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How Much Is A Good Quality Laptop? (Guide To Buying A Good Laptop Device)

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Finding a quality laptop can be challenging as several brands exist today, making it even more confusing. Another issue is finding a suitable option within your budget.

This article will guide you in making an excellent buying decision for a good quality laptop by highlighting the different price ranges, what makes some laptops more expensive than others, and what to look out for when buying a laptop. 

How Much Is A Good Quality Laptop? 

Getting a good quality laptop is one of the best things anyone can do because of the numerous benefits you stand to gain. Laptops have become very common these days as they can be purchased easily. It is, however, wise to buy a new laptop device for optimum performance and maximum satisfaction. 

Generally, a good-quality laptop costs between $600 and $750, covering devices like Ultrabooks and Chromebooks capable of top-quality performance. With laptops like this, you can effectively carry out several professional and personal tasks. 

However, like similar tech devices, laptops come in price ranges of three categories. So you can choose from budget-friendly, mid-range, and high-end laptops to fit your budget. 

Quality budget-friendly laptops range between $400 and $500 and are designed to improve your life. The fact that they seem very affordable doesn’t mean that they are of poor quality, as most of them come with top-quality features, clear screen display, and premium performance levels. They also come with solid battery life and can run essential programs.

If you need to carry out more advanced tasks, mid-range laptops would be the best pick. You can find these devices for $650 and $750, and with them, you can get more work done. Laptops in this range are great for professionals who carry out serious operational tasks. In addition, they function well for light gaming sessions, coding, and running video editing programs. 

Finally, laptops with high-quality performance and standard outlook can be purchased for $800-$1000. These devices often come with a sturdy design and a remarkable battery life that support high intensive use. They also come with high operating systems and often carry out several advanced operations. 

These different categories mean that you have several brands and price ranges to choose from. So the truth is getting a good quality laptop is based mainly on how much you are willing to spend as you can get one for as low as $400 and even as high as $1000.

Why Do Some Laptops Cost More Than Others?

There are several reasons why some laptops are more expensive than others. Some of them include the following: 


A laptop’s brand can significantly influence its price as a brand name is closely linked to the level of trust people have in its products due to the components and strength of their devices. So the more trusted the brand, the higher the prices of its devices, such as in the case of Mac, HP and Microsoft devices. 

In addition, a brand known for its unique style of design and specifications tends to be more expensive than others, just like Macbooks. 


One aspect that sets laptops apart when their prices are considered is the features that come with the devices. The level of components that a laptop pack influences how much it costs. Most high-end laptops, which are more expensive than regular ones, come with high RAM & ROM, fast processor speed, long battery life, and other special features. 

As they have more advanced features, they can carry out more complicated tasks, thus making them costly.


This is another factor that makes some laptops more expensive than others, as the more compact a device is, the higher its price. Such is possible because it takes unique materials for these devices to be small, thin, and lightweight. So a very thin laptop will cost more than a regular-sized one. 

What Should You Look Out For When Getting A Good Quality Laptop?

There are certain things you should look out for if you need a good quality laptop. One such thing is its performance capacity, which involves its CPU, RAM, operating system type, and processor speed. All of these play a significant role in how well the device functions. 

You should also consider the tasks for which it will be used, as this would tell you whether to stick with a budget-friendly device or purchase a high-end laptop. 

Another critical criterion to check for when thinking of a good quality laptop is its battery life. Of course, having a laptop with a short battery life would be a disadvantage, especially for professionals. So before going for any device, check out its battery life. 

If you need a long-lasting laptop, choosing from mid-range or high-end laptops would do you good as they usually have long battery life. In simpler terms, a laptop in the range of $650 upwards would have strong battery life and make a suitable device. 

Finally, it would be best to consider the laptop’s portability and weight, as being able to move around easily is one of the perks of having a laptop. Even with being portable, you should ensure that its build and design are solid to move it around without the fear of getting damaged. 


A good quality laptop is a valuable asset as it can be functional and last long. It can also make a huge difference and improve your productivity in your respective profession. As expensive as laptops may be, you can get a quality laptop for as low as $400, beginning from budget-friendly ones. So you do not have to break the bank to purchase a good quality laptop. 

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