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How Laptops Help Students (Important Facts to Note!)

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Laptops are now a must-have for students looking to do better in school. Laptops provide students with the flexibility they require to work on assignments anytime and anywhere.

Fortunately, most laptop brands will work just fine for school work and provide a convenient academic experience for most students. Furthermore, a laptop allows you to take your work wherever you go. 

We’ll highlight more ways laptops help students and discuss things students should consider before buying a laptop for students. Come with us!

Why Students Need Laptops

So, how do laptops help students? Here are six ways a laptop can significantly help students.

Accessibility and Connectivity

Laptops help students access information from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. With technological advancements, more places now provide free Wi-Fi. As a result, connecting to the internet is now easier than ever.

Its ease of use allows students to study from wherever. Furthermore, laptops provide access to educational tools to improve students’ academic performance.

Fosters Group Collaboration

Group work is key to the success of every student. Students who learn how to work in a group can benefit and improve their academic performance in the long run. Therefore, laptops make group work easier by allowing better reachability for students and access to all necessary materials.


Laptops allow a proper breakdown of complex subjects for better understanding between students. For instance, math is usually tricky for many students because they have difficulty visualizing what has been taught. There are now programs that allow students to see relationships on their laptops and better understand concepts.

There is no doubt that abstract concepts are difficult to visualize. However, with a laptop, these concepts become less abstract.


Laptops can help students figure out a topic for their essay or thesis. These devices can help them find the most relevant and up-to-date information. Furthermore, laptops offer valuable information, which improves the performance of students. 

Boosts Overall Development

Students who master computer skills learn more quickly because they adapt to new subjects or technical things more smoothly than students who do not master computer skills.

Nowadays, with technology constantly improving and getting implemented in everything, students must master computer skills to not fall behind in this technological environment. Students familiar with using a laptop can effortlessly adapt to new technology, paving the way for their development. 

Better Note Taking

Taking notes by hand can be stressful and tedious. However, when students use laptops, they can type their assignments and save them. Note-taking on your laptop is faster and more flexible. Laptops allow students to automatically organize study materials, which they will then share with other students.

Student Laptop Buying Guide

Now that you know the importance of laptops for students. Here’s what to look for when buying a laptop for a student.

Operating System

A laptop’s operating system is something to take note of. Check with your school regarding software requirements if you’re going to college. To fully comply with future workloads, schools may require you to have a specific type of software or OS. For example, if you need a software package that only runs on a Mac, you will be unable to install it on a Windows laptop. 

Processor and RAM

Choosing the right processor can be challenging. If you plan to use the laptop mainly for schoolwork, basic games, and software, an AMD A6/AMD A8 and Intel Core i3 processor will do.

On the other hand, students who perform heavy programming or run graphics-intensive software may benefit from investing in laptops with Intel AMD A10, Intel Core i5, or Intel Core i7 processors.

Furthermore, laptops with 4GB of RAM are sufficient for a student’s daily tasks, such as surfing the web, writing assignments, watching movies, and so on. However, if you intend to run heavy software, we recommend using a computer with 8GB of RAM or more.


You’ll need to store a lot of stuff as a student. Documents, photos, music, videos, etc., can all take up a lot of space. Luckily, most laptops now include hard drives ranging from 500 GB to 2TB storage. A 500GB hard drive will do basic tasks and software. But you’ll need something larger if you intend to install heavy games and store HD movies.


A laptop’s battery is just as essential as its processor and RAM. As a student, you likely have lots of classes to attend daily. As a result, you might not always have the opportunity to charge your laptop. Consider laptops with high-capacity batteries that can last for hours. This will give you more mileage and guarantee you get the most from the laptop.


After you’ve decided on the hardware specifications for your laptop, you must consider the design, size, weight, and display size. Look for a lightweight laptop if you will mostly be on the move. Also, if you’re a media junkie, a larger screen size may be best for you. A larger screen also means a wider, more ergonomic keyboard.


Laptops can provide numerous benefits for students. Furthermore, in this technological era, using a laptop for academics is a no-brainer if you want to improve academic performance and make studying easier. Moreover, if you’re stuck on the type of laptop you need, look at our laptop buying guide to select the right laptop for you. Ultimately, your budget will guide you, however, take the other factors discussed into account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Refurbished Laptops a Good Idea for Students?

Students can benefit greatly from refurbished laptops. These laptops have been appropriately cleaned and repaired. As a result, they function like new laptops, but only at a fraction of the cost of a new computer. This is good news for those looking for low-cost laptops without compromising quality. Generally, a refurbished laptop will work well. This means that you can rely on the laptop to serve you well.

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