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How Do Laptops Get the Internet (5 Easy Ways to Go Online)

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What will we do without the internet? Technological advancements have allowed better internet connectivity on devices, and laptops are no exception.  

Laptops can get internet via different methods such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet cables, Internet service providers, etc. We’ll break down how your laptop can get internet below, so you can enjoy the benefits the vast internet provides. Let’s begin!

Five Ways to Get Internet on a Laptop

There are several methods for connecting your laptop to the internet. We’ll list five of the best ways below. Make your pick depending on your budget and your laptop’s features.


Wi-Fi is a modern method of wirelessly connecting devices. WIFI allows you to share files between WIFI-enabled devices. Because there is no cabling involved, it is quick and efficient. Moreover, you must have a WIFI network to connect your laptop to the Internet via WIFI. 

Furthermore, routers can connect to a Wi-Fi network. Routers are compatible with Wi-Fi and Ethernet cables. If you cannot afford a router or do not have access to a WIFI network, you can create a WIFI network with your smartphone by setting up a WIFI hotspot. Then, connect your laptop to your phone’s hotspot to access the internet.  

Routers and Ethernet cables

Ethernet cables are long, multicolored cables used to connect laptops to the internet. They are also used for sharing internet access between computers.

Furthermore, ethernet cables are used to connect internet routers. Routers are devices designed to connect computers to the internet and have Ethernet ports used to connect Ethernet cables to computers. 

To connect your laptop to the internet using a router, connect an Ethernet cable from the router to your laptop’s Ethernet port, which is usually located at the side of your laptop.


Modems are small devices that connect to a computer’s port to allow it to access the internet. There are several models, but they all perform the same function. Using a modem is straightforward. All you need to do is put a SIM card into the modem. The modem can be opened by sliding the lid backward.

First, insert the SIM card into the modem before connecting it to your computer via the USB port. If you are connecting for the first time, you’ll need to install the modem. The installers are typically available within the modem, and the installation can be completed quickly.

After purchasing internet bundles on your SIM card, all you have to do is plug in the modem and begin browsing the internet. Furthermore, modems come with specific carriers depending on your country’s mobile providers. However, universal modems are now available that can be used with any SIM card, irrespective of the service provider.

Internet Service Providers

This is another viable option to connect to the internet. Typically, this service is available depending on the bandwidth and internet bundle you apply for. You can obtain these rates from your specific internet service provider (ISP).

Typically, fiber optic companies provide internet to their customers based on their location and the areas in which the ISP’s services are available. It is usually inexpensive and dependable, but it is limited in accessibility because some places can’t access these services.

Furthermore, you will be charged based on the bandwidth, subscription, and internet speed you have requested. This way, you can access the internet at home and connect your laptop to the internet. Furthermore, you can connect as many devices as you want with this method, and it is the best way to run a cyber business.

USB tethering

You can connect your laptops to the internet using USB tethering on your smartphone. USB tethering is a smartphone feature that allows sharing your smartphone’s internet connection with your laptop.

To connect your laptop using this method, you’ll need a USB cable, a laptop, and your smartphone. Moreover, this method is ideal for laptops that do not support WIFI. Connect the USB data cable from your smartphone to your laptop. First, navigate to your smartphone’s settings, select tethering and hotspot, and USB tethering on your smartphone. Then, toggle the switch to enable it.

If connected, your laptop should be able to access the internet. Remember, check that your phone has an internet bundle if you can’t browse on your laptop. This method works quite well, and one disadvantage is that it only works on one laptop and cannot be used on multiple devices.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution to “How Laptops get Internet” Some people will look for a way to connect to the internet without purchasing new devices (like routers and modems), while others will use their smartphones. Summarily, there are different ways to connect to the internet, so choose the method that best suits you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Internet Device Is Best For My Laptop?

Depending on your needs, this could be a USB or satellite modem, a Wi-Fi device, or a mobile hotspot for your laptop. Each option has advantages and disadvantages and will only work well for certain tasks, so don’t jump in without first knowing what you’re looking for.

Can I use only a USB Modem to access the internet?

So far as your modem has the requirements to connect to the internet, you can. Unlimited wireless internet does not appear anywhere; you must have a SIM card or a device that supports eSIM technology. Then, you’ll need a data plan to get started.

Is it possible to set up the internet on a USB modem without a laptop?

Not really. As with most modern devices, the modem needs to get configured first, and you’ll need a laptop for this. Moreover, a modem is a self-contained device that can function entirely on its own as long as it has a power source which could be a cable plugged into a USB port or a built-in battery. Some models with few to no settings may work right out of the box, whereas more sophisticated models may require a one-time setup before you’re ready to go.

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