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How is Life Digital Laptop (Complete Guide!)

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Life Digital laptops are among the numerous laptop options buyers can choose from when shopping for a personal computer (PC). They are products of a privately-held Florida-based company named I-Life Digital which was established in 2012 and is backed by a few affluent multinational investors.

Laptops of the I-Life Digital brand are part of the ZED series – the popular appellation with which the manufacturer promotes its products among laptop buyers. And these laptops come in different models, including sleek, ultra-slim laptops and appealing detachable ones, invariably leaving every buyer with a huge decision to make when in the market for a life digital laptop.

Suppose you are battling indecision concerning buying a life digital laptop. In that case, this is your complete guide to gaining insights into the pros and cons of laptop computers manufactured by I-Life Digital and, after that, go on to make an informed decision regarding your purchase.

Are Life Digital Laptops Good?

It is okay to wonder if life digital laptops are good and worthy of purchase. However, asking the question above, which admittedly is important, is tantamount to asking if all HP or Lenovo laptops are good and worthy of every dollar spent on them. Certainly not. But there are several very good products from the aforementioned popular laptop brands. The same applies to PCs produced by I-Life Digital.

Most Life Digital laptops are suitable devices from a target-specific PC-maker, I-Life Digital. Still, some of their products are on the opposite end of the spectrum (i.e., with more cons than pros), evidenced by reviews from verified buyers. 

Nevertheless, casting a holistic view at the life digital laptops in general, there is no gainsaying they are devices with several pros that makes them good buys for their manufacturer’s target market of entry-level buyers.

Having said the above, it is important to equally mention that though, according to the Global Director for Sales and Marketing of I-Life Digital, life digital laptops are made for people who have never bought a laptop, buyers who do not fall under the entry-level buyers’ category will equally find ZED series laptops worthy of purchase if the pros discussed below capture their interest, and most importantly, suit their needs.

Pros Of Buying Life Digital Laptops:


Life Digital laptops are devices with price tags that qualify them as budget laptops. For some of the hard and software they parade, the prices are undeniably low compared to other brands. Low prices, the producing company confirms through their Global Director for Sales and Marketing of I-Life Digital, is a strategy to beat the fierce competition in the laptop market. 

And this makes life digital laptops a huge bargain for any buyer who wants decent specifications on their laptop yet cannot part with many hundreds of dollars to get them. A life digital laptop with Core i3, 2Gb Ram, and 64Gb ROM typically costs between $250 – $300, while a laptop computer of similar specifications but HP brand costs between $350 – $400. This is concrete evidence that life digital laptops are no doubt budget laptops. 

Screen Resolution

Most life digital laptops are fitted with full HD (1920×1080 pixels) screen resolution, which guarantees a life digital laptop owner quality screen time while performing tasks, such as seeing a movie, that is much more pleasurable to execute with high screen resolutions. 

Reviews from verified users of life digital laptops invariably point to the fact that life digital laptops can be trusted to deliver a good experience in the aspect of screen resolution. For laptops that leave the market many tens of dollars less than their contemporaries’ products of similar specifications, a good screen resolution makes life digital laptops a huge bargain.


A consistent feature of life digital laptops is that they are easy to move around. Life digital laptops are built majorly to be ultra-slim or detachable to facilitate ease in translocation. And this quality, to many buyers, is a significant positive quality in a laptop. 

No one desires to move around with laptops whose weight engenders ominous back aches. Convenience influences choices significantly nowadays.

Good Battery Life

Life digital laptops boast a battery whose quality is not up for debate. I-Life Digital, the company producing life digital laptops, deliberately decided to make good battery life one of the selling points of laptop computers in the global market to their target audience. 

This is why most life digital laptops can guarantee their user 6-10 hours of continuous usage after a full charge. Other brands would not give a guarantee half as much time.

Smooth Performance

Life digital laptops typically run seamlessly without hiccups when they are employed to perform basic computer tasks such as internet surfing, movie watching, and what have you. This means individuals who would diligently commit to using life digital laptops for functions it is built to perform seamlessly would be delighted to own an I-Life-manufactured laptop.

In the same vein, life digital laptops are good options for students because they will execute most studying-related laptop functions without debilitating demands on the laptop’s hardware. Life digital laptops typically slow down when an attempt to run multiple programs is triggered.

Before going ahead to discuss the cons briefly, a benefit I would not forget to mention is that most life digital laptops are designed to permit running as high as windows 10. Settling for less would mean a life digital laptop owner is not getting the best out of his laptop. 

Cons Of Buying A Life Digital Laptop

Cons Of Buying A Life Digital Laptop:

Non-Expandable Storage 

The first significant setback accompanying life digital laptops is that they do not support introducing foreign storage devices to boost their storage capacity. Yet, their storage capacity can be insufficient to accommodate all their users who might want to keep on them.

For example, ZED Air CX5 has a storage capacity of just 256GB SSD, which is fixed. It is common knowledge that 256 GB is a storage capacity that can easily be exhausted in record time. And when this happens, the owner is left stranded without storage. 

Functional Limitations

Zed series laptops are good buys for laptop users intending to employ their laptops for basic functions only. If running multiple applications at once is one of the reasons behind entering the laptop market for a new device, then opting for a different brand of laptop is a wise decision. 

Life digital laptops are not built with processors that deliver a seamless functional experience while running space-consuming software. Admittedly, life digital laptops have performance issues. 

Design Setbacks

Two features that many life digital laptop users have complained bitterly about are the construction of the laptop with a plastic covering and the presence of an oversized touchpad. These features are design flaws that deter many from looking at the way of life digital laptops when shopping for a new device. Of a truth, they are worth giving due consideration before placing an order.

Final Thoughts

A Life Digital laptop is a good laptop. To someone who has been using laptops for a long while and is entering the laptop market in hopes of securing an upgrade, life digital laptop will definitely be seen as fraught with cons; but to students and first-time laptop users (the I-Life company’s original target market) who have no high functional demands to place on their devices, life digital laptops will come off as devices of many pros. 

Essentially, what determines how a laptop is perceived in the manner of functions its buyer intends to use it to subserve and how knowledgeable the buyer is about laptops.  

Lastly, you have asked an important question, and you’ve been provided with accurate responses. Now go ahead and use this guide to make the right decisions.

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