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How Does a Laptop Make Life Easier? (5 Examples)

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The laptop is one of the most widely used electronic devices today. It comes in different prices, brands, specifications, purposes, and special applications. By 2023, laptop sales are expected to rise to 171 million annually, which tells of its growing adoption.  

But how are laptop computers making lives easier? A laptop can make students’ academic activities easier to manage, help professionals turn anywhere into a workspace, and is one of the most versatile technologies for entertainment. 

This article will see how a laptop computer is being used for human benefit. 

5 ways the laptop is changing our lives 

1. The laptop and the virtual office

With email, Twitter, Wikipedia, project management tools, Facebook, and Co., the laptop computer has become indispensable in the modern world. It helps in communication, streaming, access to information, and much more.  

In addition to the smartphone and tablet, it is our personal gateway to the digital and virtual world. But not only that, it has fundamentally changed the way we work as many companies rely on the concept of the virtual office. 

Employees today have a ton of online tools they can use to be productive and not be constrained by where they are. No wonder remote work is expected to take 25% of the entire jobs in the employment market. With a laptop, employees and business owners can work from anywhere, interact with colleagues and professionals, and share ideas faster than office bureaucracy allows. 

2. The most suitable computer in the professional environment

The size, lightweight, ease of transport, space-saving dimensions, low power consumption, and laptop computer specifications make it the best choice in many professional environments. For example, with a laptop computer, professionals on the job don’t have to worry about their computers going off following an outage and while in the middle of unsaved work. In addition, with a laptop computer, you can have an excellent run-time of four to 17 hours!

A laptop can contain all the data for your work activities, and you can have access to it no matter where you are. In addition, you can transform your computer into a tablet, for example, for presentations to customers, geolocations, or any other manipulation requiring freedom of movement. Thus, you can also easily take notes and make oral presentations and projections during conferences and business meetings. 

3. The laptop in education

There are probably more laptops in the hands of students than can be found anywhere else. A research study found that 88% of college students use laptops. 

Most things affecting students in their academic careers are done online, and the best tool to access such resources is the laptop. It is compact and easy to carry, and it has numerous options for sharing and receiving academic files and resources. 

The laptop is also an ideal computer used by professors and teachers for teaching at universities and technical colleges. Moreover, many modern schools are also increasingly using laptops as a substitute for textbooks and the like. 

Tasks, creating and editing texts, and interactive learning are all better done on a laptop because it is equipped with a full keyboard and has many additional functions.

4. The ideal PC for on-the-go use 

As they are often ultraportable, you certainly can’t get bored on your air travels with a laptop. This light and compact PC will be your ally if you have to work during the entire plane journey to prepare, for example, an activity that you must carry out once at your destination. With this, you can view your multimedia content and therefore entertain yourself from the comfort of your seat.

5. A utility for video game lovers

The rise in digital entertainment comes with the need for hardware devices that can run them. Laptops for video games have surfaced recently and are widely used by young users. Given the power that video games need to run on computers, it was complex for manufacturers to develop small machines that could hold up. Today, the bet seems to have been won with the appearance of gamer-type ultraportable computers in the dorm of laptops.

We are talking in particular of the Razer Blade 14 and Asus Rog models, to name but a few. These computers have powerful graphics cards and high-performance processors. However, to enjoy your gaming experience, you should opt for laptops with FHD screens and ensure that they are at least 15 inches in size.

Advantages of working with a laptop

It takes up less space

A laptop is a tool that, depending on the model, can be as powerful as a fixed desktop computer. However, the laptop has a valuable advantage over the desktop computer: it takes less space. The size and weight of a laptop computer depending on the screen size (11, 13, 15, 17, 19 inches). Therefore, it will always remain smaller than a desktop computer. 

Allows you to be able to work everywhere

Portability is the laptop’s most significant advantage. For professionals, it is possible to work anywhere thanks to the computer. The only condition is to have an internet connection to surf the web. 

Helps save energy to work in a more ecological and economical way

Unlike a stationary desktop computer, the computer can be used for several hours without being plugged into an electrical outlet when the battery is well-charged. This helps save energy: an ecological and economic advantage. It is, therefore, possible to use the computer for a whole day without having to plug it into an electrical outlet. 

An elegant and aesthetic computer

The small size and compact appearance of the laptop also give it an aesthetic quality. The aesthetic appearance is also an important criterion for users.

Modern laptops all have elegance and finesse. Laptop manufacturers are thus doubling their imagination and efforts to offer users more ergonomic, light, and thin ultraportable laptops such as the MacBook Air, the Dell XPS 13, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, and the Lenovo Yoga 720. 


A laptop gives students the freedom and flexibility needed for academic assignments. For professionals, it’s an all-in-one monitor and console for gamers. Finally, they’re portable, take up less space, and save energy.

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