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How To Fix “Stop Code WDF_Violation” Blue Screen Error? (3 Quick Fixes!)

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Blue screen errors can be annoying to computer users, and this particular error is not excluded. The “stop code WDF_violation” error screen affects the startup and causes a blank screen display in Windows OS, including Windows 10 and 11. Usually, there are often several factors responsible for this error. Some of them include faulty drivers, malware or virus attacks, corrupt system files, and corrupt USB devices and connections.  

This error presents a significant challenge and makes it difficult for your computer to carry out its regular tasks. Also, it often occurs during a system’s startup or shutdown. Therefore, learning to solve this problem any time it happens is quite essential. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to resolve this error once it occurs. Keep reading to find three simple solutions to eliminate this blue screen error from your computer. 

What Causes The “Stop Code WDF_Violation” Error Screen? 

WDF stands for Windows Driver Framework and is found in most Windows OS. Once this error occurs in your computer, it indicates an error in the framework of your device’s driver, which results in failed system startups and blank screens, which are effects of the error. There are several reasons why this blue screen error occurs. Some of them include: 

Faulty or outdated driver 

Sadly, this is one primary reason for this error occurring on your computer. When a computer’s driver is faulty, outdated, or corrupted, it begins to malfunction and slowly becomes incompatible with the device. Once this happens, functions like plug-and-play operations and memory access are affected, thus leading to this error screen. 

Faulty USB connections and devices

Issues with certain hardware and peripheral USB connections can also result in this error as some of these connections may not be compatible with your computer. 

Malware or virus attacks 

The presence of some viruses and malware on your computer can also cause this error to occur. 

Corrupt system files 

Finally, installing corrupt system applications or files can affect various processes and result in conflict within your computer, which can sometimes lead to this error screen. 

However, there are simple solutions to resolve the error screen. Continue reading to learn these quick fixes. 

Solution 1: Adjust System Drivers 

Some computers come with drivers that often are not compatible with certain Windows, which can result in this error. A simple way to resolve this problem is to adjust the computer drivers. However, this method works mainly on HP devices. To modify your computer drivers, follow these easy steps: 

Step 1: Firstly, click on the Power icon in the right-hand corner of your screen. Hold your Shift key and choose Restart to put your computer into Recovery Mode

Step 2: Next, select Troubleshoot, then click on Advanced Options.  

Step 3: After doing this, click on the Command Prompt, type the command c:, and press Enter

Step 4: Next, type in cd Windows followed by Entercd system 32Entercd drivers, and then click Enter

Step 5: Type in ren HpqKbFiltr.sys, HpqKbFiltr.sys.bak and Enter

How To Fix Stop Code WDF_Violation Blue Screen Error 3 Quick Fixes - Adjust System Drivers#1

Step 6: Finally, type Exit and then Restart your computer. Once your computer restarts, you will no longer find the error screen.

Solution 2: Uninstall Recent Software 

If this error persists even after the first fix, the problem might be from some software on your computer. Sometimes, this error occurs after installing certain applications which are often not compatible with the device. Follow these steps to uninstall some recent applications: 

Step 1: Click on the Search bar and type in Control Panel. Once you have located it, click on it to open it. 

Step 2: On the Control Panel windows, select the Programs option and Uninstall program

How To Fix Stop Code WDF_Violation Blue Screen Error 3 Quick Fixes - Uninstall Recent Software#2

Step 3: After doing this, select the recently installed program and Right Click on it. 

Step 4: A menu pops up once you Right Click, from which you should choose Uninstall and wait for your computer to complete the process. If you have numerous recent applications, you Right Click and Uninstall each one after the other. 

Step 5: Restart your computer, and the error disappears. 

Solution 3: Remove USB Connections And Peripherals

Sometimes, this error may not be from your installed software or system’s driver; the computer’s hardware can be faulty. Such is possible because not all USB peripherals and connections function well with Windows OS, causing a conflict with the operating system leading to the blue screen error. 

So to fix the problem, remove all USB peripherals connected to the computer, which may include a microphone, camera, and even mouse. Also, in disconnecting them, ensure that their ports on your computer remain intact to avoid future reoccurrence of the error screen. 


Nothing can be more frustrating than encountering the “stop code WDF_violation” blue screen error, which often plagues computer users and causes failed system startups. The error is often traced to outdated or faulty drivers, corrupt system files, faulty USB peripherals, or malware and virus attacks. 

However, you do not have to fret when faced with this error screen, as there are quick fixes. With our three solutions, you can resolve this blue screen error and prevent it from reoccurring. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does the “stop code WDF_violation occur on my computer? 

Usually, when this error occurs, it is due to your computer system running on outdated, faulty, or corrupt drivers, which end up becoming incompatible with your Windows OS. Other reasons may include malware or virus attacks, corrupt system files, conflicting software installation, or faulty USB peripherals. 

2. Can I remove my Bluetooth drivers to fix this blue screen error when it occurs? 

Except your Windows has identified the system Bluetooth drivers as the cause of the error, uninstalling them would not help resolve this problem. Therefore, it is advisable not to consider uninstalling your Bluetooth drivers as a fix to the “stop code WDF_violation” error as it may likely do more harm than good. 

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