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How to Delete Reddit Account on iPhone (2 Ways to Leave a Platform Forever)

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Reddit is extremely popular, especially in the US, and is a mixture of internet forums, social media platforms, and news sites. Reddit users, also known as “Redditors,” can create a free profile and interact with other users, exchange information, share memes, or create their content in subforums.

However, despite its social offering, many internet users sometimes want to run away from social networking while staying away from the influences of random persons worldwide to stay calm. Although Reddit, admittedly, is an exciting forum that gives us more information that distracts our minds, there are many reasons why you may be thinking of deleting your account.

Moroever, for iPhone users, you cannot delete a Reddit account from the app, unfortunately. You’ll need to log in to Reddit via a browser, which is your Safari or any browser you have, and delete the app.

Why delete your Reddit?

Social sites like Reddit are finding it very difficult to battle social media monopoly. Indeed, Internet users are not consuming content in the same way. So, bookmarking sites, blogs, and discussion forums are therefore getting less popular.

Then community platforms like Reddit attract Internet users looking for good content in the form of information that can create a buzz. These are generally passionate members. Which is a far cry from what today’s internet users are.

However, for the Reddit site, the time spent on social media by Internet users continues to increase to the detriment of this community platform. So not many members are coming online to Reddit or still finding the bookmarking site useful.

Also, you could be tracked with your Reddit posts.

Besides, Reddit is tagged anti-social even by Reditters. So for those who want to know how to delete a Reddit account, we will be showing you just how to.

If you want to delete your Reddit comments, there is a trick that involves manually deleting the comments or editing their content before deleting your Reddit account.

How to delete a Reddit account on an iPhone

You cannot delete your account in the app on an iPhone, but you can do this by logging in on your browser. You must note that by deleting your Reddit account, you will lose that account permanently, and you won’t have it back when you wish.

But, you can create an account whenever you want. However, your username, chat, and discussion will disappear when you delete your Reddit account.

One more thing to keep in mind is that after deleting the account, all your history on the Reddit site in terms of posts will remain there except you delete them manually.

Step 1: Go to Reddit.com

Enter the website by pasting the URL www.reddit.com in any browser. Then press the enter key.

Step 2: Sign in to the Reddit account

Find the ‘Login’ tab on the page and put in your username and password details.

Login to the account. If you don’t remember your details, click ‘Forgot Username’ or ‘Forgot Password.’

Step 3: Go to settings

Click on the Hamburger menu icon in the upper-right section. Open More Options by tapping on the menu.

Step 4: Deactivate in account settings

Under Settings, find “Account Settings .”Re-enter your login details again to deactivate your account. Mark the checkbox to agree that you understand you’ll be deactivating the account and that you won’t have access to the account after it is deleted.

Step 5: Click ‘Deactivate’

Click Deactivate, and your Reddit account will be gone forever!

Reddit account deletion link

This community site allows you to delete an account whenever you want by using the unsubscribe form. Still, you can save time by deleting your account with just a click. This involves using a quick Reddit delete link. With the delete link, you can ignore the steps above to finish the deletion process.

If you want to unsubscribe with just one click, use the button below:

Delete Reddit account

Things to consider

  • If you are not interested in using Reddit anymore, want to switch to another social networking site, or have other reasons, you are always free to delete your account. But you should know that your Reddit posts, shares, and comments will be on the site after deletion.
  • You have to remove your posts individually before going through the deletion process. Or else, your posts and reactions will stay online as long as Reddit exists, but they will not carry your username.
  • If you’d like to delete your account on your iPhone, you have to use your web browser. This is currently not possible on the Reddit app for iPhones.
  • Closing the account, you will no longer get access to your member area, and it will not be possible to get back your account or even the username. Reddit admins don’t allow former community service users to find their closed accounts or recover their usernames.
  • In addition, all the favorite links you have will be lost. But your content will not be deleted from Reddit. Indeed, all your posts, comments, subreddits, and other content will mention that this user has been deleted. However, the contents will still be visible without indicating that you are the author. It is not possible to delete messages and other posts published on Reddit. Your Reddit comments will therefore not be automatically deleted. If you want to delete Reddit, you can manually delete comments or edit the content before deleting your account.


You may want to delete your Reddit account or that of your child because of addiction and security reasons, among others. The option for deleting on the iPhone app is currently not available. But you can do this on your phone browser or your computer browser. Note that disabling your account will not delete your Reddit posts. Only your profile name will be “deleted.” If you want to remove any post, you need to do that manually.

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