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How Are Laptops Utilized for Communication? (Explained For Beginners)

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Communication has always been essential from the very beginning of time. The rapid growth and revolution communication-wise has skyrocketed over the years. It has led to genius inventions such as mobile phones, telephones, computers, laptops, etc. All these are gadgets that act as a medium of communication.

In this publication, we are going to focus on laptops. We will find the perfect answer to; how are laptops utilized for communication?

Why Are Laptops Essential In The First Place?

Laptops are just portable computers. However, they are advanced in design, flexible, easy to use, and reliable. Laptops have revolutionized the current computer generation and have become one of the most used forms of communication. This fact places laptops at the top positions/levels of most essential gadgets for communication. 

Wondering why and how? Well, keep reading below!

What Are Some Ways To Utilize a Laptop For Communication?

Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP) Calling.

Through the use of laptops to execute Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VOIP) calls, the need for landlines has been done away with. No need for telephones to make calls either. VOIP has made communication with very distant people possible. It comes fast, cheaper, and more effective. It is such a significant improvement in communication.

Some software has been specifically built to run Voice-Over-Internet- Protocol calls. You can apply VOIP at a personal level and a business level. One fantastic advantage of using VOIP is it is cost-saving. Check out some VOIP providers;

  • Dialpad.
  • 8×8.
  • Fresh Desk Contact Center.
  • Google Voice.
  • Vonage.
  • Grasshopper.
  • Nextiva.
  • Mitel.
  • Ooma Office.

Google Voice, Mitel, and Ooma are the only providers that do not allow calling toll-free numbers. In addition to that, Google Voice and Fresh Desk Contact Center are free to use. The rest come to a charge.

Video Chatting.

Video chatting blends together VOIP technology and Short Messaging Service (SMS). When video calling, one can communicate with someone else from a distant place and see them in a very instant time. The good news is that you are not limited to video chatting with one individual. 

Advancements in this mode of communication have made it possible to chat with multiple people. Also known as videoconferencing. Unfortunately, video chatting and Voice-over-Internet Protocol are only limited to the internet connection.


Emailing is another means that answers how laptops are utilized for communication. You can choose to use email either for personal or business purposes. It is one of the pioneers and early forms of communication in computers. Emailing works pretty simply. 

All one has to do is open the emailing service provider of any kind. Currently, the market is full of email service providers. Below is a list with each having its best pros;

  • Outlook- Suitable and compatible with app integration.
  • Gmail- Offers everything under its umbrella, making it the most suitable provider overall.
  • HubSpot- Suitable for marketing purposes.
  • A Weber- Perfect for digital marketing and any other kind of business.
  • Yahoo! Mail- Works magic when you need to block spam emails. 
  • Zoho Mail- Best when applied to in-home businesses.
  • GMV

Once you have selected a provider of your own, head forward and type a message in the editor’s box. Proceed and type in the receiver address and hit send. A notification pops on the other side within a flash, and it is done. Emailing is very fast and effective. 

Social Networking.

Social networking has taken over the globe at lightning speed. Involves networking socially through platforms where people make new friends and chat and probably meet. Members of the various social media platforms interact in groups and private Direct Message chatting. 

Sharing content and files is also possible. You first have to create an account, sign in, and create a profile to get started. After that, you can head over and begin sending friend requests, followings, and accepting requests. Some common social media platforms include; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, My Space, and many more.


A forum is a website created to allow for discussions on various given topics. It works by members posting questions while the rest respond with answers and clarifications. A moderator/ admin is responsible for monitoring and controlling all activities within the forum. The primary purpose of forums is to provide help, answers, and solutions to its members.

Benefits Of Utilizing Laptop For Communication.


Speed is the number one reason communication via a laptop is highly recommended. When connected to a fast internet speed; sending files, video calling, emailing and other forms of communication happen within a snap. Speed matters a lot and is vital, especially in emergency events, for instance.

It Beats Distance Barrier.

Communicating while using s laptop cannot be affected by distance. You can reach out to people far beyond the horizon in a split second. Unlike other mediums of communication, distance does not affect anything. All you got to have is a stable and fast internet connection, and you are done.

Low Cost.

While using a laptop for communication, you are likely to spend less than other methods. Landlines and telephones, for instance, used to be very expensive to use. Nowadays, communication Is accessible on many platforms and way less in terms of cost on other platforms.

Large Scale Communication.

Communication makes two parties converse and can reach a vast magnitude all at once. You can communicate to an unlimited number of persons at a go. Isn’t that amazing! Social media communication through Tweets via Twitter is one way of conveying information to huge numbers.


How Do I Utilize Laptop For Communication In A Business?

Besides using a laptop for personal use and communication, you can also use it for business. Yes, there are various ways to use a laptop for Business communication. For instance, you can use it for communication with customers in need of quotes. On top of that, you can use a laptop to connect virtually with customers who need help and follow up on their orders. You can also set up Business emails that you can use to send internal and external business-related mails.

Utilizing laptop communication in a business builds trust among customers through interaction. Business emails have been proved to enhance business efficiency and bring growth and stability within.

How Can I Utilize Laptop For Communication As A Student?

A student needs a laptop for studying and executing academic tasks. At the same time, Laptops can get used for communication. To begin with, students can use a laptop to access forums which are groups and websites meant to discuss academic stuff. Social media is another platform with tons of academic content and groups/forums that result from discussions among other students.


Have you been having a rough time asking yourself how laptops are utilized for communication? Well, the content above just got you covered. A laptop plays a crucial role in running and executing programs and can also act as a medium of communication. So, if you are planning on purchasing one or have already secured one, then apply the ways above and get yourself out of that limbo.

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