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How to Fix Not Working CTRL V issue? (SOLVED!)

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Often you need to move files from one location to another. Maybe you want to copy a particular block of text from one page to another. The easiest and only way to do this is by using the copy and paste function. It is just as easy as selecting the particular text or file, right-clicking on the mouse, then using the copy and paste options.

The option of using shortcut functions on the keyboard is available on most operating systems. This means you can quickly do the job of copy and pasting without having to touch your mouse every time. The simple shortcuts are CTRL C for copy and CTRL V for pasting the copied item. However, you can encounter situations where the paste shortcut would not work. It can be frustrating when you cannot paste your copied items, especially using the shortcut.

In this article, you will find out what can cause the CTRL V shortcut not to work. Also, we would discuss the best and simplest ways to fix this problem. Read on to find out more details about this peculiar issue.

What Causes CTRL V to Stop Working

There are various reasons why your keyboard might stop working, from having a faulty keyboard to software issues or even a temporary glitch. Let us take a closer look at why your keyboard shortcut keys might not work.

Faulty Keyboard

Faulty Keyboard
If both CTRL key and V are not working, it may be causes by a Faulty keyboard

A faulty keyboard is a significant reason you might be unable to paste your copied work. This means the CTRL key, the V, or both, aren’t working. Essentially, various things can lead to your keyboard being faulty.

For example, many computer users eat or drink while using their system. It is common for bits of food particles or liquid to enter your keyboard space. When this happens, the food particles can get stuck under a key’s lever making it unable to press. Also, the liquid is known to short circuit electrical units. Hence when they come in contact with your keyboard keys, they can render them useless.

It would help if you watched out for dust particles as they can make your keys stop working. They accumulate over time and if care is not taken get so thick that they hinder the operation of your keyboard. Another reason your keyboard might be faulty is if it’s incorrectly connected to the motherboard.

Software Issue

Occasionally, your computer software can experience specific issues that would make some accessories stop working. For instance, many users have complained about their USB ports not working correctly or even the speakers. When the diagnosis was made, the issue was with the software version. This can easily be why the keyboard keys are not working correctly. Although such an issue can come and go, it can also be persistent, needing immediate attention.

Sometimes, the reason might be that the Operating system is not regularly updated. Also, many computer users tend to install software from unverifiable sources. This software can easily contain malware that can hinder your computer’s operation.

Driver Out of date

Every device connected to your computer operates using its driver. Drivers are responsible for telling hardware devices exactly how to function. Hence, if a particular driver is malfunctioning, it will undoubtedly affect how the hardware component connected to it works.

The computer regularly updates these drivers to keep them running. However, due to reasons like “no access to data connection, some of these drivers might be out of date. They would still work for a while. Unfortunately, they can quickly stop working anytime, which might affect the hardware they run. Hence, when a keyboard driver is out of date, this can be the reason why some of the keys like CTRL or V stop working.

Unstable Programs

Issues with specific computer programs can also affect how some hardware operates, especially if these programs have been infected with certain viruses or malware that causes their malfunction. It might also be due to out-of-date computer programs. For instance, you can be working on Microsoft Word to discover the copy and paste shortcut functions are not working. However, by opening another program, they might start to work. Hence, you can easily say the issue is with the computer program, not keyboard shortcuts.

Temporary Glitch

Temporary Glitch
Temporary Glitch might indicate certain malware

If your keyboard shortcuts stop working, this might not cause an alarm. Temporary computer glitches can affect the operation of specific computer hardware. As the name implies, they are usually temporary, eventually fizzling off. However, if these glitches become persistent, it might be time to do something about them. Usually, they can indicate certain malware or improperly installed computer programs.

How to Fix This Issue

Solution #1: Restart your computer

The first thing you should try doing when there is an issue with keyboard shortcuts is to restart your computer. This can help reset any temporary glitch or even flush out certain malware. To restart your computer, follow these easy steps.

1.    Click on the Start Icon

2.    You will see the Power Icon; click on it.

CTRL V not working - Restart your computer#1
Restarting your computer will reset any temporary glitches.

3.    It will display specific options, including “Shutdown,” “Restart,” or “sleep.” Choose restart.

4.    Wait for the process to run, then check if your keyboard is not working correctly.

Solution #2: Update the Keyboard driver

As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons your keyboard might stop working is an out-of-date driver. You can quickly fix this issue by updating your keyboard Run driver. Follow these easy steps to update the driver.

1.    Open the Run dialogue box by pressing Win + R or typing into the Start Menu search bar.

2.    Type devmgmt.msc into the box and press Enter.

CTRL V not working - Update Keyboard driver#2
One reason your keyboard is not working is because of an out-of-date driver.

3.    Navigate to the Keyboards category and select the Update Driver option.

CTRL V not working - Update Driver Option#2
Navigate the Keyboards and select Update Driver option

4.    It will search automatically for the latest driver and install it.

5.    You need to restart your computer once the update is complete. After this, check if the CTRL V issue is fixed.

Solution #3: Replace your keyboard

Replacing your keyboard might be your last resort if the above solutions do not work. Usually, this can be the case if there has been internal damage to the keyboard, making some of the keys stop working. Take your computer to the hardware store and try on a new keyboard. If the CTRL and V keys start working, your former keyboard is damaged, and getting the new one is your best bet.

CTRL V not working  - Replace your Keyboard#3
You’ll probably need to replace your keyboard


There are many reasons your keyboard shortcuts might stop working, some of which have been discussed in this article. Ensure you check with a professional before replacing any hardware component on your device. They can also offer professional advice to help you solve this particular issue. Updating your device driver will incur data costs; hence keep this in mind when opting for this solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CTRL V not working because I am using Windows 7?

The keyboard not working is usually not due to the Operating System but more associated with a hardware problem. Hence, it is unlikely your paste shortcut is not working because of your OS. 

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