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No Coax Outlet in the House | All Solutions

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A coaxial outlet is a vital wire cable that allows you to watch TV or connect to the internet. Not only this but depending on the quality of your line can determine the quality of your connection. Although, sometimes there is no coax outlet in the house, and you need to find a solution fast to consider any kind of entertainment at home.

Below, we will cover some of the most popular issues with having no coaxial outlet and how users went around fixing this issue quickly. A few of the topics we will cover are:

  • Needing a Coax Outlet.
  • Having to Activate a Coaxial Outlet.
  • What to do Without a Coax Cable.
  • Using Ethernet or Coaxial.

Along with this, we will also cover step-by-step solutions to guarantee success in all possible situations.

Does Every House Have a Coax Outlet or Cable?

Coax outlet installed into wall of a house
Coax outlet installed into the wall of a house / Image: Pigtou.com

Depending on their age, some homes may not have coax cables, which is a problem for new homeowners looking to have internet or decent TV channels. In older homes, the lines are typically wired outside the house with a backyard-fed network. These would be buried under the street until the electrical panel.

Typically, in this case, you would need to ask a technician to run a new service enclosure at the hydrometer and then run a new line from the house to the electrical panel.

It can also depend on who provides your service. There’s your local cable provider and a couple of satellite service options.

The satellite providers attach a small dish to the house/apartment. Usually high, near, or on the roof. They do this by tracing the cable from the dish into the building.

If you subscribe to the local cable provider, it could be aerial or underground. Do you have telephone poles hitting the house? Follow the cable from where you see it attached to the house.

If not aerial, there’s likely a pedestal in the front or backyard. In this case, your cable is buried underground. Most often, there’s a connection on a wall outside or inside the garage. Look around for any possible signs. No garage? It is possibly near the house’s entrance near the electrical panel or utilities.

What to Do if You Don’t Have a Coax Outlet

Depending on your location and needs, there are a few ways to receive signals without a coax outlet. A few of these are:

  • Antenna Signal (bad if you are in a rural area)
  • Small devices are made to signal a home in the city or apartments.
  • Request a cable company in your area to install (typically high costs)

Depending on your local cable provider determines what you should consider as your next step in installing functional coax outlets within your home.

No Coax Outlet in House – Xfinity

If you have no Coax outlet in the house with Xfinity as your provider, this typically means that the company will send out a technician to connect everything for you. Usually, this process will start from the pole providing their connection, drilling a hole in the wall, and thus creating an outlet for the modem.

If you are in an apartment, they might drill a hole high in the wall for the wire from the pole to get into your place. Then they will continue to staple down the wire along the wall base to the final location, with the wire going directly into the modem and cutting an extra wire to connect from the modem to your computer/router/etc.

Depending on your situation, a lot of work can be associated with ensuring a clean connection to your coax outlet.

No Coax Outlet in House – Cox

If there is no Coax cable line or outlet running into your apartment, then Cox will need to come out and do an installation with their technicians. If you prefer to do it yourself, you could also call Cox to give you a step-by-step walkthrough of connecting everything.

They’ll walk you through the process and have a 1-2 page setup sheet. Everything is marked (i.e., Cable in, To TV, To Cable Box). If you are worried about it, there are instructions on the Cox Website.

No Coax Outlet in House – Spectrum

If there is no coax outlet in the house and you are using Spectrum, they will likely send a technician to your location to set one up for you. If you still need a coax cable, they typically provide one in a self-install kit (if not, either ask if they can provide one through their tech support or look on Amazon for a cheaper option).

If you are looking into something simple, YouTube TV can solve all of your problems temporarily, without the need for cable TV. This is especially beneficial if you have an ethernet connection.

Where to Find Coax Outlet in House

Depending on the age of the house, look outside on the side of your home. From there, see what wires may come to and from the pole. Chances are you might find a coaxial splitter outside. Inside an apartment complex, you can sometimes see the pole outside near the building with many connections.

Otherwise, the service tech might ask where to drill a hole from outside into your basement.

How to Activate a Coaxial Outlet for Internet

To activate the Coaxial Outlet for the internet, you must ensure the Coax cable is appropriately functioning. If you do not have a Coaxial Outlet (or a Coax cable), ensure you contact your local cable provider to install the outlet and lines through your home.

If your Coax Outlet is not functioning, consider the following:

  • Is the cable old or not feeding enough output?
  • Was the coax installed improperly?
  • Removed splitter?

You can consider fixing this problem and activating the outlet to produce power by:

  • Contact your landlord and ask him to activate the other coax jacks.
  • Investigate yourself where coax cables from the other jacks go in walls, and activate them in that central location (probably a closet in the building)
  • Build separate wiring yourself from the working jack (outlet).

These are all possible to complete, although it can take time to ensure it is properly functional.

Install the Coax Yourself to Activate and Provide Internet

If you want to install and activate your coax outlet, you can order a modem online through a cable company or Amazon that provides your specifications. Ensure that you ask your cable company which kind of modem to buy, although they may try to sell you their services for an extreme price.

Just purchasing the modem by itself and installing it can be super simple. Then, as you simply plug the modem into the coax outlet, contact your cable company to send a signal to the modem to set it up. This is one of the best ways to activate the internet without paying much from your pocket for something so simple.

What Can I Use If I Do Not Have a Coax Cable?

Depending on your situation, whether renting a home or owned by you or if it is a single-family house or in an apartment building, etc. A few options you can go for are:

  • Order a DSL (If you have an RJ11 Outlet)
  • Fixed Wireless or Satellite Service (with an antenna mounted).
  • Cellular Modems (4G or 5G) which only give WiFi (Completely Wireless)
What Can I Use If I Do Not Have a Coax Cable
A few options if there is no coax outlet in the house / Image: Pigtou.com

Sometimes, depending on the cable provider, they will not charge for drilling holes near the cable tap or junction box, installing coax with a wall plate, and sealing it. Many providers also give their clients a coax cable to connect to the modem.

Which is Faster, Ethernet or Coaxial?

Depending on your situation, typically for domestic or desktop usage, ethernet is the fastest and more used. You can connect ethernet through a coax, a common practice allowing fast direct internet. Although in most cases, people only use ethernet for their basic internet needs.


Do I need a router with a coax?

In order to obtain WiFi through a coax, you will have to have a router connected to your coax internet network. A router translates the analog data of your cable modem to a digital WiFi signal.

Is coax needed for TV?

Yes, you will need a coax outlet if you need to watch live TV services through your TV, such as the providers Freeview or Freesat.

Does coax to HDMI work?

No, you cannot connect a coax cable using an HDMI. However, if you are trying to connect to a device that only accepts HDMI, consider finding an electronic converter device.

Will any coax outlet work for the Internet?

Yes, if any of the coax outlets are functioning, you can connect any modem to the internet, allowing a two-way cable connection (with no interruptions or filters).

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