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How is a Laptop Refurbished? And is it any good?

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Refurbished laptops are used computers sent back by users due to technical malfunctions or aesthetic imperfections. Instead of discarding them, the manufacturing companies then decide to repair them and put them back on the market as new. Before putting them on sale, the refurbished devices undergo all the necessary tests, and if any component is bad, it is replaced.

This article will show how laptops are refurbished and put back on the market and whether they’re better than used laptops or are as good as the new ones. 

The refurbishment process

Now that it is clear what is meant by refurbished products, here are the various processes to which the devices are subjected:

1. The degree of wear/damage is identified

The laptop’s external components will undergo verification once it returns to the manufacturer or the refurbisher. Then it will receive a degree of wear using a sort of grade. It starts from A +, A, B, C, or spare parts, just like the energy rating in electronics. 

2. Old data is permanently deleted

The data inside the computer is permanently deleted according to the law.

3. Hardware and software testing

Tests are done regarding the hardware and software, for example, the keyboard, the USB ports, the CD player, and the check on any burnt pixels on the display. 

4. Possible replacement of components that are damaged or defective

Based on the reason for the laptop’s return, the checks on the components and software installations, the laptop is repaired, and the components are replaced. 

5. The laptop undergoes a series of tests

After the repair and replacement of the computer, further tests to rule out the presence of defects are carried out. This may seem unbelievable, but refurbished laptops undergo more tests than new ones. 

6. Laptop is sanitized, guaranteed, and resold

Once the reliability tests have been passed, the laptops are cleaned and sanitized. Then, the PCs are put back on sale with a minimum warranty of 1 year. Some models from Dell, for example, come with a 100-day warranty. 

Why should I buy a refurbished laptop? Is it worth it?

It is worthwhile for more than one reason:

They are quite cheaper

Who wouldn’t like to save money by being sure to buy a PC with the price of a used one and the performance of a new one? With a refurbished laptop, you save up to 79% compared to the cost of the same new product. It’s not just better for the environment; it is perfect for your wallet. 

You most likely don’t need one of the latest computers on the market

A new PC doesn’t mean you need the fastest and most advanced system. Not everyone needs the speed or power of top-of-the-line computers. If what you’re doing on your computer is sending emails and surfing the web, you don’t need a lot of power.

They sell computers with an Intel i7 processor, 16 gigabytes of RAM, and SSD memory for more than $1000. If you’re using one of those to browse the web, watch videos, use the programs of the Office package and send mail is like launching a thermonuclear device on the fly.

You don’t need a very powerful computer to perform simple tasks. For example, video makers may not be satisfied purchasing a refurbished computer. Still, professionals such as accountants, data analysts, and new web workers are users who will be fully satisfied with the performance of a refurbished and fully functional computer.

Operating system licenses are included with refurbished products

Windows XP, for example, is no longer supported by Microsoft, and many companies have had to update the operating system of their computers. They have had to buy licenses for Windows 7, 8 or 10. 

But instead of paying for the operating system only, some have preferred to invest strategically for a completely new system that comes with the current operating system. By purchasing refurbished devices, you will have the most up-to-date and licensed operating system installed on your device.

It is an eco-sustainable choice that helps the planet

Even though newer computers use less energy to run, much more energy (and raw materials) are required to build a new one. Furthermore, refurbishing a computer and its components prevents them from ending up in landfills polluting the place due to the dangerous materials. 

In addition, there are precious and rare metals inside computers that can be reused. Some studies show that it is possible to save up to 60% of the CO2 emissions of a new product with a refurbished product.

Our choice of top 3 refurbished laptops you can get today

Best convertible laptop: HP Spectre X360
Best notebook: Dell XPS 13 9310
Best for multitasking: Microsoft Surface 4

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 13.5” Touch-Screen – Intel Core i7 - 16GB - 512GB Solid State Drive (Latest Model) - Matte Black

Frequently asked questions

What does grade A refurbished mean?

Grade A refurbished products are as good as brand-new models, and they come in excellent condition. However, they may have minor scratches, if not almost invisible, and cosmetic damage that does not compromise the operation of the device in any way.

How good is a refurbished laptop?

A refurbished laptop is as good as a brand-new laptop. Before being sold, a refurbished laptop is subjected to rigorous tests to ensure the end-user gets a device that is 100% functioning and equal to new in terms of performance. 

Components that fail the tests are replaced, and the device is re-tested. Additionally, most laptops subjected to the refurbishing process have been used for short periods. So even on an aesthetic level, there will be no significant defects.

How long does a refurbished computer last?

f you purchase a refurbished laptop from brands like Dell or HP, expect the computer to work without a problem for up to 5 years. Despite having, on average, three years of life, refurbished PCs are often equipped with an original operating system and a 1-year warranty that can be extended to 2 or 3.


The refurbishing process involves verifying external components, hardware, and software testing, possible replacement or repair of damaged or defective parts, further tests to guarantee the absence of defects not previously found, and sanitation of the product, accessories, and box. Considering the price they’re sold for, the tests carried out, and the ecological benefits, refurbished laptops are worth a try. 

Pigtou.com is supported by its audience. When you buy through the links on our website, we may earn a small commission.
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