance slows down as the laptop warms up. 


Another thing to look out for in laptops meant for business is how strong the security is to prevent unauthorized access. Unauthorized access to sensitive data and information can be disastrous for businesses. 

Whenever this device gets lost, such sensitive info can fall into the hands of the wrong people. Business laptops should typically include extra security features to keep data safe even if the laptop falls into the wrong hands.


Laptops are essential for business operations. As a result, updating equipment, software, and hardware regularly are critical for any business. 

Obsolete computers can lead to problems like frequent crashes and decreased worker productivity. The computing power needed for business programs grows as technology advances. These new programs frequently perform poorly on outdated hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are business laptops good for developers?

Yes, they are. However, it depends on the type of development you’re undertaking. You probably don’t need such high specifications if you only use the web. 

However, if you do more intense programming, you’ll need a laptop with higher specs. Most business laptops can be improved somehow, but some cannot. We recommend going with one that allows you to upgrade the storage and RAM if necessary.

What is the average price of a business laptop?

Business laptop prices range from $500 to $2,000, depending on the laptop specifications. Business laptops are typically more expensive than consumer laptops. Moreover, for the additional cost, you will receive a top-quality product with extra components that will last you for some time.

Should I buy a used or a refurbished business laptop?

When choosing between used and refurbished laptops, refurbished laptops are generally the better option because most refurbished laptop sellers offer warranties and return policies.

If you decide to go refurbished, you must consider the grade of the refurbished laptops, as this will provide information about the physical condition of the laptop. Avoid buying from sellers who do not provide information about the physical condition of refurbished laptops.

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